Through The Eyes Of A Queen

I stand high upon the turrets
And watch as the battle unfolds
I hear the clash of swords
And the cries of men
I see the anguish on their faces
As they strike the killing blow
Or as they receive it
The smell of blood rises even to these heights
Mixed with the smells of sweat and fear
So strong I can almost taste them
And yet they fight on
And so they will, unto death
Either their own, or our foes'
For me, their queen, and their homeland
For to surrender is to lose all
Our enemy will show no mercy
And so, neither shall we
The battle has raged since dawn
And now the sun is high in the sky
And there is no end in sight
There can be only one victor
And surrender is not an option
So the battle continues
The fight is to the death
And when all is said and done
And hundreds of men lay bloodied upon the field of
Will either side truly have won
Will we have learned from our mistakes
Or will I stand again upon these turrets
As men battle to the death below me
More willing to fight, than to compromise
More willing to die in battle, than to live in peace

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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