The Spirit of Christmas

The holidays roll around once more
And what is it that we're looking for
Is it "peace on earth, good will to men"
Time spent with fam'ly, loved ones and friends
Is it Christmas carols sung with love
And giving thanks to God above
Is it Christmas lists hopefully filled
That leave our hearts expectantly thrilled
Do our thoughts turn to our fellow man
And if they do, do we lend a hand
If we don't, then so ashamed we should be
For it's so much better to give, than receive
The joy of Christmas is truly felt
Only when we give freely of ourselves
Our hearts can only feel the joy
With the smiles of little girls and boys
With the twinkle in the eye that's seen
When old folks have a reason to dream
A smile given in appreciation
When we reach out with no obligation
Is the greatest gift we'll ever receive
Knowing we've helped someone to believe
And yes, there are still good hearted people
Willing to help, and oh so grateful
For the Christmas Spirit, strong and true
Let it live forever in me and you
Let's keep it alive throughout the year
And fueled not just by the season's cheer
But with true love for all men living
And a spirit warm and kind and giving
That continues day in, day out...always
That takes root in our hearts and our minds...and stays

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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