What Do You See?

We look out the window, you and I

And the view we look upon is the same

But do we "see" the same things?

That young woman with the baby, for instance

Do you see a young mother out for a stroll with her


Or a lazy young woman living off of welfare?

The young man over there, the one with the boom box

Do you see a young man enjoying the fresh air?

And just relaxing with his music?

Or a young thug just looking for trouble?

The old lady feeding bread crumb to the birds

Do you see a sweet, and lonely, grandmother sharing her


Or a crazy old woman who'd be better off in a nursing


The young couple on the bench, holding hands and

stealing kisses

Do you see the miracle of young love?

Or do you see a disgusting public display of affection?

The policeman patrolling the park

Do you see an officer of the law?

Hoping to do nothing more than lend a helping hand?

Or a cop just looking for someone to intimidate?

Funny, isn't it, how that works?

The sight we see may be the same

But our point of view dictates our opinion of it

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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