The Wonder of Your Love

I walked in darkness,

and you took my hand

And, led me to a place more beautiful

than I dared to dream

The wildest of my fantasies,

the most far fetched of my imaginings

Never even came close to the splendor

of this haven you've led me to

You opened your arms,

and I stepped into a safety that can't be broken

You opened your heart,

and I was consumed by a tidal wave of love

You opened your home to me,

and finally, my search was over

Finally, my emptiness was filled,

my confusion was made clear

My heart, so full of love and peace,

I was sure it couldn't be real

It couldn't last

And, yet, the years have come and gone,

and the love and peace haven't left me

They remain, although they have changed

The love is deeper with each passing day

My committment to you is unshakeable

As I know yours is for me

The peace has helped me weather many a storm,

and has calmed the troubled waters of my soul

I stand in awe of your patience

and forebearance with me

My heart is full of love and gratitude

for all the times you've given me another chance

Instead of casting me off as a failure

and a disappointment to you

Although, I know I was both of these

I'm humbled every time I think of who you are

Every time I realize that you could have chosen

to give your precious gift to someone else

That I could still be on that road to destruction,

and never have known the wonder of your love

Having known You,

the thought of living without

You is beyond comprehension

As long as there is breath in me,

I will praise You

As long as I am physically able,

I will lift my hands to You in worship,

and in love

You are my reason for living

You are my King

You are my friend

You are my everything,

And, I will love You always

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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