Raging Horses

Part Six

T. Stratton


"I know I shouldn't feel this good that someone died, but damn it sure feels good not to have to worry about what's going to happen next." Jay thought as she threw a piece of driftwood into the surf. "Maybe some day I'll even be able to get the land I lost to him."

"Hey," Jordan said as she wrapped her arms around Jay. "You've been out here for a while. How are you doing?"

Jay turned so she could hold on to Jordan, "I'm okay."

"You're sure?" Jordan kissed the top of the blonde head that rested under her chin.

Jay nodded, "yep, I'm fine."

"Good, now come in side. Ellen has lunch ready." Jordan guided Jay across the sand and up the path to the back door.


"Everyone wants in," Jasmine stated as she jumped up and down.

Jacob smiled as he moved out of the way so that she could enter his apartment, "I know. Isn't it great."

"Plus everyone is so jealous of you. They keep calling me wanting to know how you keep getting these great shots." Jasmine said as she sat down on the couch. "Turn the TV on and see how many times we can find your video being plugged."

Jacob walked over and tossed Jasmine the remote before he hit the on switch. "You do the honors. I need another drink. Want one?"

"Sure, give me whatever your having," Jasmine flipped through the stations, only stopping on one if they were playing Jacob's video "So far I counted four."

"Here you go," Jacob handed Jasmine her drink and sat down next to her. "I'm making a fucking mint."

"Hey, remember I'm the one who helps you out," Jasmine grinned. "So you going to share?"

"I know you helped me and yes I'm going to share," Jacob smiled, "hey did you turn the TV off?"

"No," Jasmine said as she tried the on/off button on the remote, "It's not working."

"What?" Jacob grabbed the remote, "let me see that." He reached over and flipped the switch to turn on the lights.

"Didn't you pay your light bill?" Jasmine teased.

"Yes, I just sent it off last week." Jacob fumed as he ran around his apartment flipping switches. "Would you get that?" He yelled from his bedroom after his doorbell rang.

"Sure," Jasmine walked over and opened the door; "can I help you officer?"

"Is this the home of Jacob Trainer?" The police officer asked.

"Yes, please come in and I'll get him," Jasmine waved the officer in and shut the door. "I'll be right back."

"No problem," replied the officer.

Jasmine quickly walked down the hall and shut the bedroom door; "it's a cop."

"What do you mean it's a cop?" Jacob spat as he grasped Jasmine by the shoulders.

"At the door, a cop, is here to see you," Jasmine poked Jacob in the chest.

"Oh man, what does he want?" Jacob lowered his head and rested it on Jasmines shoulder. He took a deep breath; "okay lets see what he wants."

Jasmine walked over and opened the door, "after you."

Jacob just smiled and walked down the hall to the officer, "is there something I can do for you?"

"Jacob Trainer?" The officer asked as he turned from looking over the photographs.

"That's me," Jacob smiled.

"This is for you," the police officer handed Jacob an envelope. "Please make sure you follow everything that letters says." He stepped to the door, "have a good day," and left.

Jacob ripped open the envelope; "this is a restraining order against me. I can't get within one hundred yards of Jordan Martin or her property."

"You knew that was going to happen sooner or later," Jasmine replied as she poured herself another drink. "How are you going to get your prize shots now?'

"Shit they have to catch me first," Jacob tossed the paper on the table. "I have to call the electric company and find out what the hell is going on."

"I'll just be going now," Jasmine drank the rest of her drink. "Thanks for the drinks."

After about an hour of people not knowing what Jacob was talking about he slammed down the receiver, "Fuck, what the hell is going on?"


"You sure this is okay to wear tonight?" Jay asked as she held up a white t-shirt and black jeans.

Jordan stepped out of the bathroom brushing her hair, "yes, I'm wearing basically the same thing."

Jay grinned and moved closer to Jordan, "you look sexy."

"Thank you, but we don't have time for that." Jordan bent over and kissed the pouting lips. "I'll make it up to you tonight."

"I'll hold you to that," Jay grinned as she caressed Jordan's bare shoulders. "You're so soft."

"Don't," Jordan smiled, "I wish we could stay, but I have to go to the premiere. You can stay home if you want."

"And miss the chance of running into Jacob Trainer, I don't think so." Jay backed up and grabbed her shirt and jeans, "I'm going to take me shower now. I'll be out in a few minutes."

"I have a feeling that this is going to be a night I will never forget." Jordan thought out loud as she turned to her closet.


"Ms. Martin look this way please." Yelled one reporter after another.

Jay was glad that Jordan suggested she wear her sunglasses, "damn, how does anyone ever get through this with out their eye sight going bad."

"Annoying isn't it?" Jordan yelled into Jay's ear, "you could go with Mom, Dad and the boys."

"Not going to happen," Jay yelled back and held on to Jordan hand tighter. "Together no matter what."

It took them a while to finally get to the doors to the theater and meet with the rest of their family.

"How do you get used to that?" Jay asked as she took a deep breath. "It's tiring."

"I know, all those people screaming and wanting to talk to you," Jordan teased as she tugged Jay to where they would be sitting.

"You're so not funny," Jay laughed as she followed Jordan. "Where are we going?"

"To my own box," Jordan smiled back to her lover. "Privacy."

"Ohh, I really like the sound of that," Jay quickened her pace.

"Follow me," Jordan winked.

"Always," Jay stated matter of fact.


"That was a good movie," Lance said to everybody when they stood to leave.

"You were great in it," Jay bent over to give Jordan a kiss.

"Thanks," Jordan grabbed Jay's hand as she stood up to follow everyone else.

"What parties are you going to?" Garrett asked when the reached the lobby.

"None, I'm going to go home." Jordan informed her family.

They stood off to the side waiting for the people to thin out before they headed to the limousine.

Jordan smiled and nodded her head as people passed her letting her know what they thought of the movie. When she turned to say something to Jay she noticed a man standing off to the side with his camera poised to take a picture.

"Look who decided to show up," Jordan motioned with her head.

Jay looked around, "who?"

"Our lovely photographer," Jordan acknowledged.

"Where?" Jay demanded as she scanned the room once again.

Jordan held on to Jay for fear that she would dash off and pummel the man to death, "he's over behind the potted tree over in the corner."

"Can I have my hand back please," Jay asked as she tried to wiggle her hand free.

Jordan looked at Jay with concern; "I don't want you to get into trouble because of that twit. So please stay here."

"If I promise not to do anything will you let me go," Jay responded as she looked deep into Jordan's eyes. "I promise not to touch a single hair on his head. I just want to have a little talk with him."

Jordan new it was a bad idea, but she trusted Jay so she let go, "okay, but please take Lance or Garrett with you."

"I will," Jay walked over to Lance and grabbed his hand. "Come with me."

"Where are we going?" Lance asked as he was tugged into the crowd.

Jay turned to look at him with an evil eye, "to have some fun of course."

"What kind of fun?" Lance asked with raised eyebrows. "Won't my sister be jealous?"

"Get your mind out of the gutter," Jay scolded with a smile. "We have a certain reporter that needs to have his manners put back in place."

Garrett stepped up behind his sister, "where are those two going?"

Jordan turned around to face her brother; "they are about to cause some trouble." She pointed over her shoulder at Jacob.

"I want to go too," Garrett pouted and started to head in the direction Jay and Lance went.

Jordan grabbed his arm, "no way, you're staying with me. I have a feeling even though Jay promised to be good I'm going to need you to help me get them out of here and fast."

"Lance always has all the fun," Garrett crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"Stop being a baby," Jordan laughed at her brother.


"I still can't believe you two did that," Joe laughed. "The look on his face when that plant came crashing down on his head was priceless."

"Well, he wasn't listening to reason," Jay shrugged her shoulders as she tried not to laugh. "Maybe he'll get some of his own medicine and have his face plastered across every magazine."

"We can only hope," Jordan rubbed Jay's back. "What exactly did he say that made you do that anyway?"

Lance growled, "you really don't want to know."

Jordan looked over at her brother, "oh, yes I do."

Jay took a deep breath and let it out slowly, "he didn't like the fact that we confronted him. We told him if he didn't back off and stop following us around making our private lives very public we'd do more than have his electricity shut off."

"Oh, boy that did it. He started saying things about free speech and a bunch of other stuff that slimy reporters use so they can print what the want and not feel guilty." Lance said as he rolled down the window a bit to let some fresh air in.

"That's when we said that video didn't count. It was an invasion of privacy and that we were going to sue him and all the people that were in on it." Jay continued as she grasped Jordan's hand. "Then he started saying shit about you and that's when we decided the plant would look better on him than in it's pot."

"What did he say about Jordan?" Cindi asked from her spot next to her husband.

Jay lowered her head; "I really wouldn't like to repeat it." Jay squeezed Jordan's hand, "he was just an ass and trying to push my buttons."

Jordan bent closer and kissed Jay on the head, "love you.' She whispered.

"He's lucky all he got was a plant in his face. I could see the rage in your eyes. You wanted to punch him." Lance smacked his fist into his palm.

"You have no idea how that would of made me feel," Jay grinned a nodded her head, "but I promised Jordan I wouldn't kill him."

"I wouldn't have been too mad had you maybe hit him just once," Jordan informed Jay with an evil smirk.

"Now you tell me," Jay rolled her eyes. "You couldn't have informed me of this..oh say…before I went over to talk to him."

"Sorry," Jordan responded before she brought Jay's hand up and kissed her palm.

Jay brought the entwined hands to her lips, "nothing to be sorry for."

"You two make me need a big glass of milk." Garrett said as he watched his sister and Jay.

Jay looked at him with a raised eyebrow, "what in the hell does that mean?"

Garrett laughed, "milk always makes something that is way to sweet go down better."

"Hardy har har," Jordan stuck her tongue out, but quickly put it back in her mouth as Jay tried to grab it.


Jordan rested her head on Jay's stomach and traced the muscles that twitched, "Honey?"

"Hmm," Jay stretched.

Jordan turned to place her chin on the top of her hand, "what did Trainer say to you."

"Baby, I really don't want you to know what he said," Jay replied honestly.

"I want to know," Jordan sat up and sat crossed legged next to Jay. "Please."

Jay sighed, "are you sure?"

Jordan nodded her head, "yes."

"Okay, he said the only reason you were still doing any movies was because you slept with anyone and everyone. Plus he said the only reason you were with me at all was because I had something you wanted." Jay pushed herself up so she was leaning back against the headboard. "What really got me was when he said that you even slept with him just to get your picture in the paper and he laughed when he said that's when you turned to women. He said that he ruined you for all men."

"That son of a bitch," Jordan cursed as she slapped the bed.

"He continued to say some other stuff, but by that point I just snapped and you saw what happened." Jay rubbed Jordan's knee.

"Why do people pay attention to crap tabloids put out?" Jordan questioned as she laid her head on Jay's lap.

"Not sure maybe," Jay ran her fingers through Jordan's long dark hair. "Some people need the distraction from their own boring lives. They want to see people who they think have it all brought down to their level."

"That's just plan stupid," Jordan responded as she shut her eyes.

Jay nodded her head, "Yes, it is." She watched as Jordan drifted off to sleep. "Next time he better watch out. I don't plan on being so nice about him bad mouthing you."


Jacob sat in his car next to Jordan's driveway. "You just wait." He took another drink from his bottle of alcohol; "I will get you for embarrassing me like that." He gunned the engine and squealed the tires leaving two long black streaks on the cement."


"Good morning Ellen," Cindi said as she walked into the kitchen.

Ellen turned and smiled, "morning Mrs. Martin. How was the movie last night?"

"It was good. Maybe her best yet," Cindi informed the housekeeper with a smile. "What are you doing?"

"Oh, this is for Ms. Krammer. She asked me if I could make a picnic for lunch for everybody." Ellen said as she cut a sandwich in half.

"Ohh really, that sounds like a great idea," Cindi smiled as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

"I think that Ms. Martin and Ms. Krammer make a great couple. You can tell that she just adores her," Ellen stuffed the now wrapped sandwich into the basket.

"Who adores who?" Cindi asked with a knowing smile.

"They adore each other," Ellen stated matter of fact.

Cindi laughed and nodded her head; "you got that right. They're like two peas in a pod."

"What about peas?" Jordan questioned as she walked into the room and over to her mom giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Hello Mom."

"Hello, dear. And we were talking about Jay and you." Cindi patted Jordan on the shoulder. "You two were meant to be together."

"Yes we were," Jordan agreed as she reached for a cup. "She rocks my world."

"Believe me dear, we know that already," Cindi moved away from her daughter. "You forgot to close your door and the whole house heard how she rocked your world."

"Oh, God." Jordan blushed and lowered her head.

"That's what you said last night," Cindi teased as she ran from the room.

"MOTHER," Jordan yelled. "I can't believe she said that."

Ellen had to grab the counter to stop herself from falling to the floor, "I love your family, Ms. Martin. They sure do know how to have fun."

"We sure do," Jordan leaned against the counter taking a sip of her coffee. "Is that the lunch Jay asked you to fix for our picnic?"

"Yes, it's all ready to go. I'll put it in the fridge until your ready." Ellen grabbed the handle of the basket and opened the door to the appliance. "Do you think you'll need anything else?"

"No, that should do it." Jordan replied, "why don't you take the rest of the day off and come with us."

Ellen closed the door and smiled, "that would be great. Thanks."

"Well, you are part of this family after all," Jordan acknowledged as she walked up and gave Ellen a hug.

"That makes me very happy to hear that," Ellen wiped tears that began to fall.

"Don't start crying. It will only get me going," Jordan sniffed as she too started to cry.

Jay stepped into the room and looked at Jordan and then Ellen, "what's going on? Why are you two crying?"

"We're just so happy," Jordan responded as she wiped her nose on her sleeve.

"That's gross," Jay pointed at Jordan's sleeve. "I'm not coming anywhere near you until you change your shirt."


"So Jay where are we going?" Cindi asked as she stood by her car.

"Mary told me about a park near by." Jay replied as she opened the door for Cindi. "I always loved picnics and thought it would be a great idea for us to go and do something as a family before we left to go back to the ranch."

"That's very thoughtful of you, and it is a perfect idea," Cindi kissed Jay on the cheek before she slipped into the passengers seat of her car.

"Sucking up to our mother are you?" Lance kidded Jay as she opened the back door of the car.

"You will learn one day that it's the only way to go." Jay lowered her voice, "see if you can keep the mother in law happy then no matter what happens to her daughter and you she'll always love you."

"I heard that," Cindi yelled from the front of the car. "And she's right."

Jay and Lanced started to laugh.

"Are you guys going to have Ellen ride with you," Jordan asked as she walked up to the car.

Lance nodded his head, "yes, she'll have more room with us. You have all the stuff in the back of your car."

"Okay, now we are just waiting on those Dad, Garret and Ellen." Jordan said as she walked over to her car. "Jay are you driving?"

"No, you can. I'm not used to all the crazy drivers here." Jay replied as she walked over to Jordan's car. "We'll go on ahead and pick out a spot."

"Okay, that sounds good." Lance agreed as he waited for the rest of the family. "See you in a few."


"Do you know where we are supposed to meet Jay and Jordan?" Garrett asked from the back seat.

"Yes, I talked to her earlier and I know the place she was talking about." Joe responded as he drove. "Looks like an accident up ahead."

"Sure does," Lance leaned forward to get a better look. "Dad you should pull over and let Garrett and I out so we can help until the police arrive."

"Good idea," Joe turned on his signal and pulled off the road.

Lance and Garrett got out of the car and walked over to the car that was crumpled and leaking fluids every where on the ground.

"This guy smells like he swam in a bucket of booze." Garrett informed his brother as he reached in to check the man's pulse. "I got nothing here."

A man ran up to Lance, "you have to help the ones in the car that he hit. They went down the embankment."

"Okay, show us." Garrett quickly followed the man and looked down when he pointed at a car that sat upside down about twenty yards away from them. "Did you see what happened."

"Yes, he just came out of no where and slammed into them." The man yelled over the sirens from the emergency vehicles that were arriving.

"What do you have Garrett?" Lance asked as he ran up to his brother.

Garrett pointed over the edge, "that guy hit that car and sent it over the edge."

Lance glanced over and cringed. As he looked a little longer he noticed the color and the make of the car was the same as Jordan's car. "Oh God," He yelled as he saw the license plate. It read 'JM 1'

"What?" Garrett asked concerned by the way his brother's face paled.

He started to go down the embankment; "it's Jordan's car."

"No," Lance ran after his brother.

The two men skidded down the hill trying not to cause to many rocks from sliding down with them.

"You go and check on Jay," Lance said to Garrett.

Garrett just nodded his head.

This was every police officers nightmare. Coming up to an accident scene and finding out your family was involved.

Lance moved around to the driver's side and bent over on his knees to see how his sister was. "Jordan can you hear me?"

No sound came from Jordan so Lance reached in and checked for a pulse. He found one, "thank god," he let out a breath of relief. "I got a pulse here." He heard Garrett repeat what he said. "How's Jay?"

"Hold on a second. Her window is in the way." Garrett yelled back as he tried to open the door. "I need your help. I can't get the door open."

"Okay," Lance quickly hurried around the car. "On the count of three. One…two…three." They pulled and finally the door gave way so they could check on Jay.

"I got a nice strong pulse." Garrett informed Lance.

"You two need to get out of here," A fireman ordered them.

"We are police officers and the people in this car are our sister and her partner. No way in hell are you going to get us out of here until they are out." Lance screamed back.

"Okay, calm down. Now tell me what we've got." The fireman asked as he stepped over to the car.

"Two females, both are still unresponsive with strong heart beats. They both have on their seat belts and that's what's keeping them in place." Garrett informed the man.

"Let me call up and tell them what we need," the fireman said as he switched on his walkie-talkie.

After they got the right equipment down where the car was it only took twenty minutes to get Jordan and Jay out of the car.

"I need to go and tell Mom and Dad what's going on," Lance said as he wiped his hands off on his pants. "You go ahead and ride with Jordan I'll hurry up and go with Jay."

"Okay," Garrett stepped into the ambulance that would take Jordan to the hospital.


"Oh here comes Lance," Cindi pointed out the window. "He doesn't look so good. Some body must have been hurt pretty badly."

"He had some blood on his shirt," Ellen noticed as the man came closer.

Lance walked over to his Dad's side of the car and bent over to rest on the open window.

"Are you okay honey?" Cindi asked as she looked at her son.

Lance shook his head, "no," He looked up into his mother's eyes. "Jordan and Jay were in one of the cars. I need to hurry so I can ride with Jay to the hospital. Garrett is with Jordan. They were both unresponsive, but they have a strong heart beat. You need to follow us and meet us there."

"Okay son, go be with Jay." Joe replied trying not to loose it. He grabbed Cindi's hand and held on tight as he watched his son run off.

"Ohh my," Cindi cried.

Joe turned engulfed his wife in a hug; "everything is going to be okay."

"Why? Those two have been through so much shit already." Cindi cried on her husband's shoulder.

Joe reached back and grabbed ahold of Ellen's hand; "I don't know honey, but those two will be alright. Let's get going."

"Okay lets hurry," Cindi sat back and wiped her face.


Cindi and Ellen walked into the ER and looked around to see if they could spot Lance or Garrett.

"Over there," Ellen pointed.

They walked up to the two men who were talking to a doctor.

"What's going on?" Cindi asked as she stepped up to her sons.

"Mom, this is Dr. Bates he's just got done examining Jordan." Lance wrapped his arm around his mom's waist.

"Mrs. Martin, like I just told your sons. We had to take Jordan up for emergency surgery. She had internal bleeding, we will know more when they are done. Plus she has a broken left leg and a dislocated left shoulder." Dr. Bates informed the group. "Now if you will please excuse me I have other patients."

"Wait, what about the woman that was brought in with her?" Ellen jumped at the man grabbing his white coat by the sleeve.

"You mean the small blonde?" Dr. Bates asked.

"Yes," they all said at the same time.

"She's fine, just a broken arm and a bump on the head. She has a mild concussion, but she is awake and waiting for a room." The doctor motioned towards a curtain. "She is over there if you want to go see her."

"Thank you doctor," Lance shook the man's hand then turned to follow his family.


Jay lay there with her eyes closed. She had tried to sit up but the pain shot up her arm and made her sick to her stomach.

"What the hell happened?" Jay asked the nurse who stood by the bed.

The nurse smiled and answered the question again; "you have been in an accident. Your right arm is broken and you have a mild concussion."

"Okay," Jay lay there and tried to get her stomach to calm down.

"Oh, how are you doing honey?" Cindi asked softly as she stepped up to the bed.

Ellen, Garrett and Lance stayed out in the hallway to wait for Joe who was parking the car.

"Hey, Mom. Just a bump on the head." Jay smiled at her then she started to look around. "Where's Jordan?"

Cindi looked up at the nurse with concern.

"Part of having a concussion. I've told her she's been in a car accident four times." The nurse stated before she stepped out of the make sift room.

Cindi walked up to the bed and brushed Jay's blonde bangs out of her eyes. "Honey, she was in the car with you. They had to take her up for emergency surgery."

"What?" Jay tried to sit up but Cindi's held her down. "Stay right where you are. All we can do is wait."

"How bad was she hurt?" Jay mumbled as she tried to stay calm.

"Her left leg is broken and her left shoulder was dislocated. The worst of it is she has internal bleeding. That's why she was rushed into surgery." Cindi caressed Jay's cheek as tears fell down her own.

"She'll be okay? Right?" Jay questioned softly.

"All we can do is pray." Cindi said as Joe stepped in the room.

"There is a police officer out here that would like to talk to Jay," Joe stepped up to stand by his wife and grasped Jay's hand, "hey, how are you doing?"

"I'll be better after I find out how Jordan's doing," Jay responded as she squeezed Joe's hand.

"We all will be," Joe smiled. "Do you want me to tell him to come back?"

"No, let's get this over with." Jay said, "it's not like I can help a whole lot. The last thing I remember is going to bed last night."

"I'll go get him," Joe released Jay's hand and moved the curtain and waved the police officer over.

"Hi, I'm Officer Chadwick and I need to ask you a few questions about the accident." The policeman took out a small notebook and pen. "What can you tell me about what happen earlier today?"

"Nothing, I don't remember any of it." Jay replied as she closed her eyes.

"Nothing at all ma'am?" Officer Chadwick questioned.

"Sorry, everything is a blank," Jay replied feeling like crap because she couldn't remember anything to help. "Did anyone see what happened?"

"We have several witnesses," Officer Chadwick acknowledged with a nod of his head.

"What happened?" Cindi asked.

"Your car was hit on the drivers side by a drunk driver. He ran a stop sign and made the car you were in flip over an embankment." He informed the two women. "Do you have any more questions?"

"No," Jay whispered quietly.

"Here is my card. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call." Officer Chadwick said as he handed Cindi and small white card.

"Thanks officer," Cindi put the card in her purse.

Officer Chadwick walked out of the room leaving the two alone.

"I can't lose her. She is my life." Jay started to cry as the reality of what happened crashed down on her.

Cindi tried to comfort Jay without hurting her arm, "ohh, honey. Jordan's going to be okay. She's just a little banged up is all."

"You know since Jordan's met me she's spent a whole lot of time in a hospital. Maybe it's a sign that she'd be better off without me." Jay cried.

"No, don't you even think that for one more minute." Cindi scolded Jay. "I have never seen my daughter this happy. You make the light in her eyes shine brighter than I've ever seen it."

Jay nodded her head and was about to reply, but an orderly pushed open the curtain.

"Ms. Krammer?" He asked as he pushed in another gurney.

"Yes," Jay answered.

"Hi, my name is Norris and I'm here to take you to get a cast on your arm then take you to your room." He gently helped Jay scoot over to the other bed. "She'll be in room 710."

"Thank you," Cindi smiled. "While your getting that done we'll get an update on Jordan."

"Okay," Jay whispered.

Cindi walked up to Jay and rested her hand on Jay's shoulder. "You keep thinking positively. Jordan and you belong together."

Jay closed her eyes and tried to believe those words. "Belong together." She thought, "Maybe, maybe not."


Jordan heard someone call her name. "Hmm."

"She's coming around," Lance said with excitement. "Jordan open your eyes."

"Lance leave me alone," Jordan mumbled softly.

"Honey, open your eyes," Joe asked his daughter as he grabbed her hand.

Jordan turned her shifted a little and gasped out in pain, "what the hell?"

"Don't try to move. You've had major surgery." Joe informed Jordan. "I have someone who's been very impatient to see you." He motioned for Garrett to wheel Jay closer.

Jay reached out and placed Jordan's cast covered hand inside her hand very carefully, "hey baby. You're going to be just fine."

Jordan shook her head to clear the fuzziness when she opened her eyes. She saw her dad and mom on her right side and smiled, "hi." Then she looked up and saw her brothers and smiled at them. She then turned and saw Jay, "who are you?" Jordan asked confused.

"What?" Jay asked as she slipped her hand away from Jordan's.


To Be Continued In Part Seven……….

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