This Is Goodbye

I gave you a chance to walk away

Why didn't you go?

You should have left, and never looked back

I'll only hurt you

It happens every leave

Save yourself the pain

You say you believe in us

But I know you're wrong

I'll shatter your dreams, and break your heart

You don't deserve that

You deserve the best life has to give

That's not who I am

I'm heartache and sadness and dashed hopes

I'm your worst nightmare

I can see that you don't believe me

But I know the truth

I'm a self-fulfilling prophecy

I can't help myself

I'd rather die than to cause you pain

But that's what I'll do

And so, I'm going to leave you now

Before it's too late

Before we are so deep into this

That we can't back out

This will hurt, but you'll get over it

You'll find true love

And you'll live a long and happy life

This is for the best

I know you don't agree with me now

But you will, one day

And I'd rather hurt you with goodbye

Than by betrayal

I can't be what you want, I'm sorry

The fault is all mine

I never should have let this happen

And it can't go on

You're the best thing ever in my life

I'm the worst in yours

And I won't do that to you, my love

I won't drag you down

This is goodbye, I wish you the best

And that's just not me

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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