Turn Back The Hands Of Time

The lights are out
The fire's blazing
We're snuggled close
Simply lazing
It's warm and cozy
We're all alone
Turn off the tube
Unplug the phone
And let's turn back
The hand's of time
Go back to when
You first were mine
When everything
Was fresh and new
And I was first 
In love with you
We were so young
And so amazed
That we were blessed 
To feel that way
Each kiss was filled
With love untold
When we were young
But now we're old
And we have let
Our passion wane
We need to get
It back again
The love is there
And just as strong
But we've ignored 
It for too long
We need to take
Some time for us
To reignite
The fire and just
To concentrate
On you and me
And make things like
They used to be
So hold me close
And love me slow
And take me where
I want to go
Let's spend all night
Those things that we've
Been ignoring
Let's lose ourselves
In love's glory
Start the next part
Of our story
Spend hours lost
In passion's realm
And once again
We'll take the helm
And guide ourselves
Back to the place
Where love was all
And let's embrace
That youthful zest
And the hunger
That filled our hearts
With sweet wonder
We've shared our hopes
We've shared our fears
Now as we share
Our later years
Let's keep the fire
Of passion hot
And hold on tight
To what we've got
It's true, my love
That many years
Have come and gone
And there've been tears
There has been more 
Laughter by far
You've been my joy
You own my heart
And I would not
Trade even one
Minute with you
For any sum
You stole my heart
So long ago
And this I do
Want you to know
The very best day
Of my whole lilfe
Was the day I
Became your wife
And now that we've
Retired, my dear
I look forward
To being here
Just you and me
To tell the truth
It's time now for
Our second youth
So let this night
Be just the first
Just a small taste
To slake our thirst
From here on out
Let's act as if
We're young again
And take this gift
Of lasting love
To heights unknown
And savor it
We'll have our own
Sweet paradise
These later years
Will be our best
And we will steer
With memories
Of good times past
For we have saved
The best for last

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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