These characters are mine and they rock…right?

Violence: A little

Sex: A little *wink*

Synopsis: On the way to fin information on Lee, Katherine finds out a little more about herself.

A loud shriek was heard and Katherine sat up from her bedroll to see Abigail huddled against a boulder with her blanket hugged close to her. Her face was ghostly pale and she was pointing at a large horned lizard. Katherine rolled her eyes and took out her pistol she shot the thing in the head and orange goo shot all over Abigail’s face. Katherine tried to keep a straight face but bursts into laughter.

“Oh, I am so glad you find this so amusing!”

“Yes, I really do!” Katherine rolled over on her side but continued to laugh.

Abigail took her blanket and wiped the smudges of goo off her face and grimaced.

“We’ve been traveling forever; do you know where you’re going?”

“You want honesty?”

“Yeah I mean my town was the last town before we enter….”

“The badlands.”

“Were….you can’t…only murderers and thieves..”

“Calm down.”

“Calm down!?” Abigail stood and started to pace. “Katherine I have followed you blindly into the desert but the badlands…I can’t go there!”

“Nobody asked you to come did they!” Katherine jumped to her feet and glared at Abigail. “I have been patient, taking breaks when you needed it, practically dieing of thirst so you can drink….I didn’t ask for this but I have to handle some business, so goddamn it you will go to the badlands or you can stay in this damn desert! Because I will be damn if you ruin this! I thought there was another town before the badlands, I was going to leave you there but there isn’t so now you come or you stay it’s your choice! Stay in the desert and rot…..see if I care!”

Abigail stood shocked but grabbed her blanket and went to the other side of the boulder and sat quietly. Katherine quickly regretted her actions and noticed the fire was dwindling. She picked up the lizard avoiding the sharp points on its tail and hurled it onto the fire. The fire quickly picked up and Katherine walked slowly towards the boulder.

Abigail knew she should have just stayed at home and let this person just leave. Father was right, she was not ready. Abigail sniffed and wiped tears from her face. She saw Katherine come around the boulder and quickly turned away so she couldn’t see her tears.

“I didn’t mean to yell…”

Abigail shook her head and thought, do no turn around Abigail, do not turn around.

“Listen I’m on the edge alright….some bad things have happened and I just have to right some wrongs, I should have told you…where I was heading.” Katherine sighed. “Are you crying?”

“No!” Abigail replied quickly with an angry tone.

“Hey look at me.”

Do not turn around Abigail. Do not turn around. Before she knew it a strong soft hand gently turned her face. She held her eyes close but could not, the lovely hazel eyes that she saw melted away any anger she once had.

“You know, I didn’t mean to harm you in any way, you saved my life.”

Abigail came out of a stupor and quickly remembered what happened.

“Yeah so you could use me to get you off the plantation.”

“No, I would have escaped….it just that the slaves weren’t the one’s being held captive it was you…you were a prisoner and….I couldn’t stand to see you…just seeing that…and only that for the rest of your life.” Katherine smiled. “Abigail there’s so much world to see…there’s more to being waited on hand and foot.”

Abigail laid her head on Katherine’s shoulder. “I’m sorry for being such a baby.”

Katherine leaned back against the boulder and rubbed Abigail’s shoulder.

“It’s okay Abby…you’re alright.”

“Got to give it to you kid, you can really cook.”

“Thank you…I watched the cooks and learned a few things with preserves.”

“Well hats off to you Abby.” Katherine tipped her hat and smiled. “Ready to go.”

“Yeah, I am.”

They began to gather there goods when Katherine froze.

“Grab it all don’t situate and get behind that boulder.”


“Now Abby do not argue!”

Abigail quickly gathered the good and scurried behind the boulder. Katherine followed and pulled out her pistols. She handed one to Abigail.

“What do I do with this?”

“What do you think?”

“I can’t kill…”

“It’s you are them Abby, if there looking for trouble…if they see us….we gotta deal with em’.”

“I have an idea…and no one will get hurt.”

“I hope so.”

Abigail wiped tears from her face as the two men approached.

“What ever will I do….I’m lost and some people have taken my father to the badlands!”

The two men dismounted and walked over to her.

“We can tell ya how to get there but it’s gonna’ cost you.”

“I’ll pay how do I get there?”

“Well keep going til’ you get to a giant boulder…it looks kind of like a man’s head….go to the right of that head and there’s the badlands.”

“Thank you kindly.”

“But the price…ya see…it gets real lonely out here..”

“Oh…I’m not this colored women helped me this far.”

“Colored women!” He drew his gun and looked around.

The other man shook his head. “Where is she?”

“Right behind ya.”

Katherine hit both of the men knocking them out. “Good idea.”

“Thank you.”

“Get there guns and grab some rope.”

Abigail did as she was told and Katherine tied the two men.

“Good you ride on ahead I’ll catch up okay.”

Abigail rode off and Katherine grabbed her canteen and splashed water on the two men’s faces.

“Who sent ya?”

“Ain’t telling nigga!”

“Wrong answer.”

She pulled back the hammer of her gun and aimed it.

“No…no…he’s my brother don’t hurt him…I’ll tell.”

“Don’t say a word.”

“You know she’ll kill ya…I won’t let you die for Lee.”

The man swallowed hard and then proceeded. “Look….we were supposed to hunt ya down because rumor was you were on a plantation…a man named Kevin sent us a message about a strange acting nigga….so we came to kill ya…Lee sent us to kill ya okay…that’s it.”

“Is he still there?”

“Probably not…the day he told us he was leaving…didn’t tell anybody where…probably told his mistress though….Lily…she’s down in the badlands…got her a nice little spot…while the rest of us rot out in the elements.”

“You sayin’ too much boy.”

“Well it saved our skins didn’t.”

“No…it didn’t.”

Both the men looked shocked and stared at Katherine.

“If I am to get this information….I can’t have you around…troubling me.”

“Please...I told you…I told you!”

“It was not my intention to harm anyone…but this mission is important.”

“We promise...we’ll go the other way.”

“And I believe you…but him…he’ll come and ruin it….he was willing to die for Lee.”

“Yes I am…he’s a good man.”

“Do you have any idea what that man took from me…my entire life...is ruined because of him…he killed my family right in front of me.”

“Who cares you’re just a nigga.”

Katherine clenched her teeth and turned to the obviously younger brother.

“I am deeply sorry.”

She aimed the pistol but the younger brother piped in.

“If you kill my family right in front of me…aren’t you just like em’.”

“How dare you compare him to me?!”

Katherine aimed the gun but it was bumped from her hand.

“Don’t do it.”

Katherine turned to see Abigail and stood in shock.

“I won’t let you kill these men.”

“If I don’t they’ll…”

“No…they are unarmed..”

“But they will be.”

“Do what ever…but you will be just like them….if you do this you become him….numb to the violence…you’ll be a murderer.”

Katherine tightened the ropes on the two men and grabbed her belongings. Before she mounted Archer she turned to Abigail and said through clenched teeth.

“If you ever interfere with my dealings again…”

She spurred Archer and rode on. The two men spewed apologies to Abigail and she looked at them with pity and shook her head.

“You’re apologizing to the wrong person.”

She sped off behind Katherine and rode along side her.

“You couldn’t just…”

“I could and I would….those men are going to come back and jeopardize my mission….”


“Because I have a liability.”

Katherine spurred Archer harder and put a considerable amount of distance between her and Abigail.

“This women you say she is coming for Lee.” Lily stood and picked up the dress that hung at her side. Her raven hair fell in limp curls at the side of her cream colored skin. She licked her ruby red lips and flicked a stray lock of curls from her face.

“Not any more maam’ she comes for you now.”

“And you let her go?”

“Well she held us at gun point ….but we have given her the directions for the long route…..she doesn’t know about the short cut…she’ll be hear in about a day’s ride…now we can set a trap.”

“And we will…but do not kill her…chain her and bring her to me.”

“Yes maam’.”

The two men Katherine had left smirked and left the room as Lily looked out of her window pane and sighed.

“Yes, bring this stranger to me….i’d like to see this women who has Lee so very…jumpy.”

She looked at the dismal waste land she “ruled”. Sweaty, dusty men clamoring up to her, trying to touch her, she was the queen of the desert…Lee’s mistress the one hidden in the dessert dust.

“It’s so hot.”

“Yeah but look just below this ridge.”

Katherine and Abigail laid on there stomach’s surveying the small, dusty town below them. Brawls were being had in the corners and drunken men stumbled listlessly. The name fit the town perfectly.

Katherine crouched and looked at Abigail. “Listen…stay here…do not move!”

“But what if…”

“Don’t move…if I’m not back….just leave…do not try to go into this town.”

“Where will I go?”

“Anywhere but do not enter this town…the things they will do to a young girl like you….just don’t go okay.”


“Promise me.”

“I promise.”

“The direction he gave us would take a day’s ride…it’s a short cut to the badlands…the route we were gonna’ take but I switched it so they could get ahead of us…there’s a trap waiting for me…they are gonna capture me.”

“Then don’t go.”

“No...that’s perfect…Lily won’t kill me…she’ll let me go…if she’s a mistress she’s bitter…so she’ll let me go to finish him.”

“And if she doesn’t.”

“My ass is grass.” Katherine looked sympathetically … Abigail. “It will be alright...I promise you.”

“Maybe you’re lying.”

“Would I lie to you?” Katherine looked her into the eyes and moved a string of blonde hair from her face. “I’ll be back stay put…if you see them hit me…just ignore it...in fact don’t watch….be good…and if anything goes wrong…take care of Archer okay.”

Katherine stood and made her way down the steep valley she walked into the town and Abigail covered her face.

She said don’t watch so I’m not. Just sit here and don’t watch. Abigail couldn’t help it she turned back and watched as three men jumped on Katherine and pinned her down. They shackled her and forcefully drug her through the dusty road. Abigail turned and a tear slipped from her eye.

“Good luck Katherine…”

Katherine flew through the doors and at the feet of Lily. Katherine stood and frowned at her and tried to break free of the shackles.

“On your knees!”

Katherine spit at Lily’s feet and was kicked in the back for her efforts. They set her up on her knees and pinned her shoulder downs so she could not move.

“Leave us!”

“She’s mad she’d try to kill you.”

“Randle…Billy you have done enough…you are loyal and faithful…you have obeyed me even when my husband was not present so do so now.”

They both hesitantly walked from the room and she walked over to Katherine and helped her to her feet.

“Lily I presume.”

“You are right….come.”

Lily fished around on her table and found a key. She unlocked the heavy chains and they fell to the floor with a loud clank. Lily circled Katherine with a smirk on her face.

“I see no vicious killer…a confused little girl maybe.”

“Lady you don’t know the half of it.”

“Oh but I do.”

Lily put her lips close to Katherine’s ear and whispered.

“You stalk the man who killed your family…try sleeping with him.”

Katherine look shocked and grabbed Lily’s arm and pulled her face to face with her.

“Whore to the man who killed your family…you should be…”

“Ashamed…disgusted…like a prostitute…yes….I feel these things!”

“But your…”

“I’m white….Lee’s hatred has no color girl…he will kill anyone.”

“Where is he?”

“If I told you that….you would be gone...and I want to learn more about you…you intrigue me.”


Lily leaned forward and planted a kiss on Katherine’s lips.


Lily took her hand and led her to her bed room. Lily nudged Katherine onto the bed and crawled on top of her.

“Show me why they fear you.” She whispered into Katherine’s ear sexily.

That night Katherine made love in the bed of then man who killed her father and the women he was having an affair with.

Abigail grew restless on the cold ridge and stood to stretch but remained tucked away. She groomed both of the horses her only source of company for some time. Day break began and the usually rowdy town was some what quiet.

“Should I go just to see?” Abigail said to the horses as she petted her horse. “You know what I haven’t named you yet….what should I name you….how about…Abby’s steed….no….Kate…that’s a dumb horse name…I know…Kit!” Abby smiled and yawned.

“Yep you look like a Kit.” Her smile faded as she looked back into the town and frowned.

“I should go…I just need to see what’s going on.”

Abigail began to go down the ridge but both the horses neighed in protest.

“Only for a bit you two…settle down.”

Abigail took her bag and slowly made her way into town. She crept around corners and snuck through tiny passageways and finally gained access to the house of Lily. Figured this would be the one Abigail thought. Abigail knew she was sitting pretty but jeez.

Abigail wondered the mansion and stumbled upon an ornate door which looked like it belonged to a queen. She crept to the outside of it and slowly opened the door open. The bedroom was breath taking. All the design seemed a perfect balance between innocence and intense sexuality. Abigail could smell candles burning, the scent of desire was in the air and it was strong. Maybe I could get some information from this Lily character. Abigail crept up the bed and reeled in horror as she found Katherine intertwined with what must had to be Lily. They both were a sleep; a smile was pressed on the face of the strange women. Abigail never felt all this emotion at once as she looked them both over, happy but angry at the same time. She gasped in surprise as Katherine’s eyelids flickered open.

Katherine didn’t know what to think. What had she just done, it wasn’t a bad thing but it wasn’t what she was used to. She was confused, lost and worried about Abigail. Katherine opened her eyes to see Abigail staring down at them with a shocked expression. Katherine pulled the silky sheet around her in embarrassment but then scowled at Abigail in anger. Abigail came out of the stupor and began to flee.


Abigail continued not stopping until Katherine dashed from the bed with only the sheet to cover her. Katherine grabbed Abigail’s arm and stopped her.

“What are you doing?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?”

“I know what I’m doing I just didn’t…”

“You know what I think….I think you should really rethink your situation….and how it effects…people….” Abigail looked down blinking back tears and whispered. “How it affects me….”


“Never mind…this is a really unique way to pump someone for information.”

“There was some pumping…” Katherine whispered and fought back a grin.


“Nothing listen…”

“No...you listen….do you actually think you can trust this women….when you come back from your “mission”, I might just not be there.”

“Sure, where you gonna’ go?”

“Anywhere but here.” Abigail stormed from the room. Katherine tried to protest but felt a soft hand on her shoulder.

“Who was that?”

“This girl I helped…”

“She’s you’re…”


“She wants to be.”

“What?!” Katherine laughed. “No…she was going to get married..”

“But ran away with you…right?”


“Was it not wanting to marry the man or was it….you?”

“Are you….your…..your…crazy…forget that….tell me where Lee is..”

“But we were having so much fun.”

“Tell me…I should have gotten the info and left…now tell me!”

“Feeling guilty because you cheated?”

“On who?”

“You know…”

“Shut up...Lily I told you what that man has done to me I need to know.”

“Do you honestly think I’d do that…tell you where the man is who let’s me live like this.” Lily laughed. “Darling you were something to do in this boring town.”

Katherine began to gather her things but Lily pulled a gun from underneath the mattress and aimed it at Katherine.

“You’re done for Katherine….all I have to do is call for the guards…I think I will do so right now, capture you and I’ll probably get something really nice for it too.”

Katherine looked away in disgust as Lily made her way to the door. She stuck her head out of the door and tried to yell but before she could she hit the floor with a hard thump. The gun slide across the floor and Katherine scooped it up and pointed it towards the door waiting for the person who knocked Lily out to enter.

“Ouch….i’ve never hit someone before.” Abigail came around the corner shaking her hand. “That woman has one hard face.”

Katherine laughed and began to find her clothes and get dressed. When she was done she tore the sheets on Lily’s bed and tied her up to a chair. Lily began to come to and tried toy ell over to cloth stuck in her mouth.

“Shut up.”

Lily kept struggling and trying to spit out the cloth. Katherine slapped her hard across the face.

“Shut the fuck up and tell me where and the hell Lee is!”

Katherine gently removed the cloth and Lily sighed.

“I don’t know.”

Katherine raised her hand to hit her again and Lily whimpered.

“Okay…okay…he’s gone east….he’s heading for gold.”

“Where east?”

“I don’t know…but some folks have a feeling that there’s gold in those parts okay.”

“Thank you Lily….your cooperation is greatly appreciated.”

Katherine turned to Abigail to see a man holding a gun to her head.

“I knew I should have shot you dead.”

“Yeah but you didn’t….terrible thing that sand…makes it twice as hot in the desert.”

“Untie me now!”

“Yes maam’.” He looked at Katherine. “Drop the gun….and kick it over.”

Katherine did as directed and locked eyes with Abigail.

“Now untie her and lay down on the ground.”

Katherine walked over behind Lily. “Now Abby.”

Abigail took her elbow and swung it into the mans crouch. She swept up Katherine’s gnu and they both dove behind a table that Katherine quickly turned over.

“Now what?”

Shots fired and split that table in two.

“Stay put.”

Katherine dove out shooting and hit the man in his shoulder. He fell to the ground and squirmed holding his arm.

Abby stood thinking it was over but the man turned and shot. Abby fell back and Katherine quickly delivered two shots to the man’s skull. She ran to Abby and saw blood on the floor. She looked over at Lily who sat in the chair yelling.

“Damnit abby.”

Katherine scooped her up and tossed her over her shoulder. Lily’s yelling alerted some guards to come but when they entered the room they saw a dead man, a women yelling tied to a chair and an open window, drapes fluttering slightly.

Katherine ripped the sleeve off of Abby’s simple white shirt and inspected the wound. She sighed in relief for it was a just a graze. Abby began to come to and looked up at Katherine.

“Did we get em’?”

“Yah we got em’…come on you.”

They both got up from the ground and mounted there horses and set off into the night.

Abby watched as Katherine added more sticks and debris for there tiny fire.

She felt the wound on her arm, it was sticky and painful to the touch. She kept seeing Katherine open her mouth to say something but would not.

“I’m sorry about…”

“No…I’m sorry…you saved my life today…you did good real good.”

Abigail smiled and looked into the fire.

“Here let me see that.”

Katherine walked over the Abigail crouched and looked at the wound.

“Keep the cloth on it and it will be fine.”

Katherine took Abigail’s hand and looked into her eyes.

“Abby….i never want to see you hurt…and today when I saw you fall…you a real good kid….but you just got to learn to be more aware okay.”


Katherine smiled and took her hands away from Abby’s.

“Get some sleep.”

“Good night.”

“Night Abby.”

Abigail rolled her bed roll out and laid down with her facing away from Katherine’s and quickly went to sleep.

Katherine couldn’t sleep. Her mind was racing from the events of today and she was truly to alert to sleep. She looked down at Abby her golden hair draped across her shoulder. She truly was a beautiful woman. Katherine shook her head. What was she thinking….that shot could have been fatal. She’d have to learn…she’d teach her. Her mind couldn’t help but turn to Lily, the night the shared was bliss. Too bad she’s probably end up killing her one day. So the bastards gone east, well that’s exactly where she was going. Lee’s quest for gold would keep him there for a while. And when she caught up with him she was going to kill him and possibly take his gold too.


To be continued.


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