The Longest Day
Suspended In Time, Part 12

September 12, 1944; the longest day of my life
He left in the wee hours of the morning
Of course, he couldn't tell me where he was going
But I knew it was dangerous
It always was
The hours crawled by, and the day passed agonizingly slowly
As the moon rose higher in the evening sky
The returned
I thanked God for bringing him back to me
One more time
But I waited, and waited, and there was no word from him
He always called me as soon as he could
Still I waited until the dawn
Finally, there's a knock on my door
I run to it and throw it open
But it's not him standing there
It's a friend of his, of ours
I can see the news on his face
And then come the words
Burst into flames
Everything was in slow motion
And his words became fainter, and fainter
Then everything went black

Terri Lyn Stanfield
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