Uncle Jodie Did

I remember sitting in your lap when I was just a tiny little thing
As you helped me hold your banjo or guitar
And feeling so special, so loved
My hands were much too small to really finger the chords
But you always took the time to help a little girl play at making music
And even though you didn't like to play "The Orange Blossum Special" without accompaniment
Any time I asked, you'd take out your fiddle
And play it just for me, because I loved it so
You always took time for me, and you had the patience of Job
You always made me feel like the most important little girl in the world
And as I grew up, and grew wild
Your love for me never changed, and you made sure I knew it
No matter how out of control I got
I could never be that way with you
My love for you ran too deep
And when I had my son, you became his favorite as well
Though you were older and in poor health
You took the time with him you'd always taken with me
And I loved you even more
When you died, my heart broke
And I cried til I thought I would drown in my tears
But now that a few years have passed
I can hold tight to the memories without feeling the raw pain of your loss
You were one of the very few who touched my heart
And I always knew that if nobody else in the world loved me
Uncle Jodie did

Terri Lyn Stanfield 


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