You're To Blame

I want the truth
I want it now
Enough of lies
No more allowed

Explain to me
How you could cheat
You never thought
That we would meet

Not me and her
Not face to face
You're pathetic
You big disgrace

What'd you expect?
I'd be polite?
You're just lucky
There was no fight

Oh, not with her
She didn't know
You were married
That poor, lost soul

You led her on
As you did me
That clueless girl
Thought you were free

I thought you true
We both were wrong
So let's hear it
You don't have long

Don't want excuses
Won't accept lies
Just tell the truth
No alibies

Just how could you
Destroy our life
And cheat on me
Your loving wife

I'm list'ning now
Why don't you speak
Cat got your tongue?
Now don't act meek

Don't look at me
I'm not the one
Who broke our vows
What's done is done

You can't go back
And make things right
You might regret
But that's hindsight

You say forgive
But why should I?
I'm more inclined
To say goodbye

I think for now
That you should leave
And give us time
And space to breathe

And maybe then
I'll take you back
Or maybe not
It's trust I lack

And without that
Just what is there
It matters not
If I should care

If I can't trust
Love's not enough
And that's one thing
You just can't bluff

And I'm not sure
Ever again
If I'll trust you
But, if and when

A second chance
I give to you
You'll have to prove
That you'll be true

For now, just go
It's for the best
No guarantees
As to the rest

Don't act so hurt
It's all your fault
I didn't cheat
And you got caught

What's our future
It sounds so lame
But time will tell
And you're to blame

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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