What is this thing we have between us

Attraction, temptation or lust

There is no way that it could be love

For there is not an ounce of trust

Yet you invade my thoughts constantly

You inhabit my dreams at night

And whenever we're in the same room

You remain in my line of sight

This is a game of the predator

We're both champions in the sport

Pursue, overcome and then discard

We're not looking for a consort

It's the thrill of the hunt that lures us

The more difficult, the better

And the supreme test of mastery

Is the two of us, together

But one of us would have to concede

Supremacy to the other

And I do not see that happening

It's much too fun to discover

Just how far we are willing to go

To bring the other to their knees

The contest is far too exciting

For neither will give up with ease

We are both enticed by the notion

Totally committed to win

And the spoils will go to the victor

Then we'll be on the prowl again

Terri Lyn Stanfield



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