Murder Has Two Faces

Part 8 By Tonya S. Coley




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Chapter 15


As Johnnie made her way home, she went over the confrontation she and Maddie had in Vanessa’s office. If Maddie and I had ended on better terms, would she have moved on with her life? Am I the cause of her bitterness? She began to feel guilty about what she did. She had no regrets about leaving, only the way she left.

When she got home, she found Alma and Diana in the back yard. Alma had the

grill set up, waiting for Pizo’s return from the store. Johnnie kissed Diana on her forehead and then wrapped her arms around Alma, cupping her belly. Alma turned around in Johnnie’s arms and gave her a passionate kiss.

"While you two play tonsil hockey, I think I’ll take a trip to the bathroom." Diana said as she struggled to get up. Johnnie quickly went to her aid. "Thanks, Johnnie."

"You are quite welcome." Johnnie said, giving her a warm smile as she watched her waddle back into the house.

Alma walked over to her, and she and Johnnie resumed their kiss. Johnnie cupped Alma’s buttocks as the kiss intensified. Alma’s lips left Johnnie’s and began to peruse her neck.

"Mmm, baby, that feels so good." Johnnie rasped. "I needed that." She paused, enjoying the feel of Alma’s mouth on her neck. "Sorry I’m a little late in getting home."

Alma looked into dark brown eyes. "I figured you would be." She smirked. "That’s why I sent Pizo to the store."

"Good looking out, baby." Johnnie whispered, pulling her closer.

"How did the meeting go?" She asked as she twirled Johnnie’s ponytail in her hand. She noticed the sullen look that washed over Johnnie’s face. "What’s wrong, beloved?"

Johnnie attempted to shake the feeling of guilt away from her. She sighed. "Do you remember the woman that was with Maddie at the steakhouse?"

"Yeah. She seemed to be respectable. I was wondering what she would be doing with a bitch like Maddie." She said. "What about her?"

"That’s who I met. I didn’t know it was her until I saw her in her office." Johnnie said softly. "She’s a psychiatrist."

Alma was confused. "Why did she want to meet with you? Does she need tips on how to handle her?" Sarcasm dripped from Alma’s tone.

Johnnie placed her hands on Alma’s shoulders, gently kneading them. "It wasn’t like that, baby. She is Maddie’s shrink, not her lover."

"She is in desperate need of help." Alma snidely remarked. "Just what does this have to do with you, though?"

Johnnie took Alma by the hand and they walked over to the chaise lounger. They sat down and Johnnie told her about what happened at Dr. Bell’s office. She regretted having to tell her. Johnnie knew that Alma hated Maddie with a passion, and didn’t know how she would react.

After listening to the whole story, she took Johnnie’s hand into her own. "Are you okay, sweetheart?

Johnnie was stunned. She thought Alma would be upset with her for even talking to her. "Not really. I feel bad for the way I ended things with her; like the way she acts is partially my fault."

"Querida, how you left wasn’t really right, but you can’t blame yourself for how Maddie is." Alma said softly. "I know you did everything that you could to hold that relationship together. You are not the type to walk out for no reason, I can attest to that. All the hell that we have been through, you never abandoned me." Alma sighed. "You’ve done all you can for her now. The rest is up to her."

"I hope that she can work this out. I don’t want to see anyone unhappy." She admitted.

"That’s why I love you so much. You have a big heart and you’re very sensitive." She smiled and kissed her cheek.

Johnnie looked down at her, arching an eyebrow. "Just don’t let it get around. It will ruin my rep."

Pizo opened the patio door and held a huge sandwich in one hand, and was leading Diana out with the other.

Johnnie looked up and started laughing. "Pizo, you greedy bastard, can’t you wait until dinner?"

"Kiss my ass, J." He shot back. "This is Diana’s sandwich, not mine."

Johnnie blushed. "Oh, sorry." She stood up to embrace her friend. "Do you mind firing up the grill for me? I need to change."

"Sure, J. Wouldn’t want you to get that suit of yours dirty." He quipped.

"Well, we have two pregnant women here, and I’m sure they are ready to eat." Johnnie said, wondering if their guests would catch on.

"Two? What do you mean two?" Pizo asked. As if a light bulb had gone off, he then began to grin. "You dog." He said as he embraced her, and then Alma. Looking at Alma, he began to laugh. "I warned you about that raging libido of hers."

Alma swatted him playfully on the arm. "Don’t you two get started."

"Please, we need to eat soon. I don’t know about Alma, but I am starved." Diana added as she gobbled down the rest of her sandwich.

Johnnie watched the amazing feat with her mouth hung open. Alma just grinned.

"You know that your food bill is going to double, right?" Pizo asked, looking at his ever-expanding wife.

"Yeah, I remember." Johnnie said, and then gulped audibly. "All the weird combinations of food, too." She shuddered.

"Oh, no," Alma said as she looked at the evening paper. "Johnnie is going to flip, I just know it."

"What is it, Alma?" Diana asked as she walked over toward her.

Alma handed the paper over to Diana. "Oh, shit. Johnnie is going to hit the ceiling."

Pizo walked into the kitchen and saw the pained expressions on his wife’s and friend’s faces. "What’s going on?"

Diana handed the paper to Pizo and sat down. Alma paced the kitchen as he read the headline.

"Can she ever catch a break?" He spat as he threw the paper onto the table. "How are we going to tell her?"

"I say we leave the paper for her to find while we go to another part of the city." Diana said jokingly, trying to lighten the mood.

Alma picked up the paper, shaking her head as she read the headline again. "I’ll tell her." She said as she walked toward their bedroom. She stood at the door and took a deep breath. When she opened the door, Johnnie was sitting on the bed lacing her Reeboks. Johnnie looked up and saw Alma, and then saw the perturbed look on her face.

"What is it, baby?" She asked, looking curiously at her. Johnnie noticed the newspaper that she was holding. I don’t fucking believe this. She thought. "Let me guess. The scene at the restaurant made the front page, didn’t it?"

"Yes, beloved." Alma sighed. "It seems that it has."

Johnnie lowered her head and clasped her hands. When will this nightmare end? She could feel the roar building in the pit of her stomach. Hold it together, Green. Alma doesn’t need this. She held out her hand for Alma to give her the newspaper. Alma hesitated before giving it to her. Johnnie read the headline: DA Marshall removed from Green Murder Trial. She read further: Madelyn Marshall, District Attorney for New Hanover County, has been removed from the Green trial because of a past relationship with the accused. She couldn’t read anymore, she folded the newspaper and slammed it down on the bed. "This is just great." Johnnie hissed as she held her head in her hands.

Alma could see the tension in Johnnie’s body increase. She moved to sit on the bed beside her, placing her hand on her back. "Johnnie, baby this is just a setback. It would have come out eventually anyway." She assured her as she rubbed soft circles against Johnnie’s back in efforts to relax her.

Johnnie could feel the tension leaving her body due to Alma’s gentle touch. "I know, baby. I just didn’t want it to be sensationalized." She told her, looking into Alma’s eyes. "This is turning into a circus. How can I get a fair shake with all this unnecessary bullshit going on around me?"

Alma cupped Johnnie’s cheek. "Honey, the facts will prevail in this case. The media is feeding off of this stuff to sell papers and keep viewers interested." She kissed her gently on the cheek. "Try not to worry about all this. It will end soon."


"So, you’ve gotten everything on Ballantine, eh?" Pizo asked as he drank his beer.

Johnnie sighed and looked off into the sunset. "Yeah, that bastard was a dirty as they come." She took a sip of her beer. "I still don’t understand why he would harass and destroy people’s lives knowing how many skeletons he had in his closet."

"He was a self-righteous son of a bitch, that’s for damned sure." He added. "If it were me doing all that stuff, I wouldn’t have stirred up as much trouble as he did. I would have kept as much attention away from myself as I possibly could."

Johnnie walked over to the grill, and turned the steaks. "Look at how he nearly destroyed Tracy’s life. You know, he is still haunted by that."

"Damn, I had no idea. Are you sure?" He asked.

"I believe so." Johnnie said. "He was depressed yesterday when I saw him. I asked him what was wrong and he told me." She paused. "That prick Ballantine is still fucking with people even from his grave." She brought her beer to her lips to take another drink but realized it was empty. Pizo tossed her another one. "I just hope that Tracy can bounce back from all this."

Pizo nodded in agreement. "He can make it, J. He is trying hard to put those things in the past. You giving him a fresh start has helped him, and he has Mark in his life."


Tracy sat on his living room sofa, massaging his temples trying to ward off another headache. He started to moan as the pain increased.

Mark walked past the living room on his way to the kitchen. He stopped when he heard Tracy moaning. Walking quickly back to the living room, he stood in front of his partner. "Tracy? Honey, are you ok?"

Tracy groaned. "Yeah, I’m ok. It’s just these damned headaches." He paused. "Could you get me a couple of aspirin, love?"

"Sure baby, right away." Mark told him as he rushed toward the bathroom. He quickly returned with the bottle and a glass of water. He could clearly see the grimace on his lover’s face. This must be a bad one.

"Thanks." Tracy said as the opened the bottle taking four tablets out, swallowing them and then the water.

Mark being much shorter and smaller than the burly Tracy wedged himself between Tracy’s back and the back of the sofa. He began to massage Tracy’s neck and shoulders.

"Oh, yeah, that feels good." Tracy moaned.

"My goodness, you are so tense." Mark acknowledged as he manipulated the muscles beneath his hands. "It’s a wonder they didn’t seize up on you."

"Yeah, I know." Tracy said as he reveled in Mark’s ministrations. He could feel the tension being released from stressful shoulders. That and the aspirin eased his headache.

"Just relax, baby." Mark whispered.

The throbbing in Tracy’s head started moving to another part of his anatomy. Mark took notice of the bulge that was growing in Tracy’s pants. "Looks like another part of you needs massaging, love."

Tracy blushed. "Uhm, yeah I guess it does."

Mark moved to kneel in front of Tracy. He took Tracy’s member from inside his boxers. Tracy hissed at the feel of Mark’s hand on him, and moaned as he felt the heat of his mouth.


Alma moved from between Johnnie’s legs up to lie beside her. They had made love, but Alma could tell that something weighed heavily on her mind. Not that the sex wasn’t good, it was just that Johnnie was not as vocal and passionate as usual. She placed her thigh over Johnnie’s and laid her head on Johnnie’s chest. She felt Johnnie’s arm wrap around her shoulder. "What’s wrong beloved?" She tenderly asked.

Johnnie sighed deeply. "I’m worried, Alma. I don’t know how much time I have left with you. How many more nights will I be able to hold you and make love to you?" She kissed the top of Alma’s head.

"Don’t think like that, baby. You are innocent, and it will all come out in the trial." Alma said definitively.

"I know I didn’t do it, but it’s gonna be hard for me to prove it. My prints are on the murder weapon, and I attacked him at Phillip’s funeral." She said.

Alma propped herself up on her elbow and looked into Johnnie’s eyes, touching her cheek. "Honey, no one can blame you for how you reacted at the funeral. He was showboating for the press. Anyone with common sense will see that."

Johnnie sat up and looked down at Alma. "You’re gonna have to face facts, Alma. I may be convicted." She paused, and looked away. "I just hope that if I am, that death will come quickly. I can’t live without you or the baby."

"Stop it, stop it." Alma yelled. She crawled over so that she could be face to face with Johnnie. "You can’t give up, I won’t let you. Do you hear me, Johnetta Green?" She demanded as tears ran down her cheeks, grasping Johnnie’s chin in her hand to force eye contact. "You are innocent. You have to fight. Fight for me. Fight for us. Fight for our baby, your Little One."

Johnnie knew that she was wallowing in self-pity. Alma’s tears made her understand that she couldn’t surrender, that she had to do everything in her power to prove her innocence. She wiped away Alma’s tears. "I’m sorry, love. These feelings of defeat that I have will not keep me from doing what I know I have to do. I’m going to fight for all of us." She smiled at her. "The pity party is over and I’m taking the gloves off. You won’t lose me, I promise you."


Johnnie showed up at the precinct the next day. She received stares from her former fellow officers as she made her way to Pizo’s desk. Drew Best saw her coming and beat a hasty retreat. Pizo looked up and saw her walking purposefully toward him.

"What’s up, J?" He asked.

"Hey, Pizo." She said as she sat on the edge of her desk. "I have an idea, and I wonder if you think the Captain will go along with it?"

"Tell me what it is, first." He said. Johnnie leaned in close to Pizo so she could whisper the idea. He listened intently as a feral grin formed on his face. She finished telling him of her plan. "J, you are a genius. That just may work."

They went into Captain Hill’s office and Johnnie told him of her plan. He was reluctant, because it was against regulations, but because of Johnnie’s credentials he figured that they could get around them. "Do this by the book. No fuck ups, you two." He ordered.

Pizo had Mary sent up from her cell. She was waiting in the interrogation room. Pizo went in alone, while Johnnie watched through the two-way mirror.

"Mary Hansen, I am Detective Pizo Petrillo." He told her.

"Is that supposed to mean something to me?" She asked indignantly, leaning back in her chair.

Pizo smiled at her. My, we are arrogant. Let’s see how tough you are when J gets in here. "I have a few questions for you. It won’t take too much time from your busy schedule." He said sarcastically. "Do you remember the fight that you were involved in last week with another inmate?"

"Hell, I’ve been in a lot of fights. You’re gonna have to be more specific, Mr. Officer of the goddamned law." She said as a maniacal grin spread across her lips.

Pizo laughed. "Well, if that’s how you want to play it." He said as he took one of the chairs and placed it in the corner of the room, and then walked out.

She laughed a little and thought to herself how good it was going to feel when she got out of jail. A smile curled her lips, but was quickly wiped away when she saw Pizo walk back in. She also saw Johnnie slip in behind him before he closed the door.

"What’s going on here?" She asked as her arrogant attitude started to flee her. "I want to go back to my cell."

"Not just yet. You haven’t answered my question, Mary." He told her.

Johnnie sat quietly in the chair that Pizo had placed in the corner. She glared menacingly at Mary.

"Why did you attack Johnnie Green in her sleep? Did someone hire you to kill her?" He demanded.

Mary looked from Johnnie to Pizo. "I just didn’t like her, that’s all. She told me that she used to be a cop." Her voice trembled with fear.

Not so confident now, are we? "So you are telling me that the reason you tried to stick that shank in her is because you didn’t like her." He moved to within inches of her face. "I don’t believe you, Mary. You are going to have to come up with something a little better than that."

"It’s the truth." She yelled. "She was a fucking pig, and I hate all you damn cops."

Pizo backed away. "Damn, I shouldn’t have had that extra cup of coffee this morning. Gotta go and take a leak. I’ll be back."

"Hey!" Mary shouted as he walked out and closed the door. She quickly looked toward Johnnie. Oh shit!

Johnnie sat in silence for about a minute, making Mary even more nervous. She stood up and slowly walked toward the table, dragging her chair behind her. She turned it backwards and straddled it.

Mary fidgeted in her seat. "I don’t have to talk to you. You aren’t a cop anymore."

Johnnie glared at her for a moment. "You know what’s funny, Mary? I played the day we met in my head over and over and you know what?" Mary shook her head. "I never mentioned to you that I was a cop, but you referred to me as officer. I didn’t think about it then, but now I want to know how you knew."

Mary was nervous. Her hands were sweaty and she could feel her heart racing. "I must have heard about it on the news or something."

"Bullshit!" Johnnie yelled as she slammed her fist on the table, making Mary jump. Johnnie regained her composure. "You are right; I’m not a cop anymore. Would you say that makes me more dangerous or less dangerous?" She grinned evilly at her when Mary swallowed audibly. "You see, when I was a cop, there were things that I couldn’t do during an interrogation. I couldn’t take your head and bash it against this table to make you talk. Pizo could say that you slipped and hit your head against it."

"He wouldn’t do that." She said; her nervousness made her voice crack. "He’d have to say that you did it. He would get in trouble."

Johnnie chuckled and placed her forearms over the back of the chair. "Now that would be true if anyone knew that I was here. Unfortunately for you, no one knows. I’m a ghost." She paused. "You tried to escape, and tripped over your shackles. That is what he could say, since he isn’t in here." Johnnie told her. "It happens all the time when you dumb ass convicts try to run. When will you idiots ever learn?"

"I told you before, I just didn’t like you, and I knew you were a cop from the news." She said, fearful of what was going to happen to her.

Johnnie was growing impatient. She wasn’t going to play games with Mary. "You have exactly sixty seconds to tell me what I want to know. If you don’t, then you will be having a lot of little ‘accidents’ in here."

Mary knew she had a choice to make. Do I keep my mouth closed? I should be getting out of here soon. He promised me that I would be set up to live comfortable. It’s been a week though. She looked at a glaring and very angry Johnnie. If I keep my mouth shut, this big bitch is gonna kick my ass all over this room. Where in the fuck is that cop?

"Time’s up, convict." Johnnie growled as she stood, snatching Mary out of her seat by her collar.

"Wait, wait, I’ll tell you." Mary quickly said. "I was already doing a stint in lockup when I was approached by someone who said that if I killed you I would get out."

"You’d get a walk if you killed me?" Johnnie’s face paled. "The DA would let you walk if you killed me?" Does Maddie hate me that much?

"Yeah, he told me that everything was set up. All I had to do was kill you." Mary revealed as she tried to break Johnnie’s iron grip.

"He? You said he told you? The DA is a woman." Johnnie said. "Tell me exactly what was said."

"A man approached me. He said that he was the DA and could get me out. I wasn’t gonna turn it down." She revealed.

Johnnie released her, pushing her back into her seat. "If you are lying to me, I’m gonna come back here and fuck you up."

"I’m not lying." Mary assured. "I swear it."

"Did he give you a name?" Johnnie demanded.

Mary rubbed the back of her neck, where her collar was cutting off her circulation. "No, no name. He was a nerdy looking punk with blonde hair and glasses"

Johnnie straightened herself, walked toward the door and then looked back at Mary. "I hope you know that Pizo is gonna make you clean up that puddle." After saying that, she left.

Mary looked down between her legs and saw the stain in her pants, and the puddle on the floor.

Pizo and Captain Hill were watching, and they recorded the entire conversation.

"Did you get it all?" Johnnie asked.

"Sure did." Hill said. "I’ll be sending a copy to your attorney."

"Thanks." She said to them both. "Now I have to have a chat with the DA."


Maddie was packing up her office when she was startled by Johnnie’s entrance. "Johnnie? What are you doing here?"

Johnnie looked around, noticing the boxes that were littered over the office. "Making a quick getaway, eh?" She demanded.

"A getaway? What are you talking about?" Maddie asked.

"Do you hate me that much that you would try to have me killed?" Johnnie roared.

Maddie was taken aback. "What are you talking about?"

"I know you didn’t approach the woman who tried to kill me, but you are behind it." She spat as she moved closer to Maddie.

"You need to calm down and tell me what you are talking about, Johnnie. I don’t understand." Maddie said, totally confused.

"I got the would-be-assassin to talk. She said that the DA offered her release in exchange for my murder." Johnnie revealed. "So which one of your flunkies did it?"

"As usual, you are jumping to conclusions." Maddie hissed. "I was just as shocked as anyone when I heard that someone tried to kill you. You need to sit down and tell me everything that you know."

Johnnie reluctantly sat down, and told her everything that Mary had said. Maddie was horrified.

"I can assure you that neither I nor anyone in this office had anything to do with this." Maddie said.

Johnnie looked at her, not wanting to believe her; she knew in her heart that Maddie couldn’t have been a party to any of this. "Could I have photos of your male ADA’s? I have a description, and I’d like to take a look for myself."

Maddie readily complied. "You shall have it by the end of the day. I will have them delivered to your office by messenger."

"Thanks Maddie." Johnnie said softly. Noticing the boxes again, she asked, "Why are you packing your things?"

"I’ve resigned as DA." Maddie said. "I’m moving back to Georgia."

Johnnie walked over to stand in front of her desk. "Maddie, if this is about…"

Maddie held up her hand in protest. "No, Johnnie. It’s time for a new start, and I have to leave in order to do that."

"I’m sorry, Maddie. I do wish things had ended better between us." Johnnie whispered.

"I should get back to it." Maddie resumed packing. It was killing her, knowing that this was goodbye.

"Oh, yeah, sure. I didn’t mean to hold you up." Johnnie said apologetically. "I’ll see myself out." She walked toward the door.

"Wait." Maddie walked around her desk, and up to Johnnie. "May I hug you goodbye?"

Johnnie hesitated for a minute, and then held her arms open for Maddie. She eagerly slipped into Johnnie’s embrace, tightening her hold and then releasing a little. Maddie pulled back and looked into Johnnie’s eyes, and then kissed her briefly. Johnnie was shocked and quickly pulled away from her.

Maddie was embarrassed. "I’m sorry, Johnnie. I couldn’t resist one last kiss."

"I wasn’t expecting that." Johnnie told her as she wiped her mouth.

"I really hope that you and Alma continue to be happy. I am sorry for everything that I put you through." Maddie whispered.

"Thanks, Maddie. I wish nothing but good things for you, too." Johnnie said. "Take care of yourself."

"I will." She stepped back. "Goodbye, Johnnie."

"Bye, Maddie." Johnnie said.

Chapter 16


Alma studied the projections that lay before her. Someone at Wilmington Steel screwed up the prospectus for the incoming quarter and the accounting department sent the files to her by messenger. After going over it for the third time, she finally saw where the mistake had been made. Who is doing the hiring over there? She silently wondered. Are they using high school students now? She furrowed her brow at the simple mistake that had been made. In her concentration she never noticed that her wife stood at the door, watching her.

Johnnie watched Alma during her stages of concentration. She looked on as Alma pursed her lips and rolled her pencil between her fingers. Johnnie smiled when she saw the figurative light bulb go off, signaling that Alma found what she was looking for. She was proud that her wife had a job that she loved and was extremely good at.

Alma suddenly had the feeling of being watched. She got a whiff of the all too familiar cologne that her wife wore and started smiling. "Are you going to stand in the doorway all day, Querida?" Alma asked, peering over her glasses.

Johnnie pushed herself away from the door and walked over to Alma’s desk. "You know, all work and no play makes Alma a very dull girl." She purred as she sat on the edge of the desk.

Alma became flustered, remembering the things Johnnie would be doing to her when she took that tone with her. Get a grip, girl, or she will have you naked and laying beneath her on this desk. She kept the conversation up in efforts to regain control of her libido. "I could say the same for you. You’ve been gone all morning. Have you found any more leads?"

"You could say that." Johnnie said with a satisfied grin. "It has been a very informative morning."

"Well, are you going to share with the rest of the class?" Alma asked, hoping that it would be good news.

"I got Mary, the woman who tried to kill me, to tell me who hired her." She revealed.

Alma sat up in her chair, eager to hear good news for a change. "Who did it? Are they arrested yet?"

"No arrest yet, baby." She paused. "Mary told me that the DA hired her."

"That conniving little bitch. They better lock her up before I get my hands on her." She yelled as she stood up to leave.

"Whoa, slow down. It wasn’t Maddie. Mary told me that it was a man who made the deal with her." Johnnie said, holding her hands up in efforts to stop Alma.

Alma was furious. "Are you sure she didn’t have anything to do with it? You know how angry she was when you told her that you weren’t going to leave me for her. I bet the little bitch did it. I’m going over there and kick her ass." She said in one breath as she tried to get past Johnnie. She was halted when Johnnie grabbed her by her waist and held on to her.

"Honey, I can’t finish telling you if you don’t calm down and listen." Johnnie whispered in her ear. "Settle down and listen to me." She held Alma until she could feel the anger leave her. "Are you calm?"

Alma took a deep breath. "Sorry, sweetheart. I’m calm." She paused as Johnnie looked at her to make sure. "Tell me what is going on." She sat back down in her chair.

Johnnie sat back down on the edge of the desk. "Ok. After I left the police station, I went directly to Maddie’s office to get to the bottom of it. I told her what Mary said, and she assured me that she had nothing to do with it."

Alma arched a disbelieving eyebrow. "Are you sure that she is telling the truth?"

"Yes, baby." She guaranteed her. "I asked for photos of all the men that work in her office, and she agreed. They will be here before the end of the day."

"Good." Alma said. "I think that is the least she can do."

"There is something else, Alma." Johnnie informed her. "Maddie resigned as DA and is leaving for Georgia."

Alma was shocked. "Really? She’s going to leave?"

"She was packing up her office when I got there." Johnnie paused. "She asked for a goodbye hug."

"Well, did you give her one?" Alma inquired.

"Yes, I did." She softly said, and then paused. Johnnie studied Alma for a reaction, but could find none. I wonder if I should tell her the rest. She will be pissed if she finds out from someone else.

Alma knew that Johnnie was holding something back. "Johnnie, is there something else you want to tell me?"

"She kissed me, but I swear that I didn’t respond. I pulled away immediately, Alma." Johnnie quickly told her, hoping that she wouldn’t over react.

Alma stood up and moved closer to her. She wrapped her arms around her neck and kissed her. "I’m surprised that she didn’t ask for goodbye sex. I know that I would have asked you for it."

Johnnie was stunned into silence. She did not expect this reaction from her wife. When she came back to herself, she grabbed Alma’s buttocks and pulled her between her thighs. "So how about a little, you know?" She asked with a wink.

"Not now, baby. When we get home," Alma said. "I have a surprise for you."

Johnnie was disappointed but intrigued. "What kind of surprise?"

Before Alma could respond, her phone rang. "Yes, Laura." She paused. "She’s here, hold on." She handed the phone to Johnnie.

"What’s up Laura?" She asked. "Sure, put him through." She waited. "Hey Bob, how are you?"

"Not too good, Johnnie. We have a problem." He told her. "Abbott, the new prosecutor, has filed a motion to suppress the evidence we have on Ballantine."

"Can he do that?" Johnnie asked.

"I don’t know. I have to go before Judge O’Connell tomorrow and argue this. I’ll let you know what he decides." He said.

"Thanks, Bob. I’d appreciate it." She replied, and then she put the phone back in the cradle. "This is too fucking much."

"What is it?" Alma asked as she stroked Johnnie’s face. She could see that it was bad news.

Johnnie told her what the new prosecutor was trying to do. Alma was stunned.

"How can they keep that out? Ballantine was a sick pervert." She said.

"I don’t know, baby. If they win, I don’t know how it will affect my case." Johnnie lamented.

Oh no, not again. "Johnnie, don’t lose faith. Bob will figure out something. He’s the best." Alma assured her.

Johnnie kissed Alma’s forehead. "I know, baby. I’m not giving up."


Johnnie walked down the hall toward her office. She stopped by to chat with Glenda and Mike, and then went to Tracy’s office. She noticed that he was holding his head and groaning, so she walked in and closed the door. "Tracy, are you alright?"

He looked up at her, a little startled because he didn’t notice her entrance. "Oh, hi Johnnie. I’ll be ok in a bit." He grimaced. "It’s a stress headache. I just took something for it."

She looked at her friend and could see the excruciating pain that he was in. "T, I know that you’re under a lot of stress because of what’s going on. Everything is going to be fine. Bob is working really hard on my defense and he rarely loses." She moved closer to his desk. "Believe me; everything is going to work out. So, you have to relax, ok? This can’t be healthy for you."

He looked up at her. "Alright Johnnie, I will. I’ll go to the doc and get this checked out."

"Good, T. I want you to take the rest of the week off to rest and relax." She told him.

"I can’t do that, Johnnie. I’m needed here." He said in protest.

"Yes, I need you, but I need for you to be healthy. You can’t function like this. Take the rest of the week off, and that is not a request." She gave him a mock glare. "You are a good friend and I want you to take care of yourself."

"You’re a good friend too, Johnnie. Thanks." He managed to muster a half-hearted smile.

Johnnie smiled in return. "Now pack up your shit and get out of here. I don’t want to see you back here until next week."

"Ok, boss." He said, grimacing.


After eating a lovely dinner that Alma had prepared for them, she and Johnnie sat on the patio and looked at the stars. Johnnie sat back on the lounger while Alma was settled between her thighs, leaning back onto her chest. Johnnie had a little wine, while Alma had sparkling cider. In the background, Anita Baker sang melodious tones of love.

A shooting star streaked across the sky. "Oh my, let’s make a wish baby." Alma said, snuggling closer against her human pillow.

"Okay, but we will have to keep our wishes a secret or they won’t come true." Johnnie whispered close to Alma’s ear, sending shivers up her spine.

"Do you think we will get what we want?" Alma asked.

Johnnie smiled. "I certainly hope so."

Alma turned her head so that she could feast upon Johnnie’s mouth. Their tongues brushed against each other, but before the kiss could be deepened, the phone rang. Johnnie growled when their mouths parted.

Alma picked up the phone and gave an exasperated greeting. "Hello?"

"Hi Alma, it’s Glen. Is Johnnie around?" She asked.

Johnnie’s hands started wandering down Alma’s body, hoping to make it between Alma’s legs. Alma halted her movements. "Sure, she’s right here. Hold on." She put the phone in one of Johnnie’s wandering hands. "Don’t take to long, Querida." She said in a breathy tone. "It’s almost time for your surprise." She stood up, and walked back in the house.

Johnnie watched her every movement, how she stood up and the sway of her hips as she walked inside. She felt her clit twitch. Damn, woman, what you do to me. She then remembered that she was holding the phone. "This better be good." She said in an aggravated tone.

While Johnnie was on the phone, Alma loaded this dishwasher and straightened up the kitchen. Then she went into the living room to pick up the pictures that were scattered about. Both she and Johnnie were disappointed when none of the men in the photos fit the description of the man that Mary had described.

Johnnie came in just after Alma had finished straightening up. "Honey, I was going to help you. Why didn’t you wait for me?"

Alma smiled. "I thought I would get a jump start on it while you were on the phone." She paused. "That way we can get to the surprise sooner."

Johnnie gave her an excited grin. "Tell me what it is. You know that I can’t wait."

"Yeah, you’re like a kid at Christmas." Alma added.

"So what is it?" Johnnie asked as she walked behind Alma toward their bedroom. Once there, Alma sat Johnnie down on the bed. "I’m going to take a shower. I want you to stay right here."

"What?" Johnnie asked. "Is that my surprise?"

Alma couldn’t help but laugh at her wife. The pout on her face was priceless. I wish I had the camera out. "Relax, oh fearless one. Your surprise comes after we shower."

"Why don’t we shower together? It’s faster and will save water." Johnnie reasoned.

"No way." Alma said. "You get in there with me and the surprise will be ruined."

"Okay." Johnnie conceded. "I’ll be good and wait."

Alma finished her shower quickly. Then she rushed Johnnie into the bathroom. When Johnnie emerged, she was amazed at what she saw. The room was lit with small candles all around, giving the room just enough light so she wouldn’t trip over anything. One of Alma’s sounds of nature CDs was playing in the background. Rainforest. She knows I like that one. She saw the burgundy shimmer from the silk sheets on their bed. I like this surprise.

Alma stood naked across the room from her. Johnnie walked slowly toward her, like a panther on the prowl. Oh my God, she is so gorgeous. Down girl, remember this is your show. Johnnie stopped inches in front of her. "Do you trust me, Querida?" Alma asked.

"With my life." Johnnie answered.

Alma stepped closer and held up a black silk scarf. "Prove it. Let me blindfold you."

Johnnie walked over to the bed and sat down. Alma followed, and then tied the scarf around Johnnie’s eyes. She took Johnnie’s hand, stood her up, and walked her around the bed. "Get in, beloved." Johnnie did as she was instructed. Alma climbed in and straddled her. Although she was blindfolded, Johnnie’s hands immediately went up to Alma’s breasts. Alma hissed and leaned into Johnnie’s touch, but then pulled away. "No, Querida. No touching until I say so."

Johnnie whined. "But, baby…"

Alma interrupted. "If you disobey me, you will have to be punished."

Johnnie’s eyebrow arched. "What?"

"Do you trust me?" Alma asked again.

"Yes." Johnnie whispered.

Alma rewarded her with a kiss; a passionate kiss that lit the fire in Johnnie’s belly, spreading to her nether region. She grasped Alma’s buttocks, pulling her hard against her stomach. Alma responded, grinding herself into Johnnie. I knew it; you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off. Thank you. Alma broke away from the kiss. "You will have to be punished. You touched and that is a big no-no."

Johnnie smiled. What’s she gonna do? Give me a few love taps. No sweat. "I’m sorry. I am a bad girl."

"Indeed you are. Are you ready to be punished?" Alma seductively asked as she reached beneath her pillow, pulling out two more scarves.

Johnnie chuckled. "Yes." Her laughter faded when she felt one of her wrists being tied to the headboard. "Wait, Alma. What are you doing?"

"I can just imagine the thoughts that were going through your head, my love. You thought that I would give you a few love taps and that would be it."

Damn, she knows me too well. Johnnie thought.

Alma smirked at her. "I said that you would be punished. The ultimate punishment is that you will not be able to touch me."

Johnnie’s lip began to tremble. "Alma, I’ll be good. I promise I won’t touch you." She knew that was a promise that she could not keep. She could smell Alma’s arousal.

"Liar." Alma whispered as she tied Johnnie’s other wrist to the headboard. Johnnie tried to pull free, but she was unable to. "You forget, Querida, I was a girl scout." Alma nibbled on Johnnie’s lips. Johnnie tried to capture her mouth, but Alma was too quick. She kissed her chin, and then worked her way down Johnnie’s neck. Her hands were massaging Johnnie’s breasts as she rolled her hips, painting Johnnie’s stomach with her juices. Johnnie moaned her pleasure, nearly going mad because she could not touch her wife’s body. After suckling Johnnie’s nipples, Alma moved lower, sliding her clit against Johnnie’s throbbing bud.

"Oh my God, Alma! Please?" Johnnie begged as she thrust her hips upward.

Johnnie’s pleas fell on deaf ears as Alma continued her downward trek, kissing Johnnie’s stomach and blowing her hot breath on Johnnie’s engorged clit. Settling herself between Johnnie’s legs, she could see that Johnnie was soaked. She pushed Johnnie’s legs open as far as they would go, and just looked at the beautiful sight before her.

"Please Alma, don’t tease me." Johnnie begged as she lifted her hips, hoping that Alma would take her.

Alma touched Johnnie’s womanhood. Running her fingers through dark curls, she painted Johnnie’s juices all over her. She began to stroke her clit with her fore and middle fingers, making Johnnie’s hips come up off the bed. Johnnie struggled against her restraints, pulling and tugging at them. Not wishing to torment her wife any longer, and also unable to resist, Alma sucked Johnnie’s clit into her mouth. Johnnie gasped and rolled her hips, settling into a rhythm with Alma. Alma slid two fingers inside her wife and matched her stroke for stroke. It wasn’t long before Johnnie was screaming curses and praises brought on by a monumental orgasm.

After catching her breath, Johnnie begged Alma once more. "Please Alma, let me touch you. I need to touch you."

Alma remained silent and crawled up Johnnie’s body. She kissed her, and then straddled Johnnie’s face. Johnnie quickly licked at Alma’s swollen lips, making Alma hiss. She parted them with her tongue, grazing against her wife’s bud. Alma started rolling her hips as soon as Johnnie took her clit into her mouth.

"Yes baby, just like that. Oh, Johnnie!" Alma rasped as Johnnie hummed into her, giving her additional stimulation.

Johnnie clinched her thighs continuously trying to ease the ache that she had between her thighs. He wife’s moans and her taste rekindled her need.

"Oh, my God!" Alma screamed as her orgasm tore through her. Her legs were weak, but she managed to lie beside Johnnie.

Johnnie was charged up. "Alma, please release me." When Alma managed to untie her, she suddenly found herself on her back, with a very aroused Johnnie forcing her legs open. Johnnie had her clit placed against Alma’s, and then she moved against her. Screams of passion echoed through the room, shattering the peaceful silence it once held.


Bob Wooten was waiting outside Judge O’Connell’s chambers when Jeff Abbot walked up to him. Bob stood up. "You must be Jeff Abbott." He said as he extended his hand.

"I am, and you are Bob Wooten." He responded as he accepted the greeting. "I have heard a lot about you."

The judges’ clerk opened the door and told them that the judge was ready. They went in, and after greeting the judge Abbot began his argument. "The evidence that Mr. Wooten has against Mr. Ballantine has absolutely nothing to do with this case, Your Honor." Abbott stated. "Mr. Ballantine is not the one on trial here."

"This is evidence that my client gathered to expose Mr. Ballantine for the hypocrite that he was. He launched an unwarranted investigation against my client. This is part of her defense. She had no need to kill him. She was going to do the same thing he tried to do to her, humiliate her and take away her livelihood." Bob countered.

"If this is allowed into evidence, it will prejudice the jury." Abbott said. "It has nothing to do with this."

"I’m inclined to agree with Mr. Abbott." Judge O’Connell said. "Motion to Suppress granted. It’s out, Mr. Wooten."

Bob sighed heavily. "Yes, Your Honor."

"Are we prepared for jury selection next week, gentlemen?" The judge asked.

"Yes, Your Honor." They both said.

"Good. Now if you will excuse me, I have a ten o’clock tee time." He told them.

Once outside the judges’ chambers, Abbott offered his hand to Bob. "Good luck, counselor."

"Thank you. I hope you don’t think it rude of me if I don’t wish you the same." Bob said.

Abbott sighed. "No, no one ever wishes me good luck."

"Well if you will excuse me, I have to go and talk with my client." Bob told him, and walked away.

Johnnie and Alma were sitting in Johnnie’s office when Bob arrived. She saw the look on his face and immediately knew that the judge had ruled against them.

"So all the stuff we gathered on Ballantine is out?" Johnnie asked.

Alma shook her head. "That is so unfair. How can they not let it in?"

"Because Ballantine is not the one on trial." Bob informed her. "It would be considered prejudicial."

"I had the evidence that would have destroyed him, personally and politically. If we can’t use it, then the jury will think that I had no other means at getting back at him."

"How will this affect Johnnie’s case?" Alma asked.

Bob smiled. "Both of you relax. I have been doing this for a long time. When one door closes, there’s always another one that opens."

"What are you talking about, Bob?" Johnnie asked, totally confused.

"Just sit back, and let nature take its course." He assured them.


To be continued in part 9

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