by Terri Lyn Stanfield

I woke up this morning with you on my mind
Not that there's anything unusual about that
But I could almost feel your presence here
And it brought on a wave of longing so strong
I thought my heart would stop with the pain of it
And when it eased, the relief was so great
I almost passed out as it washed over me
And for a while, I just lay there
Wondering where all of that had come from
Having not the slightest idea
And not willing to ponder it too closely
But as I prepared to meet the day
I could think of nothing else
You completely dominated my thoughts
And I began to think perhaps I should check on you
Even though it's been so long since we last spoke
But the feelings were just too strong to ignore
And I made up my mind to contact you
Then as I opened the door to leave
There you were, on my doorstep, your hand raised to
And we both froze, and just stared at each other
Then you held out your arms to me
And wordlessly, I walked into them
And we were home

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