You Think

You think that I don't know
But I'm fully aware
Of where you go at night
And what you do while there
You think you're being slick
With all your sneaky ways
But I know everything
And you're going to pay
You think that I'm so dense
That I don't have a clue
But you're the one who's thick
Yes, I know where and who
You think you've got it good
But you will be surprised
To find you've been locked out
When you come home tonight
You think I'll be in bed
Already sound asleep
Well, at least you're half right
But I've got company
You think this is a joke
That I will let you in
But you'd better go back
To see your old "sick friend"
You think I'll come around
And take you back some day
But I found someone new
When you went out to play

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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