And The Wall Came Tumbling Down

I spent my life building a wall
Strong and tall...unbreakable
T'was nothing that could make it fall
Yes, it was unshakeable

It stood between me and the world
And kept ev'rybody out
No matter what at me was hurled
It remained, solid and stout

But in keeping out the bad things
It kept out the good ones, too
No carousels or golden rings
Not a single thing got through

I was content to leave it so
And live my own existence
Prepared never to let it go
Or grant anyone entrance

Oh I had tried, from time to time
To reach out to somebody
To let them in this world of mine
Then they would treat me shoddy

So I closed the door, locked it tight
And no one breached its portal
I guarded it both day and night
And became only half mortal

The half that ate and slept and breathed
Continued to work just fine
But not the heart and soul of me
They both shriveled up and died

And so my life went on as such
Isolated and alone
I saw that I missed out on much
But continued on my own

The risk of hurt was still too high
I couldn't find it in me
To put my heart out on the line
Fear, my greatest enemy

But then you came, from parts unknown
And without my permission
You downed the wall, made me your own
Thus began my transition

You blew in like a hurricane
I never knew what hit me
You turned my whole world upside down
I guess the love bug bit me

Now you're so much a part of me
The light that's inside my soul
You're the center, the heart of me
And for the first time, I'm whole

My world is so much diff'rent now
The wall is no longer there
You gave me courage...showed me how
To open up and to care

The risk is still there, that is true
But you are my safety line
If I get hurt, I turn to you
And everything is fine

You're more precious to me than gold
We'll always be together
And when we've both grown oh so old
We'll look towards forever

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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