Was It Something I Said?

From the very first moment

That you sat yourself down

I have been telling you no

I've been wearing a frown

You refuse to accept it

Won't you please go away?

Just what do I have to do?

What do I have to say?

That will get through your thick skull

At last make you believe

That I'm not interested

That I'm getting more peeved

I have tried to be polite

And that just hasn't worked

You are leaving me no choice

You big, overgrown jerk

There is nothing about you

That I like in the least

You're rude and you're arrogant

Full of gall and conceit

You are not that good looking

And your hair is too thin

That cologne smells just awful

Where on earth have you been?

Your clothes are way out of style

And your pick up lines too

There's no possible reason

That I'd spend time with you

Hey, where are you going?

You don't have to rush off

Was it something I said?

Did I make a faux pas?

I suppose that I shouldn't

Find this so amusing

But some guys just don't get it

Unless you abuse them

I didn't come here tonight

Looking for company

I just wanted some down time

Some private time for me

And when I first told him no

I sincerely meant it

But that thick headed ogre

Just refused to get it

Ah well, at last I'm alone

So now I can relax

And hopefully that moron

Will not be coming back

terri Lyn Stanfield


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