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Chapter 17

That bitch hired someone to run my car off the road. Johnnie thought as she drove toward Rosa's house to pick up Alma. How did she find out where we live? Why is she making this personal? Is she someone I know? She and Pizo checked all the Hispanic females that they had arrested and came up empty. What am I going to do about Alma? Will she be safe? Will she become a target as well? Johnnie's stomach began churning, forcing her to pull the SUV over so she could throw up.

Johnnie's mood had become sullen by the time she reached Rosa's house. Alma, Miguel, and his girlfriend Anna were sitting on the porch. Alma smiled when she saw Johnnie pull into the drive, but her expression changed when she saw Johnnie's face. She stood and walked over to her lover.

"What's wrong, baby?" Alma asked as she hugged Johnnie. She knew immediately that something was wrong by the way Johnnie was clinging to her.

"Rough day," Was all Johnnie offered.

Pulling back a little, Alma noticed that Johnnie looked out of sorts. Her face felt clammy. "Honey, are you sure you're ok? You look sick."

"Lost my lunch on I-40." Johnnie said. She added a chuckle in order to play it down.

Alma's brows knitted in concern. "Maybe we should call the doctor just in case."

"I'll be fine." Johnnie whispered. "Are you ready to go home?"

Still not quite believing Johnnie, she sighed and mumbled, "Yes."

"I'll be glad when this swelling goes down." Alma said as she looked down at her hand. "I feel naked without my engagement ring."

Johnnie lay on her side of the bed, legs crossed at the ankles, staring up at the ceiling with her hands behind her head. In her mind she was going over all the information and evidence that had been gathered.

"Johnnie, are you listening to me?" Alma asked, sitting next to her reclining lover.

Johnnie continued to stare at the ceiling, oblivious to Alma's question.

"Querida, the house is on fire." Alma flatly stated.

"Yeah, that's nice." Johnnie thoughtlessly responded.

"I'm pregnant, and we're having twins." Alma joked.

"Whatever you say, dear........what?!" Johnnie's eyes quickly met Alma's.

"You weren't listening to me." Alma said. "Tell me what's bothering you, love. I can see that something is."

Johnnie sat up and kissed Alma on her cheek. "I'm just going over the case in my head; nothing for you to worry about." She paused. "You ready for bed?"

Alma sighed, realizing that Johnnie wasn't going to talk about what was bothering her. "Yeah. Can I wear one of your sleep shirts?" She asked as she stood to go to the bathroom.

Johnnie smiled. Alma's arm may be in a sling, but she can still move that ass. Whoa, down girl. "Sure. I'll get one that opens in the front. It'll be easier to put on." Easier for you to feel her up, you pervert.

The phone rang, pulling Johnnie from her musings. "Hello?"

There was nothing but silence on the other end.

"Hello?" She demanded. "Who is this?"

"Ah, how soon they forget." The woman said softly.

Thankfully, Johnnie had a tracer put on her home phone. "I haven't forgotten." Johnnie said.

"I just called to apologize for the little mishap yesterday. Is the 'little woman' alright?" She asked.

"How did you know it was her instead of me?" Johnnie vehemently asked.

The woman's tone changed into something more menacing. "Let's not worry about that right now, shall we?"

"Why are you doing this? What in the fuck do you want from me?" Johnnie asked, her voice nearly pleading. She was desperately afraid that this woman would harm Alma.

"I've already told you," The woman shouted, "You and your kind are sick. You take normal people and turn them into sick fucks, like yourself."

"Look bitch," Johnnie growled, her temper growing. "If you as much as come near me or my woman, I'll rip off your head and piss down your fucking neck."

Alma had returned from the bathroom and heard Johnnie yelling at someone on the phone. The anger emanating from her lover frightened her to her very core.

Regaining the softness to her voice the woman taunted, "Temper, temper. Wouldn't be thinking of taking the law into your own hands, would you?"

"If you come near her, you'll be begging the judge to throw you in jail. The things I'll do to you will have you praying to whatever god you pray to for a swift death." Johnnie snarled.

"I'll turn her back into a normal human being, and you'll be there to watch the entire thing. She'll see the error in her ways." She yelled, and then hung up.

"Fuck me!" Johnnie yelled, hurling the phone against the wall. "Fucking bitch!"

Alma stood rooted in the same spot. Her body was trembling with fear. Johnnie looked at her, mentally cursing herself for scaring Alma.

"It was her, wasn't it?" Alma fearfully whispered. The state of anger that Johnnie was in frightened her.

"Yeah, baby." She disconsolately told her. Johnnie knew she had to convince Alma that moving back home would be best. "Alma, it's not safe for you to be here. Can't you see that now?" She paused. "She paid someone to run me off the road, but got you instead. When she found out that it wasn't me in the car, she killed him. Now she's threatening you, baby. I can't bear the thought that you are a target, too." Johnnie felt more helpless now. The killer had threatened Alma.

Alma's feet finally gave up their hold on the floor, and she walked over to Johnnie. She could see the tears flowing freely from Johnnie's eyes. "Alright, I will go and stay with mami." She said quietly as she pulled her into a tight embrace.

Johnnie looked up and mouthed the words, "Thank you." She looked into Alma's eyes telling her, "This is only temporary, baby. I hope Rosa won't get used to having you back with her because as soon as this is over, you'll be back home where you belong."

The phone rang, causing them to break their embrace. Johnnie ran into the den and picked up the extension. "Hello?" She tentatively asked.

"Detective, this is Officer Lewis. We traced the call to a pay phone at the Exxon on Hwy. 70. It's closed, so nobody would be around." He informed her.

Johnnie sighed heavily, rubbing her forehead in despair. "Thanks, Lewis. Make sure the captain gets your report." She hung up. "Damn it all to hell."

Both Johnnie and Alma were miserable during the separation. Alma had returned to work, much to Johnnie's disdain. After work, Johnnie would go over to Rosa's to spend time with Alma. Sometimes they would go out to dinner or take in a movie. Alma cried almost every night upon Johnnie's departure, making it hard for Johnnie to leave her.

"These last three weeks have been hard, baby." Alma said as she straddled Johnnie's thighs. "I miss you. I miss being at home with you."

Johnnie sat on Rosa's sofa, running her large hands against Alma's thighs. "I know, love. I'm going crazy not being able to touch you like I want to." She snuggled into Alma's bosom.

"Why do you have to go back to work tonight? Mami is gone to Mass, and she won't be back until later on tonight." She whispered as she planted soft kisses on Johnnie's neck.

Johnnie felt a fire beginning in her belly. She moaned into Alma's breasts. "Baby, we gotta stop. We don't have enough time to go home, make love and get back here."

"Come upstairs with me." Alma begged.

Johnnie, unable to control her libido, stood up and Alma wrapped her legs around her waist. Johnnie ran as quickly as she could up the stairs.

Miguel sat at the kitchen table with Javier and Guillermo.

"Isn't that the truck Johnnie's parked by the curb?" Javier asked as she drank his beer.

"Yeah." Miguel told him.

"Well, where is the big bad dyke?" Guillermo snidely asked.

They were suddenly bombarded with the banging of Alma's headboard against the wall. Miguel looked at Guillermo. "Does that answer your question?"

"They're fucking in mami's house? That bitch has Alma doing all kinds of things she shouldn't be." Guillermo spat.

Javier was surprised. "I never would have thought that Alma would be making love here, in our house."

"I can see why you're stunned Javier." Miguel said, and then he looked at Guillermo. "But you, how can you act like it's something bad? You probably got Marisol pregnant up in your room. Hell you even fucked her when mami was here."

Guillermo sputtered. "That's different. What they are doing is unnatural."

"Yeah, whatever." Miguel said. He stood to leave. "I'm going outside to shoot some baskets. You guys coming?"

"Absolutely." Javier said as he immediately went outside. Guillermo quickly followed him.

Johnnie hovered over Alma, kissing her way down Alma's body. She stopped at Alma's belly, dipping her tongue into Alma's navel.

"Please, Johnnie." Alma begged. "I need you now."

Johnnie resumed her exploration, kissing the dark curls that were moist with Alma's need. She exhaled, causing Alma to shudder. Licking the curls, Johnnie parted Alma with her tongue.

Alma gasped. "Yes!" Her breath hitched. "I want to taste you, too." She begged.

Johnnie shifted and positioned herself over Alma, her mouth never leaving Alma's mound. She lowered her throbbing sex to Alma's eager mouth. As soon as Alma's tongue met her aching clit, Johnnie moaned. The moan vibrated against Alma's swollen bud, causing her to shudder.

They were urgent in their explorations. Sweat slicked bodies moving toward the same goal. They brought each other to the edge and over. Johnnie rolled over to her side, with her eyes closed, gasping for breath.

Alma crawled up Johnnie's body and kissed her. "I have something for you, Querida."

Johnnie opened her eyes and watched as Alma got off the bed and walked over to her bag. A feral grin formed on her face as Alma pulled 'Little J' from her bag. Alma walked back over to her, and began to fasten the harness on Johnnie.

"Always prepared, eh?" Johnnie asked.

"For you, always." Alma whispered as she offered herself to Johnnie.

Johnnie showered and dressed. Fortunately, Alma had packed a pair of boxers for her. Alma put on her robe and walked Johnnie downstairs. They went to the back door, and Johnnie grimaced when she saw all of Alma's brothers outside playing basketball. "I see trouble." She said.

Alma looked out the window and saw them. She smiled and began to tease Johnnie. "Oh my, I wonder if they're gonna try and beat you up."

"I knew I should have kept my pants zipped up." Johnnie groaned.

"I was only teasing you. They know better." Alma assured her.

"C'mon and let's get this over with." She said, taking Alma by her hand.

All action stopped on the small court when the door opened. Miguel stood with a smile plastered on his face. Javier took interest in the ground, and Guillermo glared at them both.

Alma stood on the steps in order to tower over her lover. "Give me a kiss, baby."

Johnnie gave her a chaste kiss on the lips.

"Oh, you can do better than that." She said, and then proceeded to kiss Johnnie with reckless abandon. Hands roamed as tongues battled for control.

Once the kiss was broken, Johnnie was left speechless.

"I'll see you tomorrow. Call me tonight when you get home." Alma said softly.

Johnnie nodded dumbly and went to her truck.

Alma's brothers stared at her. She marched over to them. "Well, spit it out."

"You guys sure are loud." Miguel said as he smiled at Alma.

Alma blushed. "You could hear us?" She asked.

Guillermo slammed the basketball against the garage door. "Yeah, we heard! You should be ashamed of yourself, Alma. You disrespected our family's home."

"Gui, you do not have room to talk." She retorted. "I could hear Marisol screaming, and you grunting and pushing like an animal."

"That's different, Alma, and you know it." Guillermo spat.

Alma walked over and stood toe to toe with him. "Johnnie and I are in a committed relationship. We are faithful to each other. You, on the other hand, care nothing for Marisol. You just fuck her and send her on her way."

"Alma, please don't talk like that. It's so unlike you." Javier said, grimacing at the language Alma used.

Guillermo turned his attention to Javier. "Get over it, Javier. Your precious Alma is no saint. You heard her for yourself, begging that pata to fuck her. She sounded like a common whore."

Before Guillermo could say anything more, Javier had knocked him on his ass. Alma looked at Javier in shock. She couldn't believe that her gentle brother had struck Guillermo, but she knew that if Javier was ever provoked he could be a real handful.

"Don't you ever say anything about, Alma! You are not worthy to speak her name." Javier spat.

Alma reached for Javier's shoulder to calm him, but her hand was brushed away. "Don't touch me." He yelled, and then ran down the driveway to his car.

"Wait!" Alma begged.

"Leave him be, Alma. He's very upset right now." Miguel said, and then turned to look down at Guillermo. "Mami is gonna have a fit when she finds out that you upset Javier."

"Fuck it, I'm leaving." Guillermo yelled as she stood to his feet.

"Good riddance." Alma said.

Later that evening, Alma was putting together an out fit for work the next day when she noticed a spot on her suit.

Oh shit, that's just great. She thought. I'll just run home and get another one. She put on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and her sandals. She went downstairs, and found Miguel on the phone with Anna. It'll take him forever to say goodbye to her. She saw his keys on the table. I'll be back before he notices that I'm gone.

Putting the keys in the ignition, she started the truck and headed for her home. She put one of Miguel's tapes in the player. One of her favorites began playing and she sang along, never noticing that she was being followed.

Alma walked into the house and headed straight for their bedroom. When she walked in she looked at the bed that she and Johnnie shared. She missed holding the tall woman in her arms. Giggling like a two year old, she leapt onto the bed and began rolling back and forth on it. Alma took Johnnie's pillow and sniffed it. She could smell Johnnie's fragrance on it and it gave her chills. She remembered how Johnnie had made love to her earlier. The power in each stroke as Johnnie thrust into her. How Johnnie whispered that she missed having her in their bed.

Quietly someone was opening the front door to Johnnie and Alma's home. They eased in, closing and locking the front door.

"What to wear, what to wear?" Alma asked herself aloud. "Hmmmm, this is nice." She said as she pulled the charcoal gray suit from her closet.

She gathered matching shoes and a handbag. Draping the suit over her shoulder, she picked up the shoes and handbag and walked out of the bedroom.

Alma had turned the corner of the hallway to enter the living room when suddenly she felt a rag go over her mouth and arms wrap around her body. She dropped her garments and began struggling against the body that firmly held her. The substance on the rag made her groggy, and her arms and legs began to go limp. She tried to fight, but blackness began swirling around her. She felt herself being lowered to the floor just as the fight was going out of her. Her last thought was of Johnnie as unconsciousness claimed her.

Chapter 18

"Do you think that we'll ever break this case, Pizo?" Johnnie asked her exhausted partner. They were both going over the evidence, hoping to find something that would bring them closer to solving the case.

Pizo looked at Johnnie, noticing the dark circles under her eyes. He knew that being separated from Alma was taking a toll on her, and she was off her game. Johnnie was tentative in how she proceeded in her investigation. "Sure we will, J." He said, trying to sound encouraging. "That bitch is going to slip up, and we'll be there to bring her in." He paused. "Has she called you since that night?"

Johnnie put down the folder she was looking at and sighed. "No, she hasn't. Maybe she was just fucking with me." She said in a defeated tone.

"I know how hard it's been on both of you. You guys have been living apart for three weeks." Pizo acknowledged. "You know, J, this could be her way of throwing you off balance, disrupting your personal life. Making you worry about Alma will take your focus off the case. Unfortunately for you, she knows this."

Anger flashed across her face. "Well not anymore." Johnnie said as she reached for her telephone. "I'm getting my life back. My woman is coming back home, and I'll be damned if I'll let that bitch throw me off balance again."

Pizo smiled. Now that's the Johnnie I know. You go girl, kick ass now and ask questions later.

"I have some vacation time coming up, Anna. How would you like it if we took the kids down to Florida? Maybe we can check out Disney World or something." Miguel said as he was lying back on the sofa.

On the other end of the phone, Anna smiled. "Really, Miguel? Is this for real?" She hopefully asked.

"Anna, I told you, I'm gonna do better by you and the kids. We're gonna become a real family." He truthfully said. "Hold on a minute, baby. I have a beep." Miguel switched the phone over. "Hello?"

"Hey, Miguel. I'd like to speak to Alma, please." Johnnie said.

"Sure hold on a second." He said, and then switched the phone back over to Anna. "Baby, I gotta go. Johnnie's on the phone for Alma. I'll call you back. Love you." He said as he stood up to call for Alma.

Johnnie had a sudden feeling of uneasiness wash over her. Her stomach began to tie up in knots.

"Johnnie!" Miguel said nearly out of breath. "Alma is not here. She must have taken my truck while I was on the phone."

"What?!" Johnnie yelled. She stood up, but had to sit back down as a wave of dizziness came over her. She could taste the bile as it rose in her throat.

Pizo looked up at his partner, and then his eyes followed as she sat back down. He could actually see the color drain from her face. "What is it, Johnnie?" He asked, near panic.

Johnnie dropped the phone and immediately ran out of the squad room. Pizo picked up Johnnie's phone. "Who is this?" He asked.

"It's Miguel, Alma's brother. I just told Johnnie that Alma took my truck and left." Miguel said, his voice full of fear.

"Okay, Miguel calm down. Give me the plate number to your truck. I'll put out an APB on it." Pizo said as calmly as he could.

Johnnie was beside herself with fear. She could feel in her spirit that Alma was in danger. In a moment of clarity, she pulled her cell phone from her hip, and dialed Alma's cell phone number. It rang twice before it was answered. "Alma?!" Johnnie anxiously asked.

"No, detective, it's not Alma." The voice answered.

Tears flowed freely from Johnnie's eyes. Unwilling to let the woman know how afraid she was, she steeled herself. "If Alma is hurt, you are a dead woman." She hissed.

"Well, that will make two of us." The woman said, laughing. "I told you that I would make you watch, or did you forget?" A dog was barking outside. She walked over to the window to see that it was Johnnie's neighbor's dog. She then walked over to Alma's unconscious body on the sofa, and touched her cheek gently. "She's so beautiful."

"I'll kill you, I swear it." Johnnie choked as a lump formed in her throat. She was heading for the dunes in her truck.

"We'll see about that, you sick fuck. How did you turn this one to your evil ways?" She demanded.

"Let me speak with her." Johnnie begged.

The dog continued to bark. "No can do. She's sleeping." She softly said, and with that, she hung up.

An animalistic growl came from Johnnie as she pounded the steering wheel.

The early Saturday morning sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze blowing. A little girl was riding her Barbie big wheel around in her neighborhood. She was smiling as she pedaled, holding her Barbie doll in her hand. Suddenly, three boys jumped from behind the bushes. They were around ten years old. They stopped the big wheel and surrounded it.

"Hey little girl, what are you doing with that white doll? You ain't white." One boy spat.

"Yeah." One of the others added. "You're a wetback. Don't they make wetback dolls for you to play with?"

"My back's not wet." The six year old girl bravely told them.

"You need to learn your place. My dad says you wetbacks don't know your place." He yelled, and then pushed her from the big wheel.

Tears formed in her eyes, and her anger grew. She stood up and kicked the largest of the boys in the leg. He winced, then grabbed her by her hair and slammed her to the ground. She began to cry, as they spat on her.

The boys began falling one at a time, as another boy ran up behind then. He began kicking and stomping them. The boys were able to make it to their feet and scramble away.

He turned to the little girl lying on the ground. He took his handkerchief from his pocket, and wiped the little girls face. "Are you okay, pepita?"

"Yeah." She told him sobbing. "I want to go home."

He smiled and helped her back on her big wheel. He kissed her on her forehead.

"You know what?" She asked between sniffles. "When I get big enough, I'm gonna marry you. I promise. You saved me."

The little boy blushed. "Okay, we can get married."

"I love you." She said as she smiled up at him.

"I love you, too." He said, returning her smile.

"You aren't one of those people, Alma. You'll see that soon." The killer whispered.

Alma began to stir. She felt groggy and dizzy. She tried to sit up, but realized her hands were tied behind her back, and her feet were bound as well. Alma's mouth was dry, and she tried to swallow. She found herself unable to because of the scarf that was in her mouth. She moaned and opened her eyes. Everything was blurry at first, and then she could focus on the light that was coming from the kitchen. A face moved closer to hers. It was blurry too. She focused in on the long black hair that framed the face and thought it was Johnnie. She smiled, but her smile faded when she focused on the crazed eyes and face of her brother.

Johnnie drove the truck directly on the dunes. Sand was flying everywhere. She couldn't see anyone or anything. The beach was empty. She drove the truck back onto the street, directly in front of the Homestead Motel. Through her tears she noticed that 'Home' was the only part of the sign that blinked. She heard a dog barking in the alleyway next to the motel. She watched the sign as it continued to blink. "Oh gods, she has Alma at our house." She said out loud, as she floored the accelerator.

"You're not like them, Alma. That bitch turned you into one of them." He whispered, as he sat next to her on the sofa.

Alma shook her head in disbelief. Her very own brother held her captive.

"We can work this out, get you back to yourself. The evil spell that pata has you under will be broken." He told her, touching her face gently.

Alma slid as far away from him as she possibly could. Tears flowed freely from her eyes.

"I won't hurt you, Alma. It'll be fine." He softly said.

Why? Alma asked herself over and over again. How could this be?

"Let's get you more comfy." He said as he pulled her into an upright position. "We'll wait for Diablo to come, and it will all be over."

Johnnie parked her truck a couple of houses down from hers. She ran until she reached the side of her house. She could see the kitchen light on, so she decided to come through the front door. She gently turned the doorknob and found it locked. She put in her key, unlocked the door and quietly opened it. She saw Alma sitting up on the sofa, bound and gagged. Alma looked up and violently shook her head as Johnnie rushed toward her. Johnnie was near her, when suddenly she felt the lights explode behind her eyes.

Alma's screams were muffled as Johnnie crumpled to the floor. Her brother walked over to the door, closing and locking it.

Pizo was driving aimlessly around hoping to spot Miguel's truck, or Johnnie's. A call came in on the radio for him.

"Petrillo." He stated.

"We've found the truck, detective. It's parked at Green's house. Her truck is a couple of houses down." The officer told him.

"Sit tight. I'm on my way." He ordered.

Alma worked frantically to free her hands from the rope. He walked over to her and laid her back down on the sofa. She tried to resist, but he was stronger.

"Its okay, Alma. I know it's the demon inside you making you fight me." He whispered. He touched her face, and then tried to kiss her cheek but Alma pulled away. He lay beside her, pulling her closer to him. "I've wanted to hold you like this for so long. I waited and waited for you to grow up and keep your promise."

She looked at him, startled and confused.

"You remember, don't you?" He asked. "When those gringos pushed you off your big wheel, I saved you and you promised me that you would marry me." He laughed as he touched her breast.

Alma cringed. She tried to speak, but her words were muffled.

"Let me take this from your mouth so you can talk to me." He said as he removed the gag.

"Don't, please." Alma begged.

"Alma, I've never loved anyone like I love you." He said. "I tried to be faithful to you, but my body just wouldn't let me."

He pressed himself into her, and she felt his erect penis on her thigh. She nearly threw up, but continued to try to free herself.

Johnnie began to regain consciousness. She could hear Alma begging not to be touched. She was able to hold her head up and see someone lying next to Alma, touching her.

"I had a problem a little while ago. I wasn't able to perform anymore. She wanted nothing more to do with me. I couldn't make love to her anymore because I couldn't be unfaithful to you." He said.

"I was a little girl back then. I didn't know any better. You couldn't possibly expect me to have sex with you, my own brother. That's just sick." She hissed.

He became angry. "Sick is what you do with that pata. I heard you begging her to fuck you. I heard her ramming herself into you, banging the headboard against the wall. I heard you screaming her name. Then you had to come outside and rub it in my face." He pulled roughly at her breast, and then ran his hand down her body towards her womanhood.

"I love her, and I gave myself to her freely." She angrily spat. Her hands were nearly free. "Anything you get, you will have to take from my cold dead body."

Before he could respond, he heard Johnnie trying to get up. He leaped from the sofa and walked over to her. "This is all your fault, pata!" He yelled as he kicked her. Johnnie grabbed the booted foot causing him to lose his balance. He fell next to her, then climbed on top of her and began choking her. "Alma is mine." He yelled over and over as he squeezed, cutting off Johnnie's air.

Alma finally freed her hands. She untied her feet and ran over to the bookcase to get Maxine.

Johnnie tried to fight as best she could. She punched him furiously in his face, feeling his nose break and warm blood as it splattered on her neck and chest. But the insane man that hovered over her was too strong. She gasped for breath.

"Get off of her right now, Javier, or I will shoot you." She screamed.

****Author's note: I know you didn't think it was Guillermo, did you?****

Javier turned to see Alma pointing a gun at him. He stood up and could see the gun wavering in Alma's shaking hands. Johnnie turned over on her side and sucked in as much air as she could. He took a step toward Alma. "You won't shoot me, pepita. You love me."

"Not another step." Alma ordered.

He walked toward her, and she had no other choice but to pull the trigger. Blood squirted from his shoulder as he slumped to the floor. Alma stood in complete shock; the gun was still upright in her hand. Johnnie looked at her lover; the tears streaming down her face, the distant look in her eyes.

"Alma, baby, put the gun down." She calmly whispered as she struggled to her feet. "It's okay." She said as she stepped over Javier's writhing body and walked over to her.

As Johnnie reached Alma and took the gun from her, Pizo kicked the door in. Johnnie pointed the gun toward the door, and then lowered it when she saw it was Pizo. She turned her attention back to Alma; her lover was trembling. Johnnie embraced her. She knew that Alma's world was crumbling around her.

"It was all my fault. Those women died because of me." Alma sobbed into Johnnie's chest.

Pizo looked at Javier in disbelief. He'd always thought of him as kind and gentle.

"Alma!" Javier screamed. "I love you, I always will. You will be mine."

Johnnie wanted to beat him to within an inch of his life, and nearly did it but she knew that Alma needed her. She tightened her grip on Alma. Pizo grabbed him roughly from the floor and took him out of the house.

Johnnie felt Alma's knees give way, and she picked her up and took her to a chair. She kneeled in front of Alma and held her hands within her own. "Alma, this was not your fault. Javier is insane. He did all of this. It's not your fault, baby." She whispered over and over. Alma sat with a dazed look on her face. I won't lose you baby. "C'mon, we need to get you checked out at the hospital."


18 months later...

Alma lay propped up against the pillows of their bed as Johnnie, wearing a tank top and boxers, danced around the room to Lucy Pearl's 'Dance Tonight'. She watched as Johnnie danced provocatively back and forth at the foot of the bed. Alma stared at Johnnie, taking all of her strength and beauty. Johnnie began to wiggle her ass, making Alma chuckle.

"Oh, you like that, eh?" Johnnie asked as she backed up to Alma. Alma playfully swatted the firm behind that was shaking near her.

Johnnie was glad to hear Alma laugh. The ordeal with Javier, then followed by his suicide while in jail, made Alma despondent. Alma bounced back with the help of her family and Johnnie. Guillermo slowly came around. He realized that Johnnie loved Alma and would give her life to protect Alma. They all knew that it would take Guillermo some time to finally accept Johnnie.As long as he wasn't stirring up trouble, they would give him all the time he needed. Guillermo attended their wedding, much to the shock and surprise of his family, especially Alma. Johnnie was afraid that he would cause a disruption, but he didn't. They don't see him as often as Alma would like, but each time got just a little easier. Alma hoped that one day they would all be a family again.

"So this is the anniversary dance you promised me?" Alma asked. She smiled at the thought of it being their one year anniversary. The party her family gave them was wonderful. She was really surprised when Johnnie sang 'At Last' in front of everyone. It made her cry tears of joy.

"Yep, do you like it?" Johnnie asked as she shimmied.

"Very much." Alma said, smiling at her wife. "Come and hold me." She said, holding her arms open.

Johnnie happily obliged, pulling her close. Alma ran her hands down Johnnie's muscular back. She kissed Alma's neck, and then worked her way down Alma's chest to her breasts. She ran her tongue around the nipple and gently grazed it, causing Alma to hiss.

"Sensitive." Johnnie said as she lifted them. "They're getting bigger, too. Just three months to go, baby. We're in the home stretch." Johnnie lowered her hand to Alma's protruding belly and felt the baby kick. She chuckled. "Champ can tell that mami is getting excited."

"Yeah, and you better do something about it." Alma warned. "This baby really makes a fuss when I get horny. If I can't sleep, you won't sleep. Got it?"

"Yes dear." Johnnie playfully sighed. Then she began to worship Alma's body with her mouth and tongue.

The End

I hope that you enjoyed this story. Thank you for taking the time to read it.


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