Just go away

Leave me alone

I like it here

All on my own

I don't want you

Bothering me

You weren't invited

Why can't you see

I'm not lonely

I'm not insane

But I find you

Just so inane

And not just you

But everyone

Gets on my nerves

I need no one

No companions

No day time friends

Night time lovers

No wild weekends

I just want to

Be left alone

So go away

Just run along

And don't come back

Don't send someone

Don't call either

Let me be blunt

Solitude is

What I desire

No company

No handsome squire

No mindless chats

No repartee

I don't want to

Come out and play

Not now, not soon

Not ever, please

Just go away

Leave me in peace

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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