Tortured Soul

In the solitude of the night
When thoughts run rampant
And deeds run dark

I battle my inner demon
Lest it takes control
And destroys me

The sun's bright light holds it at bay
With its' soothing warmth
Its' calming rays

But now the darkness is complete
And the beast inside
Raises its head

And I battle it for control
But I grow weaker
And it gains strength

Soon to burst from its' restraints
And consume us both
Til nothing's left

Salvation just a distant dream
My soul in its' grasp
Heart hard as stone

In the breath before I succumb
You reach out your hand
And I am saved

Only you cane tame its' fierce rage
You alone will it heed alone

You touch the darkest part of me
My black heart you tame
My soul you heal

You soothe the savage beast in me
Give me back myself
Make me believe

With you I can hold back the dark
I can face the light
I can be me

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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