In A Rut

My life is in a rut, it seems
I've given up on all my dreams
Each day is like the one before
Surely, there must be something more
There's nothing to look forward to
Nowhere to go, nothing to do
My schedule always stays the same
I'm stuck here in this boring game
Get up, and go to work each day
No time for fun, no time for play
Come home and go to bed alone
I have no one to call my own
The next day, it all starts again
I have no out, I just can't win
I'm tired of this, I need a change
I know there's no one else to blame
If I want out, it's up to me
To break the bonds, and set me free
But this is hard, it's scary too
Although I know what I must do
I'll make my stand, I'll state my case
It's time I got back in this race
I'll change my life and make new friends
And really start to live again

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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