A Warrior's Spirit

A warrior's spirit is as a flame of magical fire
Within her grasp is victory, her only true desire
To win with honor and a heart that's true
Giving herself, her all, her everything is what she must do
Always making the wrong things right
Keeping her mind in the coldest and darkest of night
The warrior's spirit burns in me
Knowing that, it's what I will always be
To have those things so close in mind
I know too well, love and happiness, I will never truly find
If only for once, I did know of love
But left forsaken, this warrior rose above
Rose above all the hurt, defeat, and pain
Rising back to the call of the warrior's name
A name I will bare until the end of life and welcomed death
Knowing I die a warrior until my last breath
I welcome that day, an end of heart's sorrow
Going on, into that endless tomorrow
For I know One, greater than all
She keeps the recourse of hearts intent, even minute and small
I'll go out this form, this warrior's flesh
Unto the One who grants the greatest rewards after death
For the One is a warrior and great is her name
The One who bestows grace and this warrior's flame
I close this writing with one thing to declare
In spite of it all, a warrior's spirit is an honor to bare.


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