Murder Has Two Faces

Part 10


Tonya S. Coley


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Warning: Chapter 20 contains a scene of marital rape near the end. Although not graphic, those who are sensitive to this subject matter may chose to skip over it.



Chapter 19



Alma was in the kitchen making coffee and talking with Tori when the doorbell rang. "I’ll get it." She said, taking her cup with her. When she opened the door, a man who was not familiar stood there. "May I help you?"

"Alma Martinez?" The man asked.

"Yes." She answered.

"This is for you." The man said as he handed her an envelope.

Alma looked at him curiously before taking it. "Uhm, thank you."

Johnnie walked up behind her. "Who was that?"

Alma turned around. "I don’t know, but he gave me this." She held up the envelope.

"Baby, that’s a subpoena." Johnnie told her as she took Alma’s cup so she could open it. "Bob never said that he was calling you."

Tori walked into the living room. "What’s going on?"

When Alma opened it, she gasped. "I am being called as a witness for the prosecution."

"What?" Johnnie roared. "That son of a bitch." She ran over to the phone to call Bob.

"Oh shit." Tori added.

Ceecee rushed in. "What happened?

Alma held up the subpoena with tears in her eyes, unable to speak.

"Abbott has called her to testify against Johnnie." Tori informed her.

Johnnie was livid. She managed to reach Bob on his cell phone.

"Johnnie, calm down. I found out about it first thing and I am on my way right now to Judge O’Connell’s chambers." He informed her.

"What is that bastard up to?" Johnnie asked, anger seeping from every pore on her body.

He sighed. "I don’t know, but just in case make sure that Alma is prepared for this."

"Bob, you know Alma is pregnant. I don’t know how she will react if that asshole gets heavy handed with her. I don’t want her upset. She has been through enough." She growled.

"I’m going to do all I can to stop this. I won’t make any guarantees. Get her ready Johnnie, just in case." He said, and then hung up.

"Damn it!" Johnnie yelled.

Alma was in tears when Johnnie’s attention turned back to her. You have got to settle down, Green. She is terrified and she needs you now. Johnnie counted to ten, took a deep breath and walked over to where Alma was sitting. She kneeled in front of her, taking Alma’s hands into her own. "Baby, listen to me, ok?" Alma nodded as tears flowed freely from her eyes. "Bob said that you might have to testify. You can do it, Alma. Just answer his questions and you will do fine."

"I don’t want to, Johnnie. I can’t do it." Alma tearfully told her.

Johnnie cupped Alma’s face with her hands, gently wiping away Alma’s tears with her thumb. "We are in this thing together, remember? You have nothing to worry about. There is nothing that he can get out of this that he doesn’t already have."


"Your Honor, this is ridiculous. What does Mr. Abbott think he is doing? She is Ms. Green’s wife for Pete’s sake." Bob said.

"The state does not recognize their union, Your Honor." Abbott countered. "She is no more Ms. Green’s wife than she is mine."

"They have been living together in the same house for over six years, Your Honor. They have been living together as a married couple, and have even had a private commitment ceremony." Bob added.

"That makes no difference in the state of North Carolina. They, Your Honor, are not married." Abbott stated, placing emphasis on his last three words.

Bob tried to counter, but the Judge stopped him.

"Mr. Wooten, you do have a valid point. Unfortunately, I will have to rule in favor of Mr. Abbott." The judge told him. "I don’t know if this state will ever recognize same sex marriages. Jesse Helms was this state’s senator until he decided to retire, even when he made no bones about his contempt for gays and lesbians or people of color for that matter. The powers that be hold all the cards here. It’s a damned shame, too. Not all North Carolinians feel that way." He paused thoughtfully for a moment. "Now gentlemen, let’s proceed with this case."


Johnnie and Alma, followed by Tori and Ceecee, made their way through the sea of reporters as they entered the courtroom. ‘No comment’ was all Johnnie would say as the reporters hurled a barrage of questions at her. After entering the courtroom, Alma embraced Johnnie. She could feel Alma shaking as she held her, so she whispered reassurances in her ear until Rosa took Alma to her seat. Johnnie had called Rosa and told her what Alma might have to do.

"Mija, it will be ok." Rosa whispered. "You won’t do anything to hurt Johnnie. Miguel tells me that they know everything you know."

"Mami, I don’t trust that Abbott. He is bad news." Alma revealed. "I have a bad feeling about this." She wrapped her arms around herself in efforts to stop trembling.

Johnnie sat at the defense table waiting for Bob to come out with the ruling. When she saw him enter, she could see that it was bad news. She stood and walked with him to where Alma was.

"Alma, I’m sorry but you are going to have to testify." He told her.

"No, Bob. Please God, no." Alma said as her stomach churned. "I can’t do it."

"Relax Alma." Bob said as he rubbed her shoulder. "All you have to do is answer his questions. He’ll probably ask you about Johnnie’s condition before she left and after she got home that night." He paused. "Anyway, it will be further along in the case when he calls you."

"That’s right. No need to worry about it now, baby." Johnnie said, placing a kiss on Alma’s forehead.

Jonas Peters was recalled to the stand for cross-examination. Bob stood, with a file in his hand, and walked over to the witness stand. "Good morning, Mr. Peters."

"Good morning." Peters responded.

"You testified yesterday that you had been Mayor Ballantine’s assistant for 11 years. Is that correct?" Bob asked.

"Yes." Peters answered.

Bob continued. "So, you would have first hand information on the dealings of the mayor. Is that a fair statement?"

Feeling the need to cover his own interests, and not knowing where Bob was going with this line of questioning, Peters decided to be very careful in his answers. "I was privy to all information that the mayor wanted me to have, but not all of his dealings."

Ah, protecting your own ass, I see. Bob smiled. "Alright, Mr. Peters. Were you privy to the so-called information that Mayor Ballantine had on my client?"

"Some of it." He answered.

Bob held up the file. "Is this the file that the mayor had on my client?"

Peters looked at it. "It could be. I’m not sure."

"Well, let’s have a look." Bob offered. "Hmm, for a major investigation this file is pretty thin. Wouldn’t you agree, Mr. Peters?"

Peters shifted uncomfortably in his chair. "We were in the middle of the investigation. Unfortunately, we were unable to complete it."

"This file contains Ms. Green’s personnel record; the number of arrests she made, trials that she has testified in, cases she and her partner solved. It also has her numerous commendations and awards, and contains her financial record." Bob told him. "Have you seen this file before, Mr. Peters, or is this something that you were not privy to?" He added, to put Peters back in his place.

"That is a file that I have seen." A chastised Peters admitted.

"Then you have also seen the report that is included, written by the investigator that the mayor hired as well?" Bob demanded.

"Objection, Your Honor. The defense did not turn this over to us during discovery." Abbott said.

"I beg to differ, Mr. Abbott. It was turned over with everything else." Bob countered. "I have a signed receipt by one of your assistants. Everything is catalogued."

He retrieved the receipt from his briefcase and saw that the file was indeed listed. "I withdraw my objection, Your Honor." He conceded, and then glared at the younger of his assistants.

"This report was dated three weeks before the mayor’s death. Could you read the highlighted portions for the court?" Bob asked as he handed the file over to Peters.

Peters cleared his throat. "In our opinion, Mr. Ballantine, Ms. Green’s finances are above reproach. We could find nothing that indicated that her wealth was amassed by any means other than land and property holdings and sound financial investments." He paused. "Michael Burns, Burns Investigations."

"Why did the mayor continue his investigation of Ms. Green?" Bob asked.

Peters was caught off guard. Damn you to hell, Alex. "There were other aspects that he was investigating, too."

"Like her work record, for example? Bob inquired. "Let me see, I think Burns Investigations has something in here about that, too." Bob turned to another page in the report. "Ah yes, here it is. Would you be so kind as to read the highlighted portion of this for the jury, please?"

"We have analyzed Ms. Green’s work record and could find no improprieties, nor anything to lead us to believe that she was involved in organized crime. Michael Burns, Burns Investigations." Peters read.

"You testified that you were in the middle of an investigation, when it appears that you had hit a dead end." Bob stated. "If your investigator told you that there was nothing on Ms. Green, why did the mayor continue to make false allegations against my client?"

"I have no idea." Peters told him.

"Are you telling this court that you had no prior knowledge of this report, Mr. Peters?" Bob asked, arching an eyebrow in disbelief.

"I didn’t know." Peters said.

Bob could tell that he was being less than truthful. "Is it a fact that this isn’t the first time that Mayor Ballantine has gone after my client?"

"I don’t recall." Peters said, stone faced.

Bob smiled. "Let me refresh your memory. Nine years ago, when the mayor took office, he vowed that he would eliminate gays and lesbians from all civil service jobs. He went on a witch-hunt then, too. He managed to force many to resign. Is that correct?"

Peters got even more nervous. "That was his platform. It is what helped him win the election. He had to fulfill his duty."

Bob stared at him. "Yes or no, Mr. Peters."

"Yes." He said.

"Johnetta Green was one of those who would not be intimidated by the mayor. He was unable to force her to resign. That made him very angry, didn’t it?" Bob insisted.

"Objection. Calls for speculation, Your Honor." Abbott said.

"Withdrawn." Bob said before the judge could rule. "One more question, Mr. Peters. Burns Investigations is the number two investigations firm in the southeast, correct?"

"Yes." Peters said.

"With an important investigation like this, why wouldn’t the mayor hire the best?" Bob asked.

Peters took interest in his tie. "He couldn’t."

"Why is that?" Bob asked, exaggerating interest for the benefit of the jury.

Peters sighed. "Because the number one firm in the southeast is Green and Associates."

Bob smiled. "Nothing further."

"The witness is excused. Mr. Abbott, you may call your next witness." The judge said.

Abbott was fuming because he was made to look like a first year law student. He looked at his witness list and decided to make a change. "I wish to change that order of my witnesses, Your Honor. The people call Alma Martinez to the stand.

Alma gasped and she felt her stomach knot up. Rosa took Alma’s hand. "Mija, it’s alright. Do as Johnnie says and just answer the questions."

Johnnie leaned over to Bob. "Can he do that?"

Bob sighed. "It is his right."

Tori stood to give Alma access to the aisle. "It’s gonna be ok, Alma. Just take it easy."

Alma nodded, then made her way to the witness stand. She was terrified, thinking that she would say something that could be used to hurt Johnnie. She had seen enough court TV shows to know that lawyers would twist a person’s words to their advantage.

After Alma was sworn in, Abbott walked over to the stand and gave her one of his fake smiles. This is going to be good. "Good morning, Ms. Martinez."

She could barely look at him. "Good morning."

"I won’t keep you here long. I know that this will be painful for you, but I would like for you to tell us about the events that took place after your son’s funeral." He requested.

"I’ll try." Alma said. "Johnnie and I had just buried our son…"

Abbott immediately interrupted. "Your honor, could you instruct the witness not to refer to her son as their son?"

"Bob, can he do that?" Johnnie asked.

"I’m sorry to say, he can." He told her.

Johnnie sat back in her chair as if the wind had been knocked out of her. This did not go unnoticed by Alma.

"Ms. Martinez, do as Mr. Abbott asks." The judge instructed.

"Yes sir." Alma said, feeling as hurt as Johnnie was. Alma thought for a second, trying to figure out a way to answer his question and not hurt Johnnie. "After the funeral, the mayor came up to us with members of the press pretending to be extending his sympathies." She paused.

After a few seconds, Abbott spoke. "Could you continue, Ms. Martinez?"

Alma remained silent.

"Permission to treat this witness as hostile, Your Honor." Abbott requested.

The judge thought for a moment. "Granted."

Abbott smirked as his demeanor changed. He became more aggressive. "What happened after he approached you with the press?"

Alma started to cry, which infuriated Johnnie. Johnnie grasped the arms of her chair, trying to control herself.

"He approached us all smug and arrogant. Johnnie got angry." She said between her tears. "Johnnie jumped on him."

"Why would she do that?" He asked, growing even more hostile.

Tracy watched in disbelief as Johnnie started moving the arms of her chair with ease. He nudged Laura. "Look at what Johnnie is doing to that chair."

Laura glanced at Johnnie’s chair. "Oh shit." She whispered. She knew that Johnnie was about to blow.

Alma’s face began to pale. She was feeling dizzy and her nausea was returning.

"Why did she attack the mayor?" He angrily demanded. "What right did she have to do that, Ms. Martinez?" He yelled. "It was you that lost your son, not her."

"Objection, Your Honor. Mr. Abbott is out of line." Bob shouted.

Abbott was relentless. He continued his tirade. Alma’s hand went up to her face, wiping away the beads of sweat that had formed there.

The judge banged his gavel. "You are out of control, Mr. Abbott."

Johnnie’s anger had taken over. "Leave her alone, you son of a bitch." She roared as she ripped the arms off her chair. She stood up and rushed toward Abbott.

"No, Johnnie, don’t." Alma screamed.

Bob and one of the bailiffs managed to reach Johnnie before she could get to Abbott. "She’s been through enough." Johnnie yelled. "It’s me you want to destroy. Just leave her alone."

"Remove that woman from the courtroom." An incensed Judge O’Connell ordered, pointing his gavel at Johnnie.

The cameras were rolling and the photographers were taking pictures, while some reports ran quickly form the courtroom to call in the breaking news to their respective papers. When the judge excused Alma from the stand, she immediately ran into Tori’s arms sobbing uncontrollably. When she was finally able to speak, it was in Spanish.

"Calm down, Alma." Tori whispered. "I don’t understand what you are saying."

Fortunately Ceecee was fluent in Spanish, and translated what Alma was saying to Tori. "She says that it was all her fault. Johnnie lost her temper because she was so weak." She said as she rubbed her hand against Alma’s back in efforts to comfort her.

Tori cupped Alma’s face in her hands. "Alma, listen to me. It was not your fault. That was probably the bastards plan the entire time. He couldn’t get anything new from your testimony. He must have wanted the jury to see her temper, so he used you. It isn’t your fault."

Ceecee noticed the smug look on Abbott’s face. She dared not to say anything to Tori for fear of what she might do.

Judge O’Connell cleared the courtroom and called a recess until 10 am, the next morning. He then ordered Abbott to meet him in his chambers.


Bob and the bailiff escorted Johnnie into a conference room. Bob then asked the bailiff to leave them alone.

"That son of a bitch!" Johnnie yelled, kicking a chair over. "Damn him!"

"You have to calm down, Johnnie." Bob told her. "This isn’t doing anyone any good."

After a few minutes, Johnnie managed to calm herself. She paced back and forth with her hands in her pockets. "I’m sorry, Bob. I know I just made your job a lot harder."

He looked at her, noticing that it took everything she had to settle down. "Johnnie, I know you didn’t mean to lose it. You lost control because he was upsetting your wife." He paused. "I was incensed myself."

"Why did he go after her like that?" She asked, pleading for some sort of answer to make sense to her.

"It’s my fault." He answered. "I should have seen this coming. He called Alma to the stand so that the jury could see your temper."

There was a knock on the door. The bailiff stuck his head inside. "Judge O’Connell wants you in his chambers right away."

Bob sighed. "Johnnie, I’ll be back as soon as I can. Wait here for me, alright?"

"Yes, Bob." She said as she sat down. What in the fuck am I going to do now? Admit it, you blew it Green. I wonder if Alma is ok. I bet she is pissed off at me.

Abbott met Bob just as he was about to enter the judge’s chambers. Bob glared at him while Abbott smirked. Bob opened the door and entered.

Judge O’Connell was removing his robe. He was absolutely furious. He allowed both men to enter and take their seats before he spoke. "Mr. Abbott, I have been on the bench for 35 years. In those 35 years I have never seen the incorrigible and underhanded tactics that I witnessed today. If I had known that was the reason you wanted Ms. Martinez to be called as a witness I never would have allowed it. How dare you do that in my courtroom?"

Abbott realized that he had crossed the wrong judge. "Your Honor, I was only trying…"

"Not another word, Mr. Abbott." The judge interrupted, face red with anger. "If you speak, I will hold you in contempt. As for the stunt you pulled, I will be calling you up before the review board."

Abbott slammed his jaw shut. Although he saw nothing wrong in what he did, he dared not challenge the judge about it. I wonder if he is going to revoke that animal’s bail? She should be kept on a leash. Better not ask him, though.

Judge O’Connell turned his attention to Bob. "Now as for you, Mr. Wooten, you are going to have to get your client under control." He warned. "Although I understand why she lost her temper," he said, glancing back at Abbott, "this is still a court of law and she will have to conduct herself accordingly. I will not tolerate outburst such as that in my courtroom. Are we clear?"

"Yes, Your Honor." Bob answered. "Knowing my client, I am certain that she would like to address the court when we reconvene tomorrow. Does she have your permission?"

The judge was quiet, trying to calm down and lower his blood pressure. He thought for a moment. "Very well. Permission granted. That will be all for today, gentlemen."

Chapter 20

Once Tori had gotten Alma settled down, she left to seek out Johnnie. She was very concerned for her friend. She ran into one of the bailiffs that removed Johnnie from the courtroom. "Excuse me, sir. Could you tell me where Johnetta Green is?"

"She’s in conference room seven, down the hall and to the right." He told her.

"Thanks." She said as she moved past him.

You are so stupid, stupid, stupid! Johnnie berated herself. You can be such an idiot sometimes. Falling right into that rat bastard’s trap. He set your ass up good. She looked at her hands; they still trembled with rage. I hope that Alma is ok. That son of a bitch better hope that she and our baby is all right. She looked at her watch for what seemed like that hundredth time. C’mon, Bob. I need to know how Alma is.

I know that look. Tori mused, as she looked in on her friend. She is beating herself up. "Johnnie?" She said softly as she entered the conference room. "Are you alright?"

Johnnie’s head snapped up and she strode purposely toward Tori. "Where is Alma? Is she ok?"

"Calm down, Johnnie." Tori ordered, grasping her by her shoulders. "Alma is fine, she just a little shaken. She is upset with herself; she thinks that it’s her fault you lost it back there."

"She had nothing to do with it. It was a plan staged by that asshole Abbott." Johnnie sighed. "He wanted to make me look bad in front of the jury, and I fell for it."

"I know. You can’t beat yourself up about it, though. You have to move past it." Tori said. "Don’t let him take advantage. He wants you off balance."

Ceecee and Laura sat with Alma, trying to make her relax. Glenda, Mike and Tracy were off to themselves talking.

"So, what happens now?" Mike asked Glenda. "Do you think the judge might revoke Johnnie’s bail?"

"From what I could tell, O’Connell was just as outraged as the rest of us. I doubt he will do that." She assured him. Glenda then looked over at Tracy who was quiet. He looked pale, and was wavering back and forth. She put her hand on his shoulder to steady him. "Tracy, are you feeling ok?"

Tracy’s eyes looked glazed over, and he was having a hard time focusing. A sheen of sweat formed on his brow. "I’m fine, just a little dizzy. It’ll pass in a bit."

Mike studied him. "No you’re not, Tracy. I’m going to take you home. If Johnnie sees you like this, she’s gonna flip."

Tracy swallowed hard. It felt like bile was rising in his throat. "Ok, Mike. I don’t need to add to her stress, so we had better get out of here."

Abbott’s associates were wait outside the judges’ chambers. They had gathered their things, as they knew that Abbott would be ready to leave.

"What do you think he’s going to say?" The younger of the two associates asked.

The senior assistant sighed. "All depends on what kind of mood he is in when he comes out of O’Connell’s chambers. He may let it be a lesson learned, or he may bite your head off."

The door opened and Bob walked out, followed by a crimson Abbott.

"Here is your briefcase, Mr. Abbott." The senior assistant said.

The younger man was terrified at what Abbott may do to him. "I am so sorry about the miscue, sir."

Abbott took his briefcase. "Tell this amateur that his services are no longer required on this case." He angrily spat. "He can return to Raleigh, and I will deal with him when I get back." He walked away from both of them.

"I guess that’s that. I’ll start packing up my stuff and be out of there by the time he gets back." The associate whispered.

Bob had made his way back to the conference room. He smiled when he saw Tori with Johnnie because he knew that Johnnie would be climbing the walls by now if she were alone. "If you should ever tire of being a financial consultant, Johnnie should hire you as an investigator." He joked, eliciting small laughs from the women.

Tori shook her head. "No thanks. That job has too much excitement and drama for me."

"Well, you guys can get out of here. Court has been recessed until tomorrow at 10 am." He said. "O’Connell tore Abbott a new asshole. Although the damage has been done, he won’t be trying to pull any more stunts in O’Connell’s courtroom."

"Good. That slime ball deserves more than that though. He could have put Alma and the baby in danger." Johnnie said, feeling her temper rising again.

"Well, O’Connell is also bringing him up before the review board after this case is over, if that is any consolation to you." Bob added with a smirk.

"I knew that there was something about O’Connell that I liked. Glad a voted for him." Johnnie said. "Bob, I would like to apologize for my behavior. Do you think that he will let me address the court?"

"Already taken care of. I knew that you would want to apologize, so I asked him while we were in his chambers." Bob revealed as he loosened his tie. "Now go on and find Alma. Tell her that she will have to continue, but not to worry about Abbott pulling any more stunts."

Johnnie smiled, and stood up quickly. "Thanks Bob, for everything." She gave his shoulder a firm grasp and left in search of Alma.

Johnnie and Tori made their way back to the courtroom, hoping that Alma and the rest would be waiting for them there. Johnnie could see the shape that Alma was in. Rosa had given Alma a cup of water, and she could see Alma’s hands shaking as she held it to her lips. "Look at the toll all this is taking on her." Johnnie said quietly as she shook her head. "It’s killing me what this is doing to her."

Tori put her hand on Johnnie’s shoulder. "It’s taking a toll on both of you, Johnnie. You need each other’s strength to get through this."

Johnnie nodded, then walked calmly behind Alma. She leaned down and whispered into Alma’s ear. "You ok, baby?"

Alma could feel Johnnie’s presence near her, so she was not startled by the sound of her voice. She stood up and walked into Johnnie’s open arms. "Beloved, I am so sorry that I messed up. Will you forgive me?"

"Don’t say that, Alma." Johnnie whispered. "You didn’t mess up, and there is nothing to forgive. Everything is gonna be ok."

Ceecee walked over to them. "Let’s get out of here and get something to eat."

"Good idea." Johnnie said. "Let’s order in, though. I really don’t want to be out in public." She turned her attention to Rosa. How ‘bout it, Rosa? Would you like to join us?"

Rosa looked at her daughter and saw that she was going to be all right. "No, Johnnie, maybe next time. I need to get home and prepare dinner for Miguel."

She grasped Rosa’s hand. "Thank you for being here for Alma, and for me."

"Anytime." Rosa said, smiling broadly.

Johnnie looked over and saw Laura and Glenda. "What are you two still doing here?"

From the evil glares she received from the both of them, Johnnie quickly tried to recant her last statement. "I’m sorry. Please don’t yell at me." She told them, smiling.

"Waiting for you, knucklehead. We are taking Rosa home. You two get out of here. Johnnie take it easy, the piranhas from the press are waiting for you." Laura told her. "Call me later."

"Sure thing, boss lady." Johnnie said. She walked over to them, embracing them both. "Thanks for all the support."

"That wasn’t necessary, Johnnie. We’re a family, and that’s what families do." Glenda said, smiling up at her. "See you tomorrow." She said as she rubbed Johnnie’s arm.

"Tomorrow." Johnnie told them. She turned her attention back to Alma. "Come on, honey. Let’s go home." She wrapped her arm around Alma’s waist.


Laura was right. The press frenzy outside was overwhelming. They surrounded Johnnie and Alma as soon as they stepped through the doors. Johnnie remembered to keep her cool, because the press could be relentless. They hurled question after question at her. She would only say no comment and give the offending reporter a menacing glare.

There was only one reporter who did not harass them. Karen Grace stood in the background and watched her colleagues question Johnnie and Alma to no end. "Those poor women." She whispered.

They finally made it to the truck. Tori decided that she would drive. Johnnie and Alma settled in the back seat.

Alma snuggled impossibly close to Johnnie, and quietly sobbed. Ceecee reached back with a pack of tissues. Johnnie took them and handed them to Alma.

Johnnie felt helpless. For the first time in a long time, she was not in control. She was falling apart inside. It tore her apart whenever Alma cried. She stroked Alma’s hair, and whispered soothing words to her. She could feel Alma calming down.

Tori would glance occasionally in the rear view mirror. These are not the same people that I know and love. She looked at them, so sullen and full of despair. It affected her deeply. A tear slowly ran down her cheek.

Ceecee looked over at her, and saw the emotion Tori was experiencing. She put her hand over Tori’s, giving it a gentle squeeze, letting her know that she understood her pain.

The ride was quiet. Tori turned onto the street leading up to the house. "Shit!" She yelled.

Johnnie looked up. "Damn it. Will this ever stop?" She asked angrily, looking up at the swarm of reporters in the front yard of their home. "Ceecee, get my gun out of the glove box."

"No, please don’t." Alma begged. "Johnnie don’t do that. It’s not going to help matters any."

Johnnie looked into Alma’s tearful eyes, and quickly came back to her senses. She touched her cheek. "Let’s just get in the house." She told them.

Johnnie opened her door, and the reporters descended on her. Alma sat frozen, as flashes of the day Phillip died passed before her eyes. Johnnie turned to take Alma’s hand, and she saw the horrified look on her face. It occurred to her what caused Alma to get in that state. Anger reared its ugly head again, and Johnnie closed the door. She turned to the press.

"I’m going to give one statement." She told them. The crowd hushed to hear her. "I’m going to call the police. You are trespassing on private property. You have one minute to get off of my property. Anyone still here after that time will be placed under citizens arrest." She took out her cell phone and held it up for the reporters to see. Knowing that she meant every word she said, the crowd dispersed.

Johnnie got back in the truck. "Baby, I know what that did to you. I’m sorry." She whispered.

Alma smiled, half-heartedly, at her. She touched Johnnie’s cheek. "Thank you for not overreacting."

Johnnie smiled at her. "Let’s go inside."

After eating an early dinner, Alma and Johnnie cleaned the kitchen. When they finished, they had decided to call it a night, just as their houseguests had done. Upon their ascent into the living room, they heard muffled cries of pleasure emanating from the guest bedroom. They smiled at each other as they headed down the hallway into their bedroom.

After Johnnie closed the door, she took Alma in her arms. She leaned down, placing her lips over Alma’s. Alma allowed Johnnie’s tongue passage, and they were swept, as if in a hurricane, into full and unbridled passion.

Tracy was taking a shower, when a wave of dizziness coursed through his body.

As Johnnie walked from the bathroom, drying herself off, she saw Alma sitting on the bed applying her after bath lotion. She stopped by the dresser, opened the drawer, and retrieved "little J". She was strapped when Alma noticed her. She smiled at Johnnie, and slid back on the bed.

Tracy groaned, and steadied himself by placing his palms on the shower wall. His head was spinning, and he nearly lost balance again. He tried to call out to Mark, but he was unable to make a sound. It was as if he were in a thick fog, unable to make his way through. He managed to slide the shower door open, and step out. He made his way to the sink, seeking it blindly so he would not fall. Not bothering to dry himself off, he opened the door, and staggered towards the bed. He was confused, because the light was on, but it was as if he were walking in darkness.

When he reached the bed, he just could see Mark, who was lying on his stomach. Tracy noticed that he was getting a hard on. He involuntarily reached for his massive ten inches, and began to stroke it. He slowly pulled the covers from over his lover’s waist.

Johnnie hovered over Alma’s arching body. She showered her with kisses and filled her ears with declarations of love. She kissed her neck, and then moved to suckle Alma’s nipples. Johnnie made circles around the areolas, driving Alma wild with her teasing.

"Please, beloved." Alma begged. "I need you, make love to me now."

Johnnie smiled, as she sat back on her haunches, sliding "little J" against Alma’s throbbing center of need. She coated the head with Alma’s already flowing juices. She placed the head inside, and slowly slid in.

Alma gasped, "Oh my God. Umm, Johnnie…"

"Oh God!" Mark screamed, as a stabbing pain ran up his spine and then back down to his legs.

Tracy was on Mark’s back, growling like a wild animal, penetrating him. His thrusts were powerful. Mark tried to turn over, but Tracy had his forearm planted across his shoulders.

"Tracy, my God, what are you doing?" He asked between his sobs. "You’re hurting me."

Tracy could barely hear or see what was going on. He knew that something was wrong from the way Mark screamed. Suddenly, there was silence, and complete darkness.

Johnnie’s thrusts were strong, being fueled by Alma’s cries of pleasure. Johnnie had Alma’s legs draped over her shoulders, as she hammered the dildo into Alma’s aching folds. Johnnie’s hair was matted across her back and shoulders, as sweat dripped from the tip of her nose onto Alma’s heaving chest.

"Gods Alma, you are incredible." Johnnie huskily whispered. "Do you want more?"

"Si, Si, mami." Alma hissed.

Johnnie leered at her. She braced her legs, locking her toes against the bed, and leaned into Alma.

"Oh God, help me." Alma screamed.

Johnnie continued her assault. Her heart nearly pounded out of her chest, as she saw Alma’s eyes roll back in her head. She licked Alma’s calf, down to the bend of her knee, flicking her tongue all the way. Alma moaned and called her lover’s name.

"Baby, I’m coming." Alma warned.

"Oh no you don’t, Mrs. Green." Johnnie told her, pulling out of her. She backed up, turning Alma over on her stomach. She lifted Alma onto her hands and knees, and entered her from behind.

"Shit, oh my…" Alma hissed, nearly out of breath.

Tracy was lying on his back. He felt Mark shift on the bed. Tracy’s head was pounding. He could not remember what happened. He reached out for Mark, but he recoiled from his touch.

"Mark, what is it, love?" He asked unaware of what happened moments before.

"Don’t touch me, Tracy. Not now." Mark whispered.

Tracy sat up, grasping his head. He noticed a small amount of blood on his penis and pubic hair.

"Mark, what happened?" Tracy asked.

Mark looked at him, with tears in his eyes. "You don’t know what you did to me?" He could see the look of total confusion on his lover’s face.

"What did I do to you, Mark?" Tracy asked, his heart heavy.

Mark rolled onto his side, not facing Tracy. "You took me, Tracy. You hurt me." He told him, unable to hold back his tears.

Alma was draped across Johnnie’s body. Their breathing steadied, as Johnnie stroked Alma’s back.

"Johnnie, that was intense. We haven’t gone at each other like that in a long time." Alma whispered.

Johnnie smiled. "Didn’t think the old gal had it in her, eh?"

Alma stroked Johnnie’s face. "I wouldn’t call you an ‘old gal’. Quite the contrary." She told her as she snuggled her. "I’d say you have the energy of a woman in her twenties."

"A woman in her twenties, eh?" Johnnie chuckled. "I don’t think you would have been able to bear me when I was in my twenties. I had a voracious sexual appetite."

"A horn dog? Really?" Alma playfully asked.

"If I wasn’t so tired, I would show you exactly how much of a horn dog I was." She whispered.

"Well, my love, there’s always tomorrow night." Alma said, arching her eyebrows.

"I think I can handle a return engagement." Johnnie told her, kissing her forehead. "Goodnight, my wife."

"Goodnight, beloved." Alma said.

Tracy could not believe his ears, as Mark recounted the events of the attack. Tracy started to cry.

"Mark, I don’t know what to say. I hurt you, and I’m sorry. But as God is my witness, I do not remember doing that horrible thing to you." He softly told him. "I love you, Mark. I would never willingly hurt you."

"What happened to you, Tracy?" Mark asked. "I begged you to stop, but it was like you weren’t listening."

"Mark, you may not believe me, but I wasn’t aware of what was going on." He whispered. "I remember being in the shower, and I felt dizzy. I tried to call out for you, but I couldn’t. I managed to get out of the shower, but after that it’s all a haze. I thought I heard you screaming, and after that, I was in total darkness."

He moved to walk to Mark’s side of the bed. "Please Mark, forgive me. I don’t know what’s happening to me." He paused, and fell to his knees. "I’ll move out tomorrow."

Mark propped himself up on his elbow. "That might be for the best; at least until we can figure out what’s going on with you." He whispered, as tears fell from his eyes.

"I’ll sleep in the guest bedroom." Tracy said. He looked at Mark, wanting to hold him and comfort him but dared not to. He stood up, and walked towards the door. "Mark, I’m going to lock this door. I’m so sorry, baby." He left.

Mark curled up into a fetal position, and cried himself to sleep.

To be continued in Part 11

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