You're Time's Coming

You sit there in your glass tower
And throw rocks at all below
And you don't fear repercussions
Too secure in who you know

But the day will come, I've no doubt
When you'll pay for all you've done
There'll be no one to save you then
You'll be having no more fun

Don't bother looking for allies
You've stabbed every back around
No one's gonna stand up for you
You've not a friend to be found

You've used and abused and lied to
Ev'ry single person here
So when you need a helping hand
You'll be out of luck, I fear

I wish I could say I'm sorry
But it's not in me to lie
You've just hurt too many people
And made one too many cry

Yes, I hope I'm here to see it
Your downfall in all its shame
When you get, to you, what's coming
And there's only you to blame

You won't be pointing fingers then
Wouldn't do you any good
You'll fin'ly have to take the heat
Be accountable, as you should

You won't have a leg to stand on
You're guilty without a doubt
The powers that be will judge you
When you're finally found out

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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