You Can't Know

by Terri Lyn Stanfield

You say you know how I feel
But you haven't got a clue
You're not the one who's hurting
This hasn't happened to you
You've never suffered a loss
Approaching this magnitude
You can't conceive my sorrow
And your attempts are so crude
I know you really mean well
But just keep your empty words
They are a cruel travesty
Of the pain that has been stirred
So deep inside my being
It is ripping me apart
It is gnawing at my soul
And decimating my heart
So don't say you understand
Because, believe me, you don't
And until you're in my shoes
I can promise you, you won't
You want to offer your support
You want to be here for me
Well, that's all you have to do
Just let your strength restore me
I need you here, by my side
But you do not need to speak
Just lend me your broad shoulder
And support me while I'm weak

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