Sing To My Heart

Night after night I come here
Just to see your face
To hear your soft, sexy voice
Sound throughout this place
We've never been introduced
You don't know my name
But still, you sing straight to me
Every night's the same
You lock your eyes onto mine
And you leave no doubt
That the words are meant for me
Then you sing about
Love and passion, sex and joy
Rendesvous as well
Enrapturing me fully
Casting your sweet spell
I fall a little deeper
Into love each night
But then, during your last song
I always take flight
I've heard that you look for me
After I am gone
With bitter disappointment
To be left alone
But tonight is different
Because at its end
I'll be waiting here for you
I won't run again
Tonight is our beginning
To forevermore
For there will be no ending
What we have in store
Is true love everlasting
Two souls united
Meant to be together
Throughout all of time
We both felt the truth of it
The first time we saw
Each other here in this place
We were filled with awe
And I for one, was frightened
By what it could mean
But I couldn't stay away
I just had to see
Your face at least once each night
Feel your song's caress
And lose myself in your eyes
The pull relentless
Sing to me tonight, my love
Claim me as your own
I feel the love in your song
And it sounds like home

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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