No Place Like Home

The alarm goes off, and we hit the floor
Inhale our breakfast, and we're out the door
Drop the kids at school, then speed to our work
All day long we're swamped; our boss is a jerk
Quitting time comes, and we head for the house
To spend some time with the kids and the spouse
But we're tired and the kids are wound up tight
They get on our nerves, and it starts a fight
Our mates' yell at us for yelling at them
The prospects for quality time look grim
We go to bed mad and we toss and turn
After all these years, you'd think we'd learn
Not to let the stresses of daily life
Interfere with our fam'ly, causing strife
It's so easy to yell at those we love
When we're really mad at the push and shove
Of the daily grind we have to endure
When there's only one thing of which we're sure
Our family's the most important thing
And they don't deserve the grief that we bring
Into our homes every single day
For it's our load to bear, not theirs to pay
So let's shed ourselves of stress and tension
And once we get home, don't even mention
What a rotten day we had at our job
Let's not even give it a chance to rob
Our fam'ly of our loving affection
Let's make our home a place of protection
From all the things that would try to prevent
Our homes from being what was our true intent
A haven filled with happiness and peace
For a fam'ly bound by love that won't cease
Let's make it a truth that wherever we roam
That there really is no place like home

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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