I Believe

I love you so
I hate to fight
But I just feel
That this is right

You don't agree
You've made that clear
You may be right
But you're no seer

This could turn out
Just as I said
Or maybe you'll
Be right instead

We'll wait and see
And time will tell
If I am right
Or if I fail

And if I'm wrong
It's me who'll pay
I know the price
And it is great

My faith all gone
As well, all trust
My heart broken
My life a bust

You're at no risk
But still you doubt
That I should try
To use my clout

I'll take this chance
Cause I believe
It's a sure thing
No risk to me

But if you're right
And this falls through
I'll close my heart
To all but you

That's what you want
And what you'll get
If, God forbid
I lose this bet

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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