Victorious Surrender

I look into your eyes

And I see the love reflected there

And then I realize

Once again just how lucky I am

To have you in my life

I spent so many years all alone

My heart full of strife

That I made no effort

To reach out in the hope

That I would connect with someone else

For I could never cope

With another case of rejection

That's all I'd ever known

And I believed that would never change

So I had to be shown

And you simply gave me no choice

You forced your way inside

And my poor, scared heart was defenseless

You wouldn't let me hide

And I will be ever thankful now

That you never gave in

When my fears would stand between us two

And your patience grew thin

Now we are together forever

And I cherish this love

I have no doubt it was heaven sent

For only from above

Could come a love so pure and sacred

That could not be denied

For me, with my cold and shattered heart

I simply had to try

Never was someone so glad to fail

To cede the victory

In surrendering my heart to you

You and I became "we"

Now there's no more lonely existance

Foe either one of us

We live ev'ry day in paradise

And e'er will it be thus

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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