Raging Horses

Part Three

T. Stratton

Please read disclaimers in part one.

Many thanks to VDUB!!


The next morning Mary and Marge were in the kitchen. They had just finished doing the breakfast dishes and were heading out to the porch. Both had a cup of coffee in hand.

"What a wonderful day." Marge said as she sat on the swing "Everyone is safe and sound."

"Thank God." Mary replied as she sat next to the older woman.

They sat there enjoying the peace and quiet. Both knowing that it wouldn’t last long. The person who had started the fire was still out there, even with the lighter showing the identity of the arsonist, they still needed more proof.

"Has Jay asked about the lighter?" Mary asked as she sipped her coffee.

Marge shook her head. "No, I don’t think she remembers finding it." She took another sip. "Sheriff Bowden called last night. He said that he’s going to come out here and talk to Jay. I guess when he talked to her the other day she didn’t remember anything that happened while she was caught in the fire. He’s hoping that since she’s had some time it might come back to her."

"Let’s hope it does. It should help keep the Blacksmith’s off this land." Mary replied.

They sat there for a few minutes enjoying the peace and quiet, when they saw Jay and Jordan walk out of the barn holding hands and whispering into each other’s ear.

"I wonder what those two are up too?" Mary asked with a knowing smile

"I’ll bet they weren’t in there cleaning stalls." Marge laughed with Mary joining in

As Jay and Jordan walked closer they heard the two women laugh. Wondering what had the women laughing so hard they headed towards the steps and over to the swing.

Marge and Mary laughed harder when they got a good look at Jay and Jordan

"What in the world has gotten into you two?" Jordan asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Nothing, so what’s up with you two?" Mary replied as she tried not to laugh at the little bits of straw that stuck out from their hair.

"Not much." Jay said casually with a smile. "We just fell asleep in the barn.

That statement got the two on the swing to laughing again. Jay looked at Jordan. "Was it something I said?"

"Who knows with these two. Come on lets go get cleaned up." Jordan grabbed Jay’s hand and led her into the house.

Before they were all the way in the heard Mary yell. "Hey, Jay, I think you got attacked last night. You have a big bruise on your neck."

Jay stopped and looked back through the screen door with a grin. "Yep, I sure did. I even tried to fight off my attacker."

"I bet you did. You just didn’t try hard enough." Marge replied with a laugh.

"Of course I did, but after I got a good look at my attacker….WOW. You should have seen it. "Jay shook her head. "It was the most gorgeous thing in the world. When it bit me all I could do was lie there and let it do what it wanted

"You don’t seem like the type to just lay there." Mary responded and took the last sip of her coffee.

Jordan stuck her head out and answered before Jay could say anything. "Believe me, she’s not. I have some bites to prove it. She was just nice enough to hide them." She said as she grabbed Jay’s hand again and headed up the stairs to the bathroom.

"You better watch out Jay. I’ve a feeling you’re about to get bit again." Mary yelled.

The two women heard Jay’s muffled yell. "God, I hope so."


Later that morning after their shower where Jordan did indeed give Jay a few more bites, but was kind enough to place them in a more discreet place, they sat and had some breakfast. They decided that they wanted to run into town, and just as they were walking over to Jordan’s car the Sheriff pulled up.

"Hi, Sheriff Bowden." Jordan said with a wave.

"Hello, Sheriff, what brings you out to our neck of the woods?" Jay asked as she shook the Sheriff’s hand.

"Marge didn’t tell you that I was coming out? I called last night to make sure you’d be around." Sheriff Bowden replied as he took off his cowboy hat and scratched his balding head.

Jay shook her head." No, she never said a word." She gestured towards the porch so they could sit down and talk.

Jay and Jordan took a seat on the swing while the Sheriff sat on the porch rail

"I came out to talk some more about the fire. To see if you might remember anything now." He asked as he scratched his head again.

Jay grabbed Jordan’s hand and started to push the swing gently back and forth. "I’m starting to remember bits and pieces

Jordan squeezed Jay’s hand and looked at her with concern. "You are? Why didn’t you say anything?"

Jay sighed. "I didn’t want you to worry. It hasn’t been much, just flashes here and there." She shrugged her shoulders a little.

"Jay, you can tell me anything. The only way I’d worry is if you keep things from me. So please don’t. Even if it’s something small, I want to know about it." Jordan leaned closer to Jay and kissed her, she felt Jay nod her head in agreement.

Sheriff Bowden cleared his throat. "Okay, now that we have that settled. What exactly do you remember?"

Jay sat there and tried to put the pieces together. "I remember going down the hill and finding three horses trapped by the fire. I remember the intense heat and a lot of smoke. It hurt to breathe." She tried not to cry, but the tears started to fall down her cheek.

When she felt soft fingers wiping them away she looked up into passionate blue eye that caressed her soul. " I also remember that I would never be able to kiss your hands." Jay brought the hand to her lips and placed a soft kiss on the palm. "I would never be able to kiss your beautiful lips." She traced Jordan’s lips with her fingers. "Most importantly tell you how you are everything to me. I love you Jordan." Jay finished before she kissed Jordan and with that the Sheriff was forgotten

Sheriff Bowden stood up to leave, but before he got to the steps Marge stepped out of the house. "Hello, Marge."

"Hi, Sheriff, I just remembered to tell Jay that you were coming over." Marge glanced over at the two on the swing. "Did you get a chance to talk to her?"

"Just a little bit. She still doesn’t remember finding the lighter. I’m not sure I want to tell her." Sheriff Bowden stated with a big sigh. " I know she’ll go after him, instead of him going to jail she’ll…" He didn’t finish the sentence.

"You’re right about that. Plus I think Jordan would be right at her side." Marge replied as she continued to watch the two.

"I just wish we had more evidence." Growled the Sheriff. "Then I could arrest that ass and his punk friends."

Marge reached out and rubbed his arms. "I know, we all wish that. This county would be better off without the Blacksmith’s and their cronies."

"You happen to have any coffee in there? I sure could use a cup." The Sheriff asked with a little smile. "I still need to ask Jay a couple more questions and you do make the best coffee around

"Come this way kind sir." Marge waved her hand towards the house. "Your drink awaits you

"Thank you, my lady." Sheriff Bowden walked by a smiling Marge


Later that day Jordan and Mary were upstairs packing. Mary had an early flight the next morning. Bob had called and told her that he had fallen trying to get out of his boat and broken his leg.

"I still can’t believe he broke his leg. Now I have to listen to him belly ache every time her tries to do something." Mary said in disbelief. She looked over at her friend. "So are you going to move out here or put your house up for sale?"

"I thought I’d keep the house. Besides Jay and I haven’t talked about what we are going to do." Jordan replied as she continued to fold clothes. "I don’t want to assume that I’ll be staying here." Jordan shrugged her shoulders. " I kinda want her to ask."

"She’ll ask, I have no doubt about that." Mary said as she put the last of her stuff in her bag. "Jay is so in love with you she can’t see straight."

"I know, and I love her too." Jordan took a deep breath. "I never thought I’d ever feel this complete. She just makes everything perfect."

Mary watched the emotion play in Jordan’s eyes. Jordan deserved this kind of love, Mary had prayed everyday that Jordan would fine someone to make her smile, and she finally found it, in a little spitfire blonde.

"Do you have any idea how happy I am for you?" Mary asked as she walked up and gave Jordan a hug. "You’re like my own daughter." She said with tears in her eyes.

"Oh, Mary, you have no idea how much your friendship has meant to me. Thank you, for being there for me when I needed someone." Jordan replied as her own tears ran down her cheek.

"Now, no more crying." Mary stated as she wiped off her face. "I’ll see you in a couple of weeks. Remember you have to come back to do the interviews for your last movie." Mary reminded Jordan.

Jordan ran her hand across her face and blew out a deep breath. "I know, I just don’t want to go back. I’m so happy here. Here I’m Jordan Martin friend and lover. Not, Jordan Martin the wealthy actress."

"Oh, that reminds me. I want to know what it’s like?" Mary asked casually

Jordan looked at her friend and raised her eyebrow. "What, what was like."

"You know," Mary said as she waved her hands. "What was it like to do it in a barn

Jordan laughed. "You aren’t serious, are you?"

Mary nodded her head and smiled. "I’ve never done it in a barn. I’m thinking maybe it might be fun."

"Let me just say, it was mind blowing." Jordan informed Mary as she wiggled her eyebrows.

"Hey, are you two ready to eat?" Marge asked as she stuck her head in the room. She noticed the shocked look on Mary’s face and the evil grin on Jordan’s. "What are you two talking about

Jordan pointed at Mary. "She wanted to know what it was like to have sex in the barn."

"Well, I’ve never done it anywhere like that before. So I just wanted to know." Mary replied. "Maybe I can talk Bob into trying it out. Lately the only way I can get him to look at me is if I have twenty dollars wrapped around my neck with a fishing line." Marge laughed as she walked to sit on the bed. "I remember this one time during a storm. We, my husband Patrick and I, went to check on the horses. The storm got so bad we decided to sleep in the barn." Marge smiled at the memory. "It was the best decision we ever made. The storm passed and we didn’t even know it." Marge fanned her face with her hand. "It was mind blowing

"That’s what she said." Mary mumbled as she walked by Jordan. "I need to find some fishing line and a twenty."

"You really need to get you some." Jordan laughed and patted her friend on the back.

"Damn straight I do." Mary stopped at the door and turned around. "Just my luck, Bob can’t do a damn thing with his leg in a cast." She muttered in disgust. "Men, can’t live with them and can’t live without them."

"Speak for yourself." Jordan said with a grin. "Now come on. I’m hungry." She hooked her arm around her friends elbow and guided her out the door

Marge got up off the bed and followed. Even though she had never meet Bob, Marge felt sorry for the guy. He was in a world of trouble and he didn’t do a thing. "Maybe he should get off his ass and do something." Marge said out loud to herself.


"Where did this scar come from?" Jay asked Jordan as she ran her fingers over her chest.

"I was about twelve. My older brothers and I were pretending to be pirates." Jordan said as she shivered when Jay kissed her scar. "Lance, he’s three years older than me thought he’d go in for the kill. So he stabbed me."

Jay stopped her inspection of Jordan’s body. She looked up and met sensual blue eyes that could stop her in her tracks. "Tell me about your family."

"What do you want to know?" Jordan traced Jay’s lips with her finger

Jay closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Jordan’s touch. The sensations of just one touch made Jay thank anybody who would listen for bringing Jordan into her life. "I want to know everything about you." Jay grabbed the finger with her teeth and slowly ran her tongue across the tip

Jordan felt the tingle run from her finger down to her core. She looked at Jay and smiled. " First things first." Jordan grabbed Jay and flipped her over onto her back.

"Ohhh, yes, first….things….first." Jay barely got out before she was screaming Jordan’s name.


"Okay, now lets get to the second thing. Tell me about your family." Jay said as she laid her head on Jordan’s shoulder.

"Well, my Mom’s name is Cindi and Dad’s name is Joe. They’ve been married for thirty-five years. They raised us in a regular small town. You know picket fence and maple trees along the road." Jordan felt Jay nod her head. "We used to have the run of the neighborhood. Always chasing each other from one yard to the next."

"How did you get along with your brothers?" Jay asked as she rested her chin on Jordan’s chest.

Jordan smiled. "When I was younger I used to follow them around constantly. I drove them nuts, because I could always find them. Once Lance tied me to the tree in our front yard, because he had some date. He didn’t want to ruin it by having his tag along sister with him.

"I can see you all tied up. What did your mom and dad do?" Jay asked as she giggled.

"They weren’t home. It didn’t matter though. I wiggled my way free and found him. Just as he was about to get a kiss, I jumped out and scared the crap out of him." Jordan laughed. "Don’t tell him this, but that same girl that was going to kiss him, kissed me a year later."

"You dog you, stealing your brothers girlfriend." Jay slapped Jordan on her stomach.

"Hey I was thirteen, and they weren’t going out at the time. We just happened to run into each other at a movie." Jordan innocently replied.

"Okay, I’ll believe you." Jay grinned. "Now continue."

"Then we moved to San Diego. My dad got a great job at some advertising firm. He worked hard to make sure we had everything we wanted, but family always came first. Nothing was more important to him than sitting in some bleacher somewhere cheering us on. He’d always say, family is what makes life worth living." Jordan closed her eyes and remembered all the times she could hear her dad yelling and cheering for her.

"What about your mom?" Jay asked softly.

"My mom is the all American mom. She stayed at home and took care of the house and us. All the kids in the neighborhood knew were to get the best chocolate chip cookies. They use to stand at the back door and wait for her to pass them out. Everyone called her Mama C." Jordan said as she scratched Jay’s lower back.

"You do that any longer and you’ll put me to sleep." Jay whispered softly.

"Do you want me to continue? I can finish telling you more about my family tomorrow." Jordan responded.

"No, keep going." Jay replied.

"Okay, let see where was I?" Jordan thought a moment. "Oh, yes, my mom was the first person I told I was gay. She smiled and hugged me. Told me that as long as I find someone that makes me happy she’d be happy."

"That’s so cool. I never got a chance to tell my parents. I don’t think they’d mind, just as long as I was happy." Jay sat up and grabbed her can of soda. "Damn, you want anything to drink? Mine is empty."

"Sure, I’ll take what ever you’re having." Jordan answered as she got up and headed for the bathroom. "Nice view by the way."

Jay wiggled her butt as she walked down the hallway. "Thought you would. I want to know whom you got your good looks from? Your mom or dad?" Jay asked as she opened the refrigerator door.

"My dad, which my mom thanks god for everyday. He stands at six feet three inches with the lightest blue eyes I've ever seen in my life." Jordan said as she walked out of the bathroom as she dried her hand on a towel. "Mom says that the first time she ever laid eyes on dad she thought he was a god. Then when he came over to talk to her she almost fainted. He asked her out on a date for the next day, and they’ve never been apart since."

"Didn’t you get anything from your mom?" Jay asked as she walked over and handed Jordan her drink.

"Yep, we all got her sense of life." Jordan took a big drink of the cold diet Dr. Pepper. "You know this stuff is pretty good."

"Don’t I know it." Jay smiled. "Nothing better than sitting here naked with my girl and a cold pop."

Jay sat her can on her end table and jumped back in bed. She grabbed her blanket and leaned her back against the headboard. "Now I want to hear about your brothers."

"Okay, I’ll start with Garrett, he’s the oldest. He went to UCLA on a football scholarship. He could have gone pro, but he turned down every offer and joined the police academy. He graduated first in his class." Jordan climbed on the bed and rested her head on Jay’s lap.

"That’s cool to have a brother be a police officer. I bet he fixes all your speeding tickets." Teased Jay.

"Try two brother that are police officers. And, no they don’t fix my speeding tickets, because I don’t have any." Jordan replied as she grabbed the hand that was distracting her thoughts. " I thought you wanted to know about my brothers.

"Sorry, go ahead." Jay said and held on to Jordan’s hand.

"All his life Lance heard Garret talking about how cool it would be to catch the bad guys. So when he followed in Garrett’s foot steps nobody was surprised."

"Your parents must be so proud of you and your brothers." Jay said as she sat there watching Jordan.

"They only wish that they’d settle down and give them grandchildren." Jordan giggled.

Without thinking Jay replied. "Maybe we can give them some."

"What?" Jordan asked as she raised her head off Jay’s lap

"Grandkids." Jay said as she waited to see what Jordan’s reply would be. When none came she opened her eyes and saw a stunned Jordan. "What? You don’t want any kids?"

Jordan had always wanted children, but everybody she ever went out with thought she was crazy. They tried to explain to her that that it would lower the caliber of roles offered to her and for some unknown reason she listened to them. Now she was glad she had listened to them, because she had finally found the right time and better yet the right person to start a family.

"Come on Jordan, you’re scaring me." Jay wiped tears off Jordan’s face. "I’m sorry if I said something wrong. If you don’t want any…" Jay stopped as two fingers pressed against her lips.

"I would be the happiest person in the world to have a family with you." Jordan stated. "I’m just a little shocked that’s all." She sat up and ran her fingers through Jay short silky hair. "We’ve only known each other a short period of time." She said as she cupped her hand behind Jay’s neck and tugged her closer. "In that short time, I’ve never been so happy, but most of all more loved."

Jordan lightly kissed Jay then looked into passion filled eyes. "It’s been my dream for a long time to settle down with the person I love and have a bunch of kids."

Jay lowered her lips to Jordan’s neck. "Just think, we get to practice." Another kiss, but on the lips. "Practice." She nipped an ear. "Practice, until we get it right."

Jordan’s mind and body were on over load. When she felt a hand go between her legs she moaned. "That’s the best part."

The two lovers met the morning in each other’s arm. The both had smiles on their faces, but for different reasons. One was for the family she would find again and the other for the family yet to come.


Jordan wanted to take Mary to the airport herself, so Jay and Marge waved as the car headed down the lane.

"So, how many sweat rolls did she sneak into her bag?" Jay asked Marge when they turned to walk up the porch steps.

"I saw her grab six before she even took a shower." Marge informed Jay with a smile.

"Did you know." Jay raised her eyebrow. "Jordan and I saw her grab at least that many when we walked in this morning."

"What a sneak." Marge giggled as the two walked in the house.

Marge was about to head for the kitchen when Jay stopped her. "Can I talk to you for a second?" She asked softly.

Marge saw the shy look Jay gave her. "Sure honey, let me go in and get us something to drink."

"Okay, I’ll meet you in the living room." Jay said as she walked in the room and sat down.

A few minutes later Marge walked in with a tray that had a cup of coffee and a can of diet Dr. Pepper. The thing that caught her eye was the plate covered with a napkin. When she tried to sneak a peak Marge slapped her hand "Ouch."

"Hold your horses." Marge said as she sat the tray on the table. "I hid a few of these when she wasn’t looking." She grabbed the napkin and unveiled her prize.

"Great, I only got two this morning." Jay replied as she grabbed the closest cinnamon roll.

Marge sat down in her chair and watched Jay eat. She could tell that something was bothering her and that she was stalling. "Okay, spill it."

Jay stopped chewing and looked up to the loving eyes she had known all her life. She looked at this woman not really as a friend, but more like a mother. Jay took a deep breath and asked, "What kind of parent would I make?"

Marge was shocked. "Why would she wonder that?"

Jay glanced over at Marge and saw the look on Marge’s face. "Jordan and I talked about having kids."

Marge sat back and took a drink of her coffee. Her eyes met wondering green and she smiled. "Don’t you think you maybe should make a honest woman out of her first?"

Jay let the breath she held out through a big smile. "Yes, I want to give her my mother’s ring." She looked over with tears in her eyes. "Do you think my parents would approve?"

"Why would you ask something like that?" Marge stood up and walked over to sit next to Jay.

Jay fell into the hug the older woman gave her. "Would they approve of my lifestyle? Not many parents would like the fact that their daughter fell in love with another woman." She cried

"Oh, sweetheart, your parents wouldn’t give a rats ass about who you loved. Just as long as you’re happy." Marge kissed the soft hair below her chin. "You would have made them so proud." She looked down into misty pools of green. "Look at what you’ve done with this ranch. Where most people would give up and sell, you found a solution for it to grow into something. Your parents would be the proudest people in the world. I bet at this moment they are looking down on you with pride and joy."

"I wish that they could be here so that they could meet Jordan." Jay said as she wiped the tears from her face.

"They may not be here physically, but look around you. Everywhere you look there are little things that remind us of them. So they are here in memories." Marge patted Jay’s chest. "And they are here in your heart."

Jay grabbed Marge into another hug and cried. She cried for the family she had lost and for the family that had just begun


"Hey, Mary, would you call me crazy if I said I wanted baby?" Jordan asked as she drove down the highway.

Mary looked over at her friend. "Why on earth would I think you’re crazy? I personally would think it would be great. You’re super with kids."

"Good, because Jay and I decided that we want them." Jordan stated.

"Really? You two only just got together, isn’t it a little early in the relationship to be thinking about kids?" Mary asked with concern.

"Of course it is. It’s not like we’re going out to a clinic tomorrow. It’s just nice to know that she wants them. " Jordan turned her head and glanced at Mary. " It was her idea."

"How did you get on that conversation? Shouldn’t you be all busy having incredible sex?" Mary teased.

"Well," Jordan cleared her throat, "well, we do have incredible sex. The things she does to me would make your head spin." Jordan winked at Mary. "It does mine, that’s for sure."

"Do tell, my friend, do tell." Mary begged like a schoolgirl whose best friend just went on her first date.

"You really want to know?" Jordan asked as she saw Mary nod her head yes. "Do you want me to go into detail?"

"Well, not explicit details, just the over view. I’ve got to at least know someone who is getting some, because it sure in the hell won’t be me." Mary replied as she reached for her travelers cup filled with coffee. As she took a sip she raised her eyebrows to give Jordan permission to talk.

"Okay, no explicit details," Jordan took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "You know when you’re dreaming and you feel like you’re flying?"

"Yes, At first you’re enjoying flying around through the clouds and then you start to fall. I hate that kind of dream. I wake up with a jerk and can’t fall asleep again." Mary answered.

"Well, that’s what it’s like with Jay. I feel like I’m falling, but instead of falling I just keep on floating around." Jordan explained as she thought of last night. "She sends me to the stars over and over again. The feeling of her hands on my skin makes me quake from the outside in."

"Sounds pretty intense." Mary said. "Wish Bob would make me feel like that."

"Intense doesn’t even come close." Jordan said as she continued down the road trying to think of the best way she could explain what Jay does to her. "It’s like Jay puts every single cell of her body towards making me feel the love she has for me. The heavens above can’t compare to the love I see in her eyes every time she makes love to me."

Mary stared at her and shook her head back and forth. "I really need to get Bob back on track. I’m so jealous of you and at the same time so happy."

"Don’t worry you’ll get Bob back on the ball." Jordan smiled as she reached out and squeezed Mary’s hand.

Mary squeezed back, "She’s that good is she?" She asked as she grinned.

"She’s better." Jordan said in all seriousness.

"Damn girl, you’re so lucky." Mary replied happily.

"Yep, I sure am." Jordan said as she took the exit ramp to the airport.


"Hey, Marge, when do you think Jordan will be back?" Jay yelled as she walked down the stairs.

Marge walked out of the kitchen wiping her hands on a towel. "There is no need to yell. I’m right here."

"Sorry, I just wanted to know when Jordan might be back?" Jay repeated as she grabbed her coat. "I want to run into town to the jewelers before she gets back."

Marge stepped closer to help Jay with her coat. "If you leave now you should have plenty of time." She said as she patted Jay’s back.

"Good, I want to get Mom’s ring sized to fit Jordan." Jay said as she opened the screen door. "Is there anything you need from town?"

"No, you just go ahead and get what you need done. If Jordan gets back before you I'll just tell her that you went for a ride." Marge responded as she watched Jay walk to her car. "When do you think you’ll go looking for a new jeep?"

"Maybe Jordan will want to do that tomorrow. I’ll ask her tonight." Jay said as she started the engine. "See ya later."

"Bye, honey, drive careful." Marge ordered as Jay pulled away.


Jordan decided that instead of going straight to the ranch she’d stop in town and look for a special gift for Jay. She wanted to get something that would show the blonde how much she loved her.

Jordan parked her car and decided to walk around to see if anything popped out at her. As she went from one store to the next nothing jumped out at her, and her hopes of finding something faded quickly.

When she stepped in front of a jewelry store she saw a necklace with a Celtic knot with two gems that met in the middle. One gem was a green that matched Jay’s eyes and the other was blue that matched hers.

"YES!" Jordan’s mind screamed. As she walked to the door she looked up through the glass window and was shocked to see Jay already in there. What shocked her more was that Jay had someone wrapped around her neck, and that woman was kissing her all over her face.

"What the hell?" Jordan questioned as she backed away from the window.

Jordan’s heart was beating a million miles a minute. The woman she loved more than life itself was kissing and hugging another woman. Jordan started to walk back to her car as tears ran down her face. She did nothing to hide them from the people that passed by her.

"Are you okay dear?" An elderly woman asked.

Jordan just shook her head and continued to walk down the sidewalk. She barely made it to her car before her trembling legs collapsed. "Oh, God."

Fumbling with the key with shaking fingers she dropped them to the ground. "OUCH." Jordan yelled when she bent over and hit her head. "Can this day get any worse?" As soon as she finished that thought the clouds opened up and drenched her. "Fucking great." She said as she looked up into the sky.

Jordan took a deep breath to calm herself and steady her hands so she could open her car door. When she finally got the door open she jumped in and started the car. She felt the cool air from the vent and shivered as she quickly turned the button to heat. As she waited to feel the warm air she rested her head on the steering wheel.

"Why is it every time I fall in love I get slapped in the face?" Jordan asked herself.

"Why? Why? Why?" She yelled as she hit the steering wheel with the palms of her hands. "It felt different with Jay. Nothing like what I had with Elizabeth."

"At least with Elizabeth, Mary saw through her charms. She tried to get me to break up with her all the time. Shit everybody wanted me to break up with her." Jordan snorted to herself. "I kept telling them that we were in love." Jordan turned her head and saw a couple exit a store in front of her. They kissed before they ran into the rain towards their car. "Shit, if love is messing around with someone else while your so called partner isn’t around, then I have loads of it."

Jordan sat there and watched drops of rain race down her windshield. ‘Crap, where in the hell am I supposed to stay? I can’t go back to the ranch and I don’t want to drive back to the airport in this weather." She looked around until she noticed a sign for a motel. "That will work. I’ll call Mary and have them send me my stuff."

Jordan took a deep breath before she started the car and set out to the motel.


"You can stop attacking me now. As I just told you I all ready have someone." Jay laughed at her childhood friend. "Besides what would Brent say if he walked in on us right now?"

Betsy kissed Jay one last time and stepped back with her hands on her hips. "You know damn well what he’d say."

"Let me get my video camera." They said at the same time before they burst out laughing.

"Okay, you said that you found the love of your life and wanted me to size a ring for her." Betsy asked as she tried to catch her breath.

"Yep, she’s the most gorgeous woman that ever lived. She sets me on fire with one look." Jay replied with a big sigh and a smile.

"It’s about damn time." Betsy thought as she noticed the far off look on Jay’s face. "I’m so happy for you my friend. It was about time for you to have some happiness in your life."

"I can’t believe it." Betsy said as she walked behind the counter. "I was wondering when your princess would ever find you."

"I can’t believe it myself. She is the total opposite of me. Jordan’s tall with long dark hair. The bluest eyes you’ll ever see, I get lost in them so easy." Jay remembered the way those eyes looked into her soul right before she was sent into oblivion. "I’m the luckiest person in the world." She finished with a big smile.

"Okay, enough of the mushy stuff, let’s get to the jewelry. Show me what you want me to size so I can get it done and you can give it to your girl." Betsy said as she wiggled her fingers palm side up so that Jay could place the ring on her palm.

"Be careful, this is my ring. I want to give it to Jordan and ask her to marry me." Jay informed Betsy as she reached into her pocket and pulled out the ring.

"It’s beautiful." Betsy whispered as she examined the ring. " I remember it from when your Mom wore it." Betsy grinned. "May I?"

Jay nodded her head. "Go ahead, because the next time you see it, Jordan will be wearing it."

"It’s just how I imagined it would look." Betsy replied.

They watched as the light sparkled off of the two and a half caret diamond ring.

"Damn, this Jordan person is one lucky lady. Not only does she get you, but she gets this spectacular ring as well."

"No, I’m the lucky one." Jay stated matter of fact. "So when do you think it’ll be done?"

"I’ll put a rush on it. My guess would be two days." Betsy answered as she took the ring off and put it back in the box. "Do you know what size you need?"

"No, I don’t." Jay mumbled and scratched her head.

Jay stood there and tried to figure out how to get Jordan’s ring size. A feeling of dread washed over her body that made her frown. "Damn it, what’s going to happen now?"

"Don’t tell me you got that feeling." Betsy asked softly.

Jay nodded her head as she looked around. She noticed a car drive past that looked like the one Jordan had rented. She raised her hand to stop Betsy from asking any questions. "Hold on a sec. I thought I saw someone."

Jay ran out the door and tried to get a good look at the car. The wind and the rain made it impossible. "Shit, why would I that feeling and then think I see Jordan’s car? Plus there is no way it could be her. She would be coming from the other direction and she has no need for a motel."

"Jay, get out of the rain before you catch a cold." Betsy yelled from the doorway of the jewelry store.

Before Jay turned to go she took one last look down the road. She shrugged her shoulders "Maybe it’s just my instincts running wild with everything that’s going on."


Jay paced in the dark across the porch. Not caring that a full-blown thunderstorm raged a few feet away. "Where is she?" She asked herself that as a fifty mile per hour gust of wind blew her bangs away from her eyes. A bolt of lightening streaked across the sky making the hairs of Jay’s arms stand on end.

Marge walked out of the house with Jay’s coat in one hand and a cup of hot chocolate in the other. "Here put this on." She said as she held out the coat. "I talked to Sheriff Bowden a little bit ago, there hasn’t been any accidents reported."

"What could have happened?" Jay asked as she put her coat on. "I should have gone with her."

"You know she wanted to take Mary to the airport herself." Marge replied and held out the steaming cup. "Here, drink this."

"No thanks, Marge. I’m not thirsty." Jay mumbled as she looked down the lane for any signs of a car.

"Jay, you’re going to get sick if you don’t keep warm. Remember you just got out of the hospital a couple of days ago." Marge reminded Jay as she walked up and rested her head against her back with her arms around her waist. "I don’t want you to get sick standing out here."

"What ever happens to me doesn’t matter. Jordan could be out there hurt." A shiver ran down her back. "Or worse."

"Nothing has happened to Jordan. You have to think positive about this. She might have just had a flat tire or maybe engine trouble. We won’t know until she gets here." Marge replied softly.

When they saw the headlights coming down the road Marge could feel Jay’s heart beat faster.

"She’s here." Jay ran down the porch steps, but when the car got closer and she saw the red and blue lights on top of the car she stopped in her tracks. Jay waited until the police car came to a stop before she walked up to the door. "Have you heard anything Sheriff?"

Sheriff Bowden looked at the now drenched Jay. He could see that she was fighting her emotion. "I’m sorry Jay, nobody knows anything."

Jay nodded her head. "I’m going to go to the barn. I can’t stand waiting here with nothing to do." She turned and walked towards the barn not even noticing the lightening and thunder raging over head.

The Sheriff watched her go before he headed up the steps to stand next to Marge. "Isn’t there anything we can do?" Sheriff Bowden asked.

"I’m afraid not, the only thing that will help is Jordan driving up right now." Marge stated as she gestured towards the swing. "Care to take a seat?"

"Thanks." Sheriff Bowden sat down next to Marge. "I have every available person out looking for her car. It’s like she just disappeared." He informed Marge as she took off his hat and scratched his head.

"Well, for Jay’s sake I hope nothing happened, because she’ll never be the same." Marge said as she saw the lights go on in the barn. "Did you…" Before she could finish her question the phone rang. "I’ll be right back." Marge jumped up off the swing and quickly answered the ringing phone

A few minutes later Marge walked out of the house with a grim look on her face. "You can call off your search. That was Mary, apparently Jordan called her and asked her to give us a call."

"What? Where is she? Is she okay?" Sheriff Bowden asked in a rush

"Oh, she fine. It’s just she didn’t want to come back here." Marge replied still shocked by the conversation she just had.

"Why not? I thought things were going great between her and Jay." Asked the equally shocked Sheriff.

"So did I, but apparently she got this stupid idea that Jay played her for a fool." Marge said as she shook her head. "Where she got that idea from I have no clue

"Damn, what in the world are we going to tell Jay?" Sheriff Bowden asked as he wiped his hand across his face.

"I don’t, she picked up the phone in the barn. She heard everything that Mary said," Marge said softly as tears ran down her face. "I heard her heart break over the phone."

The Sheriff looked over at the barn. "Should we go over?"

"No, I doubt she’d even know we were there. Right now she needs some time alone." Marge wiped the tears off her face. "She’ll come to us when she needs us."

"Do you think she’ll hurt herself?" Sheriff Bowden asked concerned.

"No, Luke, I don’t think so. She may go a little nuts for awhile though, but you can’t blame her." Marge took the hand that rested on her leg. "Did you know Jay went to the jewelry store this afternoon to get her mother’s ring sized to fit Jordan?"

"Yes, I stopped in at the jewelry store to get my watched looked at and Betsy told me." The Sheriff squeezed the smaller hand he held. "Do you know that is the first time you’ve called me by my first name."

Marge looked up and smiled, "yes, we’ve known each other for years now, and I thought it was about time I called you something besides Sheriff."

The two jumped when the barn doors burst open. At first they both thought it was the wind from the storm, until they heard an engine fire up.

"What in the world is that?" Luke asked Marge.

"Oh no, she wouldn’t dare." Marge said as she slowly stood. "It’s the old dirt bike we keep in the barn."

"You don’t think…" He didn’t get a chance to finish as Jay raced out of the barn.

Because the rain had turned the driveway into one big mud puddle the dirt bike slipped and slid all over the place. Finally getting the bike under control she took off down the road. Throwing mud everywhere.

"Shit," yelled Luke, "she’s going to get herself killed riding in this weather."

"Damn her, if the weather doesn’t kill her I sure in the hell will," Marge replied angrily. "Is there anyway we can follow her?" Marge asked as she headed to the steps.

"We’ll put out a A P B on her. She won’t be able to hide from us long." Luke informed Marge as they stepped into the rain and ran to the car.

When they reached the car a call came over the radio from one of the Sheriff’s deputies. "Go ahead, this is Sheriff Bowden."

"Sheriff, we found that car you were looking for. Do you want me to do anything?" The deputy asked.

"No, I’ll take care of it." He replied back and looked over at Marge. "You want to go pay someone a visit?"

"You bet I do." Marge strapped her seatbelt on. "Let’s go."

"Okay," Sheriff Bowden responded as he started the car.


"How could I believe that someone as sophisticated as her could love a person, who has nothing and will be nothing like her." Jay thought to herself as the rain pelted her face and mixed with tears.

Jay stopped the dirt bike and looked around. She noticed that she was on the out skirts of town. Skunk’s Place lit the darkness with its fast blinking red and blue lights. "I feel like having a drink. She decided as she gunned the engine and drove over to the bar parking lot.

Jay sat there after she turned off the motor and watched the lights illuminate off the side of the building. A crack of thunder made her jump. "Damn weather." She said as she walked to the double doors.

"Hey, Skunk, you around or is it serve yourself night?" Jay yelled as her senses were bombarded with the smell of old cigarettes and beer.

"Are you crazy? Do you think I would let anyone else behind my bar." Skunk said as he walked into the room with a box in his arms. The reason everybody called him skunk was very apparent. A white streak of hair ran down the middle of his head of black hair.

"Then get your ass over here and get me something to drink." Jay ordered as she sat down on a stool.

"What in the hell are you doing out in weather like this?" Skunk asked as he walked behind the bar. He grabbed a towel, "Jesus, Jay, dry yourself off. Your getting everything wet

"Thanks, now give me something that will make me forget who I am." Jay said as she dried her hair.

Skunk looked at Jay, "are you sure? You’ve never drank anything stronger than a beer before."

"Shut up, and give me something to drink." Jay shouted and threw the towel on the bar. "NOW!"

"No problem, coming right up." Skunk responded as he reached for a bottle of tequila. He grabbed a shot glass and poured her a shot.

"Leave the bottle," Jay ordered as she grabbed the mans arm.

"Okay," Skunk let the go of the bottle. "Does Marge know were you’re at?"

"I don’t have to tell Marge where I’m at all the time. Shit, I’m a grown woman and I don’t need anyone." Jay poured another shot and quickly drank it. "Nobody needs me, so why would I need them. They just smash your heart into a million pieces and jump all over your soul."

Skunk started to get scared. He’d never heard Jay talk like this before. "I better go and call Marge." He thought. "Hey, Jay watch the place for me for a second. I have to take a leak." He lied.

Jay downed her sixth shot, "No problem. I’ll take care of things for ya, until you fix that leak."

"This is so not good." Skunk mumbled as he walked into his office and picked up the phone.

Skunk listened as the answering machine picked up after the fourth ring. "Damn, nobodies there." He scratched his ever-present five-day-old beard. "I’ll call the sheriff, he’ll know what to do."

He grabbed the phone and quickly dialed the police station and left a message with the dispatch office letting the sheriff know where Jay was.

Skunk hung up and stared towards the front of the bar. "Now all I have to do is make sure you stay here." When he stepped out of his office he noticed that the bottle of tequila was almost gone. "And not drink herself to death."


"Thanks, Mary, I owe you big time." Jordan said as she sat down on the bed.

"You bet your sweat ass you do," Mary replied from the other end. "Are you sure you saw Jay kissing another woman? It doesn’t sound like something she’d do."

"I know what I saw, and I will not go through that again." Jordan yelled as she slapped the top of the bed with her hand. She realized that she had no right to yell at Mary. "Sorry, didn’t mean to take it out on you."

"Hey, isn’t that what friends are for?" Mary took a deep breath, "go talk to her. Find out what is going in."

"No way, why should I put myself through that?" Jordan replied as she stood to pace.

"Sit down and quit pacing. I’m not even there and you’re making me dizzy." Mary ordered from over the phone. "The reason you would put yourself through that is because you love Jay and even if you don’t think she loves you, I do."

"Damn it, Mary." Jordan screamed, "I saw what I saw."

"Some things aren’t what they seem. Did you ever think of that?" Mary asked calmly. She knew that yelling back would only make things worse.

Jordan was about to answer her friends’ question when she heard a knock on the door. "Listen I have to go now. My dinner has arrived. I’ll call tomorrow with my flight information."

"Jordan, please think about this," Mary pleaded.

"Bye, Mary, we’ll talk more tomorrow." Jordan hung up her cell phone and answered the door

"You have some explaining to do." Marge said as soon as the door opened all the way.

"What are you doing here?" Jordan asked stunned that the older woman and the sheriff stood outside her door in the pouring rain.

"Are you going to invite us in?" Marge asked as she crossed her arms in front of her chest

Jordan knew when to stand and when to bend when it came to Marge and now was defiantly a time to bend.

"Please come in," Jordan gestured to the middle of the room with her hand.

"Do you have any idea what you’ve done to Jay? She’s broken and I don’t think she’ll ever be the same. The person who she gives her heart to just ups and leaves her for no reason what so ever." Marge yelled before Jordan even got the door closed.

Jordan let the anger take over. She no longer cared that Marge was one of her Grandma’s friends. "What I’ve done?" She took a deep breath, "you ask me what I’ve done? I did nothing. I’m not the one who, as soon as my girlfriend leaves jumps into another woman’s arms."

"What in the world are you talking about?" Marge asked very surprised.

Jordan walked up to Marge, "I’m saying that I saw Jay with another woman." She stepped back and waited to see how Marge would react.

Marge shook her head; "you’re crazy. Jay loves you. Why in the world would she be in another woman’s arms?" Marge sat on the edge of the bed. Her own anger slowly left her body at what Jordan just told her.

"Where and when did you see this?" Sheriff Bowden asked from by the door.

"I saw her when I was window shopping this afternoon. I saw this necklace in a window I wanted to get Jay. Before I went in I saw this woman hugging and kissing Jay." Jordan said as she walked over to the little table in the room and sat down with her face in her hands. " Considering the big smile on her face she seemed to enjoy it." Jordan crossed her arms on the table and buried her face in the crack and cried.

Marge stood up and walked over to sit in the other chair at the table. She reached over and placed her hand on one of Jordan’s arm.

Jordan looked up with blood shot eyes at a smiling face. "You find this amusing.

"No, I find this totally ridiculous." Marge stated matter of fact. "Can you tell me what the name of the jewelry store was?"

Jordan sat up and looked at Marge like she had grown a third eye. "How did you know it was a jewelry store? I never said that is was."

"I’ll tell you as soon as you answer one more question." Marge said as she sat back in the chair. "Did this woman have red hair? Red curly hair to be exact."

"How did you know that?" Jordan growled, "you knew she was involved with someone else, didn’t you?" She accused Marge.

"Jay and Betsy involved?" Marge paused and when she had Jordan’s whole attention she answered her own question. "No, fucking way on this world or any other would those two be together."

Marge stood up and walked around the table so she stood right in front on Jordan. She cupped Jordan’s face with her hands and looked her straight in the eyes. " Jay and her went to school together. They’ve been friends for years. Plus Betsy is the straightest woman that ever lived."

Jordan gazed into the older brown eyes of her childhood friend. She only saw truth and honesty.

Then it hit her. Jay wasn’t the one to do the hurting; she was the one who hurt Jay. "What have I done? I have to find Jay." Jordan jumped out of her chair nearly knocking Marge down to the floor, if it wasn’t for her quick flexes she would have.

"Slow down." Marge said as she tried to catch her breath.

"Where is Jay? I need to talk to her." Jordan asked as she still held on to Marge’s arms

Marge looked over at Luke with a frown. "Uhhmmm…"

Jordan saw the look, "what’s wrong?" She glanced from one to the other. "What aren’t you telling me?" Jordan asked scared at what they might say.

"We don’t know where Jay is." The Sheriff replied quietly.

"I don’t understand." Jordan replied confused and walked over to stand next to the bed.

Marge followed the tall brunette; "Jay picked up the phone when Mary called."

"Oh, God," Jordan slumped to the bed. "Tell me what happened." Jordan begged as tears ran down her face falling on her chest.

Marge sat next to Jordan while Sheriff Bowden walked over to sit across from the two women.

Sheriff Bowden leaned over and placed a sympathetic hand on Jordan’s knee. "When you didn’t come home from the airport, Jay called me."

"I’ve never seen her so worked up." Marge interrupted as she put an arm across Jordan’s slumped shoulders. "All she could do was pace back and forth on the front porch."

"That’s what she was doing when I pulled up. The look of disappointment on her face when she saw that it was me broke my heart." Sheriff Bowden whispered.

Marge finished the story as the three sat there. Jordan cried harder when Marge told her how Jay rushed out of the barn into the raging storm with nothing more than a light jean jacket on.

"It’s all my fault. If I had just gone in and confronted Jay, none of this would have happened." Jordan cried after Marge finished talking.

"True, you could have gone in and talked to Jay, but you don’t have anything to do with her getting on that damn bike." Marge stated as she pointed at Jordan. "And when I find her she’ll need a cushion to sit on for a week."

Jordan took a deep breath and stood up. "Lets go find Jay and bring her home. I have some big time explaining to do."

"All right, we’ll take the sheriff’s car." Marge said.

Jordan grabbed her coat and opened the door to the hotel room. "Sounds good to me. I’d get lost in this weather."

The three ran to the car and jumped in.

"Let me radio the station and see if they’ve heard anything." Sheriff Bowden said before he grabbed the mic. "Station one, this is Sheriff Bowden. Do you copy?"

"Go ahead, Sheriff," a female’s voice answered back.

"I’m back in the squad car. Do you have any information for me?" He asked as he sat his wet hat in between him and Marge.

"Yes, sir, Skunk called and said that Jay was down there. He has called about four times now. He said that she’s pretty drunk," the voice informed them.

"Okay, thanks. If he calls back let him know that I’m on my way." Sheriff Bowden responded.

"All right, station one out." The voice said.

"I guess we don’t have to look far." Marge sighed.


"Hey, Skunk get me some more." Jay ordered as she tried not to slide off the chair she sat on.

"Don’t you think you’ve had enough?" Skunk asked as he tried to get the empty bottle away from Jay.

"Don’t touch," Jay yelled and slapped his hand away. "That’s mine."

"Come on Jay, I have that soft cot in the back, you can rest there for awhile." Skunk said as he walked around the bar and tugged on Jay’s arm.

"No, no, no…just give me another bottle." Jay replied as she pulled her arm away from Skunks grasp causing her to lose her balance and fall backwards. "Uhh, that’s gonna leave a bruise."

"Damn it, Jay did you hurt yourself?" Skunk asked as he bent over the drunken blonde on the floor. "Come on, let’s get you in the back."

Jay took Skunks hand and let him help her up. "Is there any way you can stop this carnival ride?" Jay said as she stood up and stumbled around the room.

"Would you let me help you." Skunk begged as he tried to help Jay, but as soon as he got close she’d walk away from him.

"No, get your hands off me." Jay yelled, "I don’t need help from you or anyone else." She turned towards the front doors, but was stopped by two arms circling around her waist.

"There is no way I’m letting you go out there." Skunk grunted from behind Jay. "So just let me take you in the back so you can…OUCH, SON OF A BITCH!" Skunked screamed. "You broke my nose." He brought his hands up and tried to stop the blood.

"Well, you broke my head," Jay replied back as she held her head in her hands. "What in the hell do you think you were doing

Skunk glanced with watery eyes, "trying to stop you from getting killed." He replied and stood up to sit at a table as he grabbed the towel that was in his back pocket. "Damn look at all the blood."

He moved the towel away from his face to see how Jay was, but all he saw was the front doors to the bar wide open. "Shit, Jay, don’t do anything stupid." He stood up on wobbly legs and stumbled over to the doors. He saw the dirt bike still parked in the same place in front of the building. "Thank God for small favors."

Skunk walked out into the rain and looked in every direction to see if he could see Jay.

"My friend I wish I knew what had gotten into you." He thought, as he saw no sign of the small blonde.


"This weather is crazy." Marge said as she walked into Skunks bar. She shook her head to try and get some of the water from dripping on her face. "I feel like a drowned rat."

"You and me both," Jordan agreed.

The Sheriff walked up to the bar. "Hey, Skunk you back there?"

"Hold your horses. I’m coming," Skunk yelled from the back.

"The bike is still out front, so Jay should be around here somewhere." Sheriff Bowden stated as he turned to lean against the bar.

"Nope, she left about ten minutes ago." Skunk informed them as he walked into the room.

"My God, man what happen to you?" The Sheriff asked as she walked towards the bloody man.

"Oh, this little incident happened when I tried to stop Jay from leaving." Skunk replied sarcastically. "Anyone want a drink?" He asked as he went to get one for himself.

"Are you okay?" Marge walked up to the bar to get a better look at Skunk’s face. "Is it broken?"

Skunk poured himself a double and quickly downed it. "At first I thought it was, but it’s not. I’m just going to look like a fucking raccoon tomorrow."

"Where did Jay go?" Jordan asked as she walked up.

"I don’t know. After she head butted me she left." He took another drink. "I went out and tried to see which way she went, but there wasn’t any sign of her." Skunk replied as he reached inside a cooler for some ice.

"What are we supposed to do now?" Jordan began to pace, "she’s out there somewhere hurting because of me, I feel so helpless." Jordan screamed and punched a wall.

Marge walked up behind Jordan. "Do you feel better?" She asked with raised eyebrows.

Jordan glanced behind her as she carefully rubbed her knuckles, "a little bit."

"Uh, huh, let me see." Marge ordered and waited for Jordan to show her, her hand.

"Fine, here," Jordan raised her hand to show Marge. She made a fist and tried to hide the grimace.

Marge grabbed the hand and examined the knuckles. A nice sized bruise was all ready forming. "That’s definitely going to hurt in the morning." She said sarcastically.

Jordan slipped her hand out of Marge’s grasp, "don’t worry. It’ll be okay in a couple of days." She smiled and hooked her arm with Marge’s. "Lets get some coffee."

"Hey do you have any coffee back there? We sure could use a cup if you do." Jordan asked Skunk as he pressed a bag of ice to his face.

"Sure, hold on and I’ll make a fresh pot." Skunk mumbled from behind the cold compress.

"Thanks Skunk, and I’m sorry for what Jay did to you. When we find her and get her sobered up she’ll feel really bad." Marge said as she patted his hand.

"I don’t hold anything against her. She’s just hurting and wants to make it stop for awhile." Skunk stated. "I just hope she has one hell of a hangover tomorrow." He smiled and walked off to make the coffee.

"I hope that’s her only problem." Marge thought to herself

Sheriff Bowden walked up stood beside Marge. "I’m going to go and use the phone in the office. I want to call around and get some more people out looking."

He glanced over at Jordan who had her head on the top of the bar with her hands over the top of her head. She shook her head slightly back and forth. A little prayer could be heard coming from her.

He looked up and caught Marge’s stare in the mirror. "I’ll be back in a little bit and then we can head on out again."

Marge smiled and nodded her head in agreement.


Jay’s body shivered as the cold rain and wind pounded against her body. "Where is the hell is my jeep?" Jay asked as she stood there and glanced around. "Oh, that’s right. It got blown up." She laughed.

Jay started to walk when a pair of bright lights shone out of the darkness. "What in the hell is that?"

The sound of a loud engine invaded Jay’s alcohol laden brain. She realized that the sound came from a diesel engine, as the sound grew closer.

"Well, well, well, look what we have here." A voice yelled when the truck stopped and the door opened.

"Oh, shit," Jay said right before she was punched in the stomach.

"How does it feel bitch?" Ritchie spat as he grabbed Jay by the hair, "it’s time you paid up for making my life hell."

Ritchie’s fist connected with Jay’s jaw. It sent Jay flying a few feet where she landed in a mud puddle.

"Fuck me," Jay whispered, "that hurt."

"What a sight, the great Jay Krammer sitting in a puddle like a animal." Ritchie laughed. "To bad I’m the only one that got to see this."

"Why don’t you wait until I’m feeling better and then we can continue this conversation." Jay said sarcastically as she stood up on very shaky legs. "Or is this the only way you’ll ever be able to beat me." She asked then spit in Ritchie’s face.

Ritchie wiped the blood and saliva off with the back of his hand. "This is going to be so much fun. I really wish my friends were here."

Jay was ready for the kick to her left kidney. "Yep, it’s too bad. They would love to see me kick your ass again." She tugged on the leg she held with her hands. Ritchie landed in the puddle she just got out of. "How do you like it? Shit head." Jay asked then tried to knee him in the face.

Ritchie saw the move and quickly grabbed it before it could connect with his face. He twisted his body so that Jay would land on the ground next to him. "Not this time," Ritchie quickly stood and delivered a kick to Jay’s ribs.

Jay got ahold of Ritchie’s foot, but not before he got a few good kicks in. "You are such an asshole." She gasped. "Why don’t you crawl back under your rock." Jay kicked her leg out and tripped Ritchie so that he fell face first on the ground.

"Not until I kill you first, bitch." Ritchie shouted back as he tried to get the mud off his face.

Jay laughed, "you should have found me earlier. I would have gladly obliged you." She took a deep breath and winced at the pain it caused. "Now..I’m just pissed off."

Ignoring the pain Jay jumped on top of Ritchie. She punched any body part she came in contact with.

The light from the truck bounced off the fighting couple. Groans and grunts could be heard as one or the other received a well-placed punch.

Ritchie got away from Jay and ran for his truck. He whipped open the door and reached inside for something on his dashboard.

Unsure if her ribs were broken or just bruised Jay lay there and tried to catch her breath. The pain in her side was making her see stars behind her closed eyelids. "This is such a bad day." Jay thought.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, that really hurts." Jay yelled as she raised herself to a seated potion. "What else could go wrong today?" She asked just before she noticed the gun barrel in her face. "I just had to ask." Jay mumbled as she sunk back down to the ground.

"I’m finally going to get rid of you. I should have thought of this before. One bullet and all my worries are over with. "Ritchie waved the gun in front of Jay’s face.

Jay could see the insanity in Ritchie’s eyes.

"You don’t have to do this," Jay pleaded as the rain splashed over her face.

"Oh, yes I do. With you gone I’ll get that land I deserve." Ritchie shouted just as a crack of thunder boomed over head.

Jay saw her opening when Ritchie jumped and the gun momentarily moved away from her face. She brought her leg up and kicked the hand that held the gun.

"You damn cunt, I’m going to put a hole in your head." Ritchie chased after his gun that flew a couple of yards away.

Jay quickly got up and ran the way she had come. "How do I get myself into messes like this?" She asked herself.

"Run, bitch, run. I’ll get you," Ritchie yelled furiously. He picked up the gun and turned around and aimed it in Jay’s direction and pulled the trigger. "Take that you, fucking bitch." He said and pulled the trigger again.


"What was that?" Jordan asked as she brought her head up.

Marge looked over at Jordan, "what was what?"

Jordan stood up and glanced around. "I thought I heard something that sounded like a gun shot." Then she heard it again, "tell me that you heard that."

"I sure did and it did sound like a gun." Marge agreed as she headed for the back of the bar to the office. "We better get the Sheriff."


"Damn, that hurts," Jay moaned. She pulled her hand away and watched as the rain mixed with the blood that seeped from the hole in her shoulder. "I have to get inside and call the Sheriff." She leaned against the side of the building as the pain ran down her arm.

Slowly Jay walked along side the building. "Oh, thank god," Jay breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the sheriff’s car parked in front of her. "I have to get inside." The blinking lights guided her to the doors.

"Don’t you dare move," Jay heard from behind her as she reached for the door. She turned around and saw Ritchie breathing hard.

"I knew tonight was my night." Ritchie mocked and wiggled his fingers that had Jay’s blood on it from where she smeared it on the building’s wall. "What’s a matter? Did you finally get what is owed to you?" Ritchie walked closer. "You have been a thorn in my families side for years." A wicked grin appeared on his face. "Now I’m about to pull that thorn out once and for all." He aimed the gun right at Jay.

Even though Jay was in extreme pain she moved quickly and pulled the door open.

The sudden movement and the door hitting him made him squeeze the trigger. The two bullets hit the sheriff’s car window. The others hit Jay’s dirt bike’s gas tank making it explode in a burst of flames.

The blast sent Jay flying through the opened doors and onto the floor. She lay there and tried not to move, because moving meant pain.

Jordan and the other three ran out from the back office when they heard the explosion. They couldn’t see Jay on the floor because of the thick black smoke rolling in the building.

"My bars on fire," Skunk screamed as he ran for the fire extinguisher behind the bar.

"This is Sheriff Bowden, we have a fire at Skunk’s Bar. I repeat we have a fire at Skunk’s Bar." The Sheriff said into his mic on his shoulder.

"We need to get out of here," Marge stated as she grabbed Jordan’s arm and pulled her to the back. "I saw an exit by the office."

The Sheriff grabbed Skunk as he ran by with the extinguisher. "That won’t work. It’s not enough to put out that out." He gestured towards the growing flames. "Help will be here any second, let’s go."

"But…but it’s my bar." Skunk muttered as he watched the flames eat at his business.

"I know," The Sheriff said softly. "Let’s go."


Ritchie was thrown back against the wall and was stunned for a few minutes. "Shit, what in the hell?" He asked as he glanced around. He saw his gun on the ground a few feet away from his leg so he crawled over and grabbed it. Slowly he stood up and tucked the firearm into the waist of his pants.

"Wow, this is cool." Ritchie said as he began to walk around. When he came closer to where the doors used to be he looked in. He saw Jay lying on the floor not moving. "You lived through one fire I set, but not this time." Ritchie laughed evilly before he jumped through the flames and into the building.

The four ex-occupants of the building came around the corner just in time to hear Ritchie’s confession. They couldn’t get to him in time to stop him from entering the burning building. All they could do was watch as the flames closed off his entrance.

"Why in the world would he jump in there?" Skunk asked as he coughed.

"You heard what he said, didn’t you?" Jordan looked at Marge and the Sheriff. Knowing deep in her gut that Jay was in that building.

They both look at her until it hit them.

"Oh, shit. You don’t think Jay’s in there, do you? How would she get in there? We were just in there and she wasn’t in there." Marge said in a rush.

Sheriff Bowden ran to where Ritchie jumped in. He tried to get close, but the heat was too much. Through the flames though he could see Ritchie and Jay exchanging words, but what caught his attention was the gun Ritchie held.

Sheriff Bowden clicked on his mic, "This is Sheriff Bowden, I need back up at Skunk’s Bar. We have a man with a gun. I repeat man with a gun." He said as he turned to see Jordan standing right beside him.

"You’ve got to help her." Jordan pleaded to the Sheriff. Seeing that he wasn’t going to do anything she started towards the building, but the Sheriff stopped her. Jordan shook his hand off her arm. "Let me go. I have to help her." She growled as she fought the hands that tried to stop her again.


"Ritchie, think of what’s going to happen if we don’t get out of here." Jay said as burning wood snapped and popped all around them. "It’s no fun, trust me."

Ritchie waved the gun in front of Jay. "Trust you. You must be nuts." He yelled, "I’m going to collect what’s mine."

"I’ll give you anything you want. You want my land? You can have it." Jay stumbled on the debris that covered the floor. She noticed the Sheriff standing beyond the flames, but what got her heart going was seeing Jordan right next to him.

"So now you’re just going to hand it over? I should have just shot you sooner." Ritchie replied as he scratched his chin with the gun. "Why didn’t I think of it before? It would have saved us so much time." He bent over and laughed at his discovery.

"Because you are a stupid fuck, that’s way." Jay yelled as she grabbed a barstool and threw it at Ritchie.

Ritchie stopped laughing and raised his gun, but the impact of the stool made him fall against a table.

Jay ran over to the bar and grabbed one of the bottles she had emptied earlier. Then she stepped over to Ritchie and hit him over the head. "Here have a drink on me." She said as she watched Ritchie’s body go limp. " Hope it makes you feel as good as it did me."

Jay leaned over and grabbed Ritchie by the legs; "you might have wanted to kill me." She gasped as pain made tears form in her eyes when she tugged on the dead weight, "but I’m no killer."


Jordan and the Sheriff watched Jay slam the bottle against Ritchie’s head. This made Jordan struggle more.

"Calm down, help is coming." Sheriff Bowden said as he fought to keep a hold of Jordan

"She needs help now, not later." Jordan screamed at the man. "Let me go." She repeated again as she tried to wiggle free.

"Look she’s dragging him towards the back." Sheriff Bowden said as he pointed.

Jordan finally struggled free and took off towards the back. She stopped as she came closer to Marge.

Marge let the tears run down her face. She nodded her head, "go get our girl." She whispered in Jordan’s ear as she quickly hugged the taller woman.

"I will," Jordan said before she took off.

"Please, God watch out for them." Marge prayed before she fell into the waiting arms of the Sheriff.

"They’ll be okay," He reassured Marge as his own tears ran down his face.


"You weigh a fucking ton," Jay groaned as she dropped the legs she had in her hands. She noticed that one of Ritchie’s pant legs was covered in her blood, so she looked at her arm. It was saturated right through her jean jacket. "Shit, that’s a lot of blood."

Jay took a deep breath and looked at the rising flames. She reached for Ritchie’s legs again, "let’s get out of here. It’s getting a little to hot for me."

Jay tugged Ritchie a few feet, "what is it with me and fire anyway?"

"I’d also like the answer to that question myself." Jordan answered as she stepped up and took the legs out of Jay’s grasp.

They stood there for a few seconds and stared into each other’s eyes.

Jordan could see the hurt in Jay’s eyes. Knowing that she put it there she said what her heart screamed at her, "I love you."

Jay saw the truth in Jordan’s eyes as she said those three words. "I love you too, but we need to talk."

Jordan smiled and leaned in to place a kiss on Jay’s lips. "First lets get out of here. Then we can talk."

Jordan pulled Ritchie the rest of the way to the back door. As soon as she opened the door a fireman ran up to her and grabbed a hold of Ritchie and carried him off. A minute later another came up and asked if she was okay and she nodded her head as she tried to catch her breath. "I’m fine."

"Then that’s not your blood?" The paramedic asked as he pointed to Jordan’s hand.

"No, it’s not mine." Jordan replied as she raised her hand seeing the blood for the first time. "It must be his," she pointed over at Ritchie.

"Nope, it’s not his. That’s why I came over to see if you’re hurt." The medic informed her.

"If it’s not his and it’s not mine, it must be…."Jordan turned around and saw Jay lean against the wall and gradually sink to the ground.

"Get a stretcher," Jordan ordered and hurried to Jay’s side.

When she reached Jay she saw the small pool of blood next to Jay and she noticed that Jay’s face wasn’t the usual pinkish, but a sort of ashen color.

"Where are you hurt?" Jordan asked as she ran her hands over Jay’s upper body. She pulled her hands away when the warm blood coated both her hands. She watched as the rain mixed in with the blood and dripped off her fingers. Jordan sat there in a trace until she realized Jay didn’t answer her.

Jordan looked up into unfocused gaze of Jay’s eyes. "Where is that stretcher at?" She yelled. "Baby, look at me please." Jordan begged as she lightly patted Jay’s face with her palms.

Marge ran over when she saw where the two women were. She bent down next to Jordan and tried not to start crying when she saw the state Jay was in. "Oh, my, what happened?" She asked as she rubbed Jay’s leg.

"I don’t know," Jordan replied nervously. "All I do know is that she’s bleeding from somewhere."

"Help me with her coat." Marge directed Jordan.

As soon as Jordan lifted Jay’s left arm she moaned out in pain. Very slowly Jordan pulled the arm out of the sleeve. The two women saw the huge stain mostly on the left side of the shirt. Marge reached up and carefully pulled down the collar to show the exit wound.

"She’s been shot," Marge said horrified.

The minute Jordan’s brain fully understood what Marge had said she wanted to kill little Ritchie Blacksmith. She stood up and turned towards the ambulance. "Stay with her," Jordan said in a cold tone.

Marge jumped up and grabbed Jordan’s arm. "Don’t he’s not worth it. You’re not going to be any help if you’re in jail."

Jordan carefully pushed Marge’s hands off and walked very calmly to the opened doors of the emergency vehicle. She stepped in and sat down next to Ritchie.

Ritchie noticed her as soon as the paramedic moved away from his line of sight. The coldness of the blue eyes made him shiver, but being the stupid person he was he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

"I find it kinda funny," he took a deep breath to calm his fears, "that I’m nice and dry while that bitch is out there bleeding in the rain."

Jordan leaned in as close as she could putting her elbow right on his penis. "You know what I find funny?" An evil smirk appeared across her face.

"No, What?" Ritchie squeaked.

Jordan twisted her elbow a little. She enjoyed the pained expression on his face. "That you, are going to spend a whole lot of time being some guys joy toy."

"Aren’t you going to do anything?" Ritchie screamed at the paramedic as he tried to get Jordan off of his penis, but the excruciating pain that shot through every nerve stopped him.

The paramedic shook his head; "I don’t see a thing." He sat back with a wicked glare.

"What…are you blind?" Ritchie couldn’t believe it. Some maniac Amazon had probably killed his chances of ever having children while this jerk just sat back and watched.

"Someone should’ve kicked your ass a long time ago," the paramedic turned to Jordan. "Let me know when you’re done. I always hated to see a grown man cry." He said before he turned and left.

"Okay, where were we?" Jordan asked with a smile and a raised eyebrow.


Jay knew she had blanked out, because she didn’t remember how she got on the ground. She watched as the flicker of red and blue lights from the police cars and fire trucks ran across the side of the bar. She lay there hypnotized by this action.

A shadow moved over Jay’s face and broke her concentration. She focused on the old brown eyes that caressed her face, "hey," she croaked.

"Ssh, don’t talk." Marge cried. "Just lay there. You’ve been hurt pretty badly." She said as she wiped the rain off Jay’s face.

"Where’s Jordan?" Jay asked as she relished in the touch from the older woman.

"Hmm, she just had to ..umm..go set some thing straight with someone." Marge glanced over her shoulder at the ambulance Jordan stepped into a few minutes ago. "She’ll be back in a bit."

The paramedic that stepped out of the ambulance brought over the things he needed to start transportation. "Excuse me ma’am, I need to get her ready for transport."

Marge stood and walked to stand over the man. She watched as the young man began his routine to get Jay on her way to the hospital.


"Well, look who decided to come back for a visit." Dr. Sheridan said when she noticed Jay’s eyes were open.

Jay tried to sit up, but several sets of hands held her down. "Let me go. I need to find Jordan."

Dr. Sheridan leaned in so that she was face to face with Jay. "Don’t you dare move a muscle. You’re being prepped for surgery. The gunshot wound to your left shoulder is pretty serious. If we don’t get you up there and see what kind of damage is done you might lose all use of your arm."

Jay stopped moving and lay there. "Will you please let me see Jordan?"

"I will send her in for just a second before we take you up to surgery." Dr. Sheridan informed Jay with a pat on the stomach.

"Thanks, Doc," Jay replied and closed her eyes.


The Sheriff had his arm resting behind Marge as they sat in the uncomfortable waiting room chairs. She rested her head on his broad shoulders and held on to his hand.

They both watched Jordan burn a path from one end of the room to the other. Every time she got close to the doors that separated her from Jay she’d glance through the small window.

"Jordan would you please sit down for a second. You’re making me dizzy with all this pacing." Marge pleaded.

"Come over here and take my spot. I’ll go and get us some coffee and something to eat." Sheriff Bowden offered as he stood up.

Jordan looked over at the concerned face of her friend and walked slowly over to Marge. "I’ll take some coffee, but I’m not hungry."

"I can’t believe we’re sitting in this damn place again." Marge said as she took a deep breath and blew it out slowly.

Jordan nodded her head as the guilt that ran through her intensified by the minute. "If only I had gone in there and confronted Jay none of this would be happening. Why did I have to run like a scared child?"

"Stop that kind of thinking." Marge ordered.

Jordan lifted her head, but she couldn’t stop the tears from falling. Marge gently wiped the cheeks and cupped the scared woman’s face. "It’s not your fault. Trouble just seems to find that little shit in there," Marge said as she gestured towards the double doors. "So stop blaming yourself. Just get past it and work it out."

Jordan brought her own hands up to grip Marge’s. "If I had gone in and confronted Jay when I thought she was kissing that other woman, no one of this would have happened."

"Oh, that is a bunch of crap. If Jay hadn’t got on that damn bike. If Ritchie hadn’t been out riding around. It’s all a bunch of ifs." Marge’s voice slowly grew louder as she got up and walked to the doors. "Life sometimes throws you a bunch of shit." Marge turned and gazed into Jordan’s eyes. "The only thing that you can do is hold on and pray you’ll survive. The only thing that makes that ride even worth going through is the love you have for the other person, because you know in the end that they’ll be there to love you and forgive anything that happened."

Tears started down Jordan face again. ""Do you really think Jay will forgive me for running off like that?"

"I have no doubt in my mind that she will." Marge stated matter of fact.

The doors open behind Marge and Dr. Sheridan walked through them.

Jordan saw the doctor and ran up to her. "How’s Jay? Is she going to be alright?"

Dr. Sheridan put her hands up to stop the questions. "Hold on Jordan. Take a breath and calm down a second." She guided the two women to sit back down in the chairs and started to explain what was going on. Then it took a few minutes to answer the questions Marge and Jordan each had, but as soon as she told Jordan that she would be allowed to see Jay before the surgery all questions stopped as Jordan stood and walked to the double doors.


Jay felt someone hold her hand. She slowly opened her eyes and the sight that greeted her made her heart jump out of her chest. The woman she loved more than anything in the world was crying and mumbling something she couldn’t understand.

"If you want me to understand you may want to get a little closer so I can hear you." Jay tugged on Jordan’s hand. She really wanted a kiss and she wasn’t going to get one if Jordan wasn’t closer to her.

"I’m so sorry, so, so sorry." Jordan cried as she looked at Jay lying on the gurney that had a blood soaked sheet under her.

"Why are you sorry?" Jay asked as she tugged a little harder to get Jordan to bend over

Jordan let go of Jay and began to pace. "It’s all my fault that you’re in here. If I hadn’t run off like some scared stupid kid you wouldn’t be here."

Jay ‘s eyes followed Jordan’s movements. Every time she’d get close to Jay she’d try to grab her arm. "Do you love me?" Jay asked interrupting Jordan.

Jordan stopped and slowly turned so she was facing Jay. "What did you ask me?"

"I asked you if you loved me, because I sure do love you." Jay said with a big smile.

Jordan slowly made her way back over to Jay, the woman who held her heart and soul in the palm of her hands. "I loved you from the first moment we meet."

"Good, now would you please give me a kiss so I can go get this damn shoulder fixed." Jay begged.

Jordan bent over and placed her hands on Jay’s cheeks. She felt a slight shiver when her lips touched Jay’s.

They both knew that this wasn’t the place or the time to let things get out of hand, but emotions of the day came crashing down.

Tongues fought for dominance and hands tried to touch all they could.

"Oh shit baby, I’m sorry." Jordan said when she accidentally pressed on Jay wound and the injured woman hissed in pain.

Jay laid there for a few seconds grinning. "It was well worth the pain. Why don’t we try that again." She wiggled her eyebrows.

The sound of the door opening stopped Jordan from getting closer. "I guess we’ll have to wait."

"I guess so, since it’s time for my appointment with a man with a scalpel. Why don’t you go get something to eat and get a little rest." Jay said after she was placed on the other gurney.

"Okay, maybe I could do with a little nap. I’ll see you when you get out." Jordan smiled as Jay was tucked in for her ride to the operating room.

As the two orderlies began to push Jay she had them stop and asked them to give her just a second. When they stepped out of the room, Jay entwined her fingers with Jordan’s and kissed her knuckles. "I want you to stop feeling guilty, okay. Sometimes life throws you a curve and you just have to hang on. We are together and nothing will separate us again."

Jordan gazed down at Jay and she could tell the drugs that Jay was given before she came in were taking effect. "Do you and Marge have a speech worked our or something?" She saw the little smirk and giggled, "I promise to work on the guilt thing."

"Good, that’s all I wanted to know. Plus we have a lot to talk about." Jay replied before she started to fall asleep.

Jordan bent over and gently kissed Jay’s lips and whispered. "I love you and I promise that we will talk and nothing will scare me away from you again."

Jordan called the two orderlies back and she walked next to the gurney for as long as she could. With one last kiss she watched Jay head off to surgery. "I love you with all my heart and I pray that our lives will be nice and quiet from now on.


"He‘s where?" A groggy voice yelled into the phone.

"Ritchie is in the county jail." Travis repeated.

"Do you have any clue as to what my fucked up son did to get there?" Mr. Blacksmith asked his son’s best friend.

"All I know is that somehow Jay Krammer is involved and she is in the hospital with a gun shot wound." Travis had to take the phone away from his ear as the man on the other end screamed. After a few seconds he carefully put the phone back up and listened as the man gave him instruction's on what he was supposed to do.

"You don’t have to worry Mr. Blacksmith I’ll do all I can to help. "Travis replied and hung up.

"Well, son it looks like you have ruined my plans again." Richard Sr. said as he got up and walked to his closet. "This time was the last time. Even if you have to spend some time in jail for you to learn your lesson."

As he walked out of his closet dressed and ready he glanced at the picture of his last wife. "Our son certainly took after your dumb ass family didn’t he."


Continued in part four……………..

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