Our Time Has Come

We've known each other all our lives
We've been each other's best friend for years
I've watched you get your heart broken time and again
And you've held me while I cried
I've given you advice in relationships
And you've defended my honor more than once
We've always been there for each other
Through all of the good times and the bad
Through all of our romantic misadventures
The one constant in our lives has been each other
We've been dating every likely prospect to come along
When we should have been dating each other
The truth's been right before our eyes all this time
We were made for each other my friend
We've sown our wild oats, we've played the field
We've been through all the pretend loves
But this is us, and this is real
Our time has come, and it's forever

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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