Part IV

I was so surprised that I fell back a step Right into somebody's arms

I turned to look at the person who held me And lost my heart in the instant our eyes met Before I could say a word, he spoke

"My Queen, I apologize for my lateness." "But I had forgotten you intended to eat with the nobles

this morning."

While I was absorbing the shock of his words He offered me his arm, which I took

And led me to the head of one of the less peopled tables As we were seated, he discreetly motioned for me to

follow his lead

And so I did, throughout the delicious meal And afterwards, as he led me from the room To what appeared to be an office

A most extravagant one

Once I got over my initial awe, I turned to him "All right...", I began

"You want an explanation...", he said

"Yes, I most certainly do!"

"And you shall have one, but let us sit and make

ourselves comfortable first." He said

Once we were seated, I looked expectantly to him "Well, I will tell you what I know."

And so, he began his tale

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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