Surprise Lover

You look at me
With eyes of fire
And I am filled
With hot desire
You beckon me
To come to you
With promises
You'll make come true
You're such a mix
Of opposites
I never know
What I will get
Hot and sexy
Shy and timid
Your varied moods
Have no limit
Each night I have
A new lover
Never the same
I discover
My nightly mate
When I arrive
At home each day
Our love life thrives
Because you change
From day to day
Why ever would
I want to stray
You so provide
I have no need
To cheat or hide
And you are still
The one I love
The only one
That I dream of
You fill my needs
You own my heart
You make my life
A happy lark
One thing I know
And that is that
I want to be
Where you are at
Because I know
Our love is true
I'll spend my life
Unveiling you

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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