The Queen Of Loneliness
Part 2

And life in Loneliness went on
Suitors came, and they went
And the people began to fear
For their beautiful queen
That she would never give her heart
That the legends were false
Her advisors were at a loss
True, she deserved the best
And they fully supported her
In all her decisions
This one, no less than the others
But they were troubled, too
Some were beginning to lose faith
Did such a man exist
Who could win the queen's affections
It seemed that he did not
The bravest knights quelled at her glance
None dared to meet her eyes
For her very soul shone forth from them
And reached into their own
And each knew he'd be found lacking
So her search continued
And, though her people were worried
She was not, for she knew
That somewhere, her soulmate waited
And when the time was right
He would arrive to claim her heart
She felt it would be soon
A feeling of expectantcy
So real she could taste it
Flowed through her being night and day
Of course, she told no one
Even a queen has her secrets
She would raise no false hopes
Though she doubted it not at all
She maintained her facade
And carried on as usual
But her very blood sang to her
My destiny is near

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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