Timid Heart

by Terri Lyn Stanfield

If only I had acted
Instead of standing back
Perhaps I could have stopped it
But I just felt I lacked
The wherewithal to compete
Against the likes of her
I haven't got her beauty
And I could never stir
The kind of feelings she can
And I don't have her style
About all I could offer
Would be my heart and smile
So I stood there silently
And watched her make her play
For the one that I adored
I knew she'd get her way
For who could resist her wiles
When she used them so well
I prepared to watch my love
Fall victim to her spell
But much to my amazement
That's not the way it went
My love just waited until
Her energy was spent
Then I watched completely rapt
As my love walked my way
And took my hand as captive
And then led me away

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