My Dearest Wish

My life for yours
I'd gladly give
If only one
Of us could live
No sacrifice
Would be too much
Were you to need
A special touch
I'd do without
To see you through
Cause nothing means
As much as you
There'd be a dearth
Of usefulness
And heartfelt joy
Because I live
For you, my boy
Or should I say
For you, young man
The years have flown
And here you stand
A young adult
A child no more
But still you cause
My heart to soar
A better son
Does not exist
And you fulfilled
My dearest wish
A baby boy
To call my own
One to cherish
But now you're grown
And soon you'll have
A family
To call your own
And you will see
The special love
A parent feels
For their own child
And then you will
See from my view
And feel the love
That special thrill
From up above
As you look at
Your precious one
You'll know how much
I love you, son

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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