You're Not Here

The sky is blue
The air is clear
Almost perfect
But you're not here

The sand is warm 
The ocean still
This would be bliss
But here's the deal

You're not with me
I'm all alone
It's not the same
Now that you're gone

It's not Eden
Without you here
The beauty pales
When seen through tears

Yes, Nature tries
The show is grand
But you're not here
To hold my hand

What would it take
To get you back
I am willing
If you but ask

This Paradise
Deserves much more
Than my sore heart
To dazzle for

It's meant for love
You know it's true
Come back to be
I still love you

I'll take the blame
If you'll forgive
We'll reunite
And hap'ly live

On this island
Heaven on earth
Just you and me
And sand and surf

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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