Settling In
Suspended In Time, Part 3

It was the end of September, 1943
I had just completed my first overseas flight
That, an adventure in itself
And now here I was in London with my company
We were stationed at the Supreme Headquarters
And we'd be working as part of the Allied Expeditionary Force
Great plans were underway
And even though I was just a typist
I took great pride in being a part of it
I wrote home to my family regularly
Telling them everything that wasa happening to me, to us
How we were actually making history everyday
How we were living it
Telling them about London
None of them had ever even been out of our home town
But they weren't interested in anything I had to say
They all wrote back the same thing
"War's no place for a decent woman. Come home."
As if I could, as if I would
For the first time in my life I felt alive
Really alive, and part of something
That wild place inside of me was finally getting fed
And its' appetite was voracious

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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