The Queen Of Loneliness

Part 1

In the kingdom of Loneliness

Did a lovely queen rule

T'was a curse upon her people

That a rare few found love

But even more than her subjects

Was her heart in darkness

The legends foretold a great love

But the queen's heart was hard

She had suitors in abundance

But none touched her cold heart

She was a good ruler, and fair

And much loved in her realm

Kind, caring, attentive to all

Lest one was a suitor

To them she was uniformly

How shall we say this

Less than ebullient

T'was a great mystery indeed

For all were brave and bold

Al least on the field of battle

In her presence they quaked

For she was indeed impressive

Though they were all strong men

And of the nobility born

Handsome and fit as well

In her presence they felt lacking

Though each gave their best

And so the queen remained unmoved

Therefore, one day in dread

Her trusted advisor inquired

"Tell me, your majesty,"

"If you please, the cause of your scorn,"

"For suitors, one and all."

"Are they not the best of the best?"

The queen remained silent

And her advisor feared he erred

But, finally she spoke

"My heart has yet to meet its mate."

"I will know when it does."

"T'will be a man who won't retreat."

"One who won't be denied,"

"Who will face me down without fear."

"No less than that will do."

"T'will take a strong man to love me."

"An even stronger one,"

"To merit my love in return."

"All the suitors to date,"

"Have scarcely dared to say hello."

"They've earned my scorn, my friend."

"I have yet to meet the one man,"

"Who will earn my respect."

"Only then will he gain my love."

And with that, she left him

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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