Raging Horses

Part Eight

T. Stratton

Read disclaimers in part one. Tinstrttn@aol.com



Jay ran a finger in between Jordan’s breast. "You have the softest skin."

"Thanks," Jordan whispered as she relaxed from the mind-blowing orgasm she just had.

"We better be getting back home," Jay said as she kissed along Jordan’s collarbone.

Jordan smiled, "I like the sound of that."

Jay looked up, "sound of what?"

"Home," Jordan sighed as she caressed Jay’s back.

"Yep, you and me and our home," Jay sat up and reached for her shirt.

"I’m so glad Jimmy decided to sneak those poems to me," Jordan said as she stretched before she sat up.

Jay turned her head around and raised her eyebrows; "Jimmy gave you those poems I told him not to take?"

"Yes, he did, and I’m glad he did." Jordan grabbed Jay’s hand and squeezed it. "I think with having Jordan’s Destiny and then the poems they reached inside my head and brought those memories out. I will forever be in his debt."

"I guess I owe him too," Jay kissed Jordan’s soft lips. "He brought you back to me."

"Yes, he did," Jordan jumped up, "come on. I’m getting hungry." She quickly grabbed her clothes and threw them on.

Jay copied Jordan and got dressed, "Meet you at home."

"You bet," Jordan smiled as she ran to the truck.

Jay walked to her jeep and watched Jordan drive away. She looked up and grinned, "thanks."


"You better watch it buddy," Travis said to Ritchie as he stumbled to sit on the couch. "You’ve already got your ass in the sling for shooting her. I seriously doubt what you have planned will work."

"This is my last chance. I know I’ll be going to jail for what I did. I just want to make sure Jay gets what coming to her." Ritchie replied as he finished off his beer. "My father died without getting what he wanted. I’m doing this for him, to show him that I can get things done."

"He’s dead Ritchie let it go," Travis mumbled as he kicked his boots off and put his feet on the coffee table. "If you play your cards right and suck up to Judge Cross he’ll let you go with a warning."

"I doubt that. Sure he was a friend of my fathers, but he is known for following the law in his court room." Ritchie stood up and stumbled over to the little refrigerator Travis had in his room. "You want another while I’m here?"

"Sure toss me one," Travis held up his hands. "I don’t think you should do anything now that your father is dead. Shit the only reason you’re not in prison waiting for the trial to start is because of your dad’s friend."

"No, I will not let Jay Krammer win that easily." Ritchie tossed Travis his beer and grabbed one for himself. "You sure have mellowed out lately. Why?"

Travis shrugged his shoulders, "don’t know." He replied as he twisted off the beer cap and took a drink. "Maybe it’s that we always had your Dad’s backing and I knew we’d get out of things. Now it’s just us and them and they seemed to be having all the luck."

"My friend," Ritchie walked over to sit next to Travis. "It’s time the tables were turned. Don’t you think?"

Travis sat there and thought for a minute. A big evil grin formed after a few minutes, "okay, we can call this our last hurray."

Ritchie raised his beer and yelled, "to the last hurray!"

Travis clinked his beer bottle with Ritchie’s before he took a drink. "Watch out Jay, because here we come and this time everything will be different."


"These have been the best two days," Jordan said as she walked into the kitchen with a big smile on her face.

"I would hope so," Marge turned to Jordan. "With all that screaming I heard coming from you two the past couple of nights." She said before she winked.

"What can I say, we’re making up for lost time." Jordan giggled as she sat at the table and flipped through the mail.

"Where’s Jay? Did you wear her down and leave her to recuperate?" Marge teased as she poured herself and Jordan a cup of coffee.

"She’ll be here in a minute. I left when she was getting out of the shower," Jordan picked up an envelope that had Jay’s name on it. "Wonder what this is about?" She thought as she read the name of Jay’s attorney.

"What have you got there?" Marge asked as she set the cups down on the table. She took a seat next to Jordan.

"A letter for Jay. It’s from her lawyer." Jordan showed Marge the front of the envelope.

Marge nodded her head; "he’s probably letting Jay know when the trial will start."

"What trial?" Jordan questioned.

"The one for Ritchie Blacksmith. They’ve been putting it off for months now for some stupid reason after another." Marge replied as she added sugar to her coffee.

"I totally forgot about that." Jordan put the letter on the table, "Why wasn’t I informed about this. I am a witness."

"Sure you are, now, but after the accident you couldn’t remember so Jay made sure that you wouldn’t be bothered by this." Marge informed the brunette.

"God, I love her," Jordan mumbled around her coffee cup.

"I know and she loves you," Marge patted Jordan’s shoulder. "You yelled it enough times last night for everyone within a hundred miles know it."

"What can I say," Jordan laughed.

"Say about what?" Jay asked as she walked into the room buttoning up her shirt.

"Nothing dear," Jordan lifted the letter up and handed it to Jay. "You got a letter from your lawyer."

"Good, hopefully this time they’ve set a date and I can finally get done with the Blacksmith’s." Jay ripped open the letter and read it. "Good, we go to court next week."

"I want you to see if I can be a witness," Jordan said as she stood up and gave Jay a kiss. "I was there and I remember it now and would like to help put that asshole behind bars where he belongs."

"Okay, I’ll call Fred and let him know," Jay kissed Jordan back but she didn’t stop there and started to nibble down Jordan’s long neck.

Marge walked up to the two and smacked Jay on the back of the head, "give that girl a break. Get ready to eat."

Jay waited until Marge turned towards the stove before she reached over and pinched Marge’s butt.

"Hey, stop that," Marge slapped Jay’s hand away. "Go sit."

"Yes, ma’am," Jay grabbed Jordan and gave her one quick kiss. "So what’s the plans for today?"

"I think I’m going to go into town and do some shopping. Marge you want to come with me?" Jordan asked as she sat down.

"Sorry dear I can’t. Luke is coming over for lunch and I want to get all dolled up." Marge replied as she set two plates filled with eggs, bacon and hash browns in front of them.

"You got yourself a hot date do you?" Jay teased as she dug into her breakfast. "You got a diet Dr. Pepper running around in that fridge of yours?"

"Yep," Marge answered as the phone rang. "Hello."

Jordan slapped at Jay for trying to steal a piece of her bacon. "Stop that."

"Shhhh, she’s on the phone," Jay pointed at Marge.

"Okay, let me get her for you. It was nice talking to you and I can’t wait for you to come visit." Marge nodded her head and smiled. "Okay here she is," She covered the mouth piece and held it out for Jordan, "It’s your mom."

Jordan walked over and kissed Marge on the cheek, "thanks,"

"Your welcome," Marge said as she walked over to the table.

"Hi, mom," Jordan smiled as she spoke. "Yes everyone here is fine, when will you be coming for a visit?"

"Well I was just talking to your father about that and would next week be to soon?" Cindi asked from her kitchen table.

"That would be great," Jordan jumped up and down with excitement.

"Super I’ll give you a call and let you know the details. Plus we’ll need directions to the ranch." Cindi replied as she sipped her hot tea.

"Okay Mom, well see you later." Jordan responded.

"Bye and we love you," Cindi smiled.

"Love you too and tell Dad that I love him. Bye," Jordan hung up the phone a walked back to her seat. "Mom and Dad will be coming for a visit next week."

"Cool, I have missed them." Jay ate the last of her breakfast. "Well, I’m off to check on a bunch of stuff. You have fun shopping." Jay kissed the top of Jordan’s head. "And you make sure the Sheriff keeps his hand to himself." She pointed at Marge.

"He’ll keep his hands where ever I tell him too," Marge smiled over her cup of coffee.

"You are so bad," Jay laughed. "I’ll see you later ladies."

"Bye," Jordan and Marge waved at Jay.


"Good evening ladies," Luke said as Jay and Jordan joined him and Marge at the dinner table.

"Hello Luke," Jay said as she held Jordan’s chair out for her. "Where are Jimmy and Sam?"

"They decided to go see a movie and have dinner in town." Marge answered as she set two plates on the table filled with great smelling food.

"That looks wonderful," Jordan sat down, "and hello Sheriff."

"No more of that Sheriff stuff. You can call me Luke just like everybody else here," Luke smiled over at Jordan. "It’s good to see you again."

"It’s good to see you too," Jordan grinned back. "Now tell me about your day."

The foursome ate their dinner telling each other what happened during their time away from each other. Quickly the food was gone and dishes done.

"I’ll be back in a little bit. I’m going to go and check on Jordan’s Destiny." Jordan said as she grabbed her coat.

"I’ll join you in a little while. I want to talk to Luke about the trial coming up." Jay walked over and gave Jordan a kiss. "I love you."

Jordan leaned over a bit and kissed Jay back, "love you too. See you in a bit." Jordan wiggled her eyebrows a little letting Jay know that she had plans for her in the barn.

"I’ll make it really quick," Jay whispered.

"Make sure you do. I don’t want to start without you," Jordan ran a finger across her chest.

Jay growled, "you are so wicked."

"You love it," Jordan winked and headed out to the barn knowing full well that Jay watched her every step.


"Are you two sure about this?" Doug asked as he followed Travis and Ritchie into Jay’s barn.

"Would you shut up," Travis growled.

"Yes, we’re sure. We’ve watched them and for the past two days she comes out and checks on the horses." Ritchie informed Doug from the corner they decided to hide in.

"I should have gone with Mark," Doug whispered more to himself than the other two.

"I’m starting to wish the same thing," Travis hit Doug on the back of the head. "Now shut up. She should be showing up any time now."

A few minutes later Jordan walked into the barn and headed for Jordan’s Destiny’s stall, but before she even reached it Travis wrapped his arm around her neck and pulled a knife from his back pocket.

"Look what we found," Ritchie spat as he came into view.

"Are you nuts? You get caught here and Jay will kill you," Jordan yelled as she tried to get loose.

"Stop struggling," Travis growled in her ear.

Ritchie stepped closer and ran a finger across Jordan’s cheek to her chin and down her neck. "You know it’s a shame that such a beautiful creature like yourself is shacked up with a bitch like Jay. You need a real man to show you what you’re missing."

"You’re crazy," Jordan lifted her foot up and slammed it down on Travis’s foot. She felt the arm around her neck loosen. "JAY!" She screamed as she brought her elbow up and connected it with Travis’s nose.


"Shit," Jay rubbed the back of her neck.

"What’s the matter?" Marge walked up behind Jay and patted her back. She saw the look on Jay’s face and knew what was going on. "You got that feeling don’t you?"

"Yes," Jay stood up and began to pace when a new sensation grabbed her heart. "Ohh, shit." She bent over at the intensity of it.

"Jay you okay?" Luke asked as he came up next to her.

Jay shook her head, "No, some things really wrong." She suddenly had a vision of Jordan flash in her head." Jordan" Jay took off out of the house with Luke and Marge watching her run out of the house.

Jay jumped off the steps and ran across the driveway to the barn. When she reached the barn doors she pushed them opened.

What she saw made everything go black. There on the floor was Ritchie holding Jordan down on her stomach trying to get her to stop moving. "You will die." She picked up a piece of two by four and swung it at Ritchie’s head.

Ritchie ducked his head, "I suggest you stop or I’ll kill your girlfriend." He yelled as he pulled the gun he had hidden inside his coat pocket and pointed it at Jordan’s head.

Jay dropped the board and stepped back. "You hurt another hair on her head and I’ll ram that thing up your ass."

Travis started to laugh; "I don’t think so." He walked over to Jay and punched her in the stomach, which caused her to drop to her knees. He grabbed her by the hair and forced her to stand up. "I owe you for what you did to my friend." He pushed Jay’s head down to connect with his knee.

"Leave her alone," Jordan screamed from the floor.

"Shut up, we’ll get to you in a second." Ritchie motioned for Doug to come over and help him pick Jordan up. "Here hold this," he handed Doug the gun. "Move her over to that bench and tie her up. I want to have her watch us then we’ll have a little fun with her."

Doug grabbed Jordan by an arm and forced her to sit. He looked into frightened blue eyes and made up his mind that this was not what he wanted to be doing, "listen, I’m going to pretend to tie you up. When they aren’t looking run." He whispered as he acted like he was securing Jordan to the bench.

"No, I will not leave her," Jordan whispered back.

Doug heard the determination in Jordan’s voice. He nodded his head and put the gun Ritchie had given him next to her leg. "Use this to protect yourself. I will try to help as much as I can." He lowered his head. "I’m sorry about this."

"Later, we have to help Jay," Jordan growled.

Doug stood up and walked over to the other two men who were taking turns either punching or kicking Jay. "Hey, guys don’t you think that’s enough?" He stepped in front of the two.

Ritchie shoved Doug, "get out of our way asshole."



"Go back to the house and call this in," Luke whispered to Marge. They decided that they needed to follow Jay after they realized that something was really wrong. "I’m going to go around and go through the side door and try to stop them.

"Okay, you be careful," Marge kissed Luke before she ran back to the house.

Luke glanced one more time to make sure that they weren’t spotted. Then he turned back around and quickly went to the side of the barn. When he reached the door he sent up a silent thank you that it was partially opened. Luke squeezed through the small opening and crouched down so he could look around the edge of the stall wall that hid him.

"You son of a bitch," Luke whispered to himself.

Wishing that he had brought his gun Luke looked around for something to use against the three men. "This will have to do." He reached up and grabbed a pitchfork that hung on the wall and waited for the right moment to jump in without getting everybody hurt, or worse, killed.


Jay tried to get away from Ritchie and Travis, but whenever she tried to stand she was knocked back down again.

"What’s the matter can’t take us on any more?" Ritchie taunted as he kicked Jay again in the stomach.

Travis bent over and grabbed Jay by the hair forcing her to look at him, "I think it’s time we had some fun with your girl friend. Show her what it’s like to have a real man." He let go of Jay’s hair and punched her in the face."

"You better not touch her," Jay spit out a mouth full of blood.

Ritchie and Travis started to laugh.

"What are you going to do about it?" Ritchie nudged her shoulder so she was lying on her back.

"You hurt her in anyway and I’ll make it my life’s mission to kill you very, very slowly." Jay growled as she tried to sit up.

Travis stepped behind Jay and wrapped his arm around her neck cutting off her air supply. He flicked his knife in her face and traced it along her cheek; "maybe I’ll kill you first. I do owe you for what you did to my friend."

Jay was feeling light headed and black spots danced in front of her closed eyelids as she tried to break Travis’s hold on her.

"That’s enough guys," Doug yelled as he tried to get Travis off Jay.

"I told you to stay out of our way," Ritchie moved to Doug and shoved him back. "I don’t know why I even wanted you to come. You’re such a fucking pussy."

"I don’t know why I came either. You’re nothing but a spoiled asshole and I’ll be glad when you go to jail." Doug took a swing at Ritchie.

Ritchie stepped out of the way of Doug’s fist. He picked up the board Jay had and swung it at Doug’s head hitting him across the forehead. Doug went down like a ton of bricks.

"What a fuck up," Ritchie tossed the board back on the ground and crouched next to Jay. "Let up some. I want her to see what I do to the beauty over there."

"You won’t be doing anything," Jordan pulled the trigger of the gun before she rested the barrel against Ritchie’s head.

Luke made his move when he heard Jordan’s voice. He stood up and ran towards Travis who still had a firm hold of Jay around her neck. He lowered the pointed end of the pitchfork and embedded it in Travis’s thigh.

"FUCK ME, THAT HURTS!" Travis screamed as he let Jay go and clutched at his bloody thigh. The knife he held was dropped next to a still kneeling Ritchie.

Luke quickly grabbed a piece of rope next to one of the stalls and tied Travis up as best he could.

Jay gasped and coughed as she tried to fill her lungs with oxygen.

Ritchie quickly grabbed the knife up off the ground and took a swing at Jordan. He sliced open her shirt and nicked her stomach causing her to gasp out in pain and fall back against the bench.

"You son of a bitch," Jay yelled as she tried to get to her feet.

Ritchie turned to face Jay. "It’s all your fault," he pointed the knife at Jay. "You’ve been real lucky, but not this time. I’m going to gut you like a pig." He stepped closer to Jay.

Jordan brought her hand away from her stomach and noticed a good amount of blood on her hand. She looked up when she heard Ritchie’s threat. Knowing only one way to stop this from going any further she raised her hand that held the gun and aimed.

"No," Jay shouted as she saw Jordan point the gun at Ritchie. "Jordan don’t do it."

Ritchie stopped and looked over his shoulder, "Look what we have now. You going to shoot me beautiful?" He taunted as he stepped closer to Jay. "Think you can do it before I slice your girlfriend up into little pieces?"

Jordan swallowed and tried to stop her shaking hand. She knew that it was now or never. "If you take one more step you’ll find out." She said as she stood up and walked closer to the man.

Ritchie turned to face Jordan and the gun. "Go ahead pull the trigger. I know you really want to."

Jordan didn’t say a word. She just kept the barrel of the gun pointed at Ritchie’s chest.

"I’m the one who has almost killed Jay not once but twice." Ritchie held up two fingers. "It felt good to know that I have caused her so much pain." He laughed.

Jay finally stood up on wobbly legs she crept closer to Ritchie. She didn’t want Jordan to shoot him. Sure he deserved it, but Jordan didn’t deserve that kind of pain.

Jordan saw Jay stand and slowly make her way up behind Ritchie. She gave her a slight nod when Jay held a finger up to her lips. Jay tapped Ritchie on the shoulder and jumped out of the way before he turned the knife on her.

"What?" Ritchie yelled as he turned and saw Jay. "Ohh, come to get some more? You know it’s to bad you came out here a little too early. If you’d waited about a half hour longer you would have seen me giving your girlfriend something she is sorely needing." He reached down and grabbed his crotch.

Jay swung at Ritchie so fast he didn’t see it coming. His head snapped back and a crack was heard. He dropped like a sack of potatoes.

Jay stared into Jordan’s misty blue eyes and ran over to her. Carefully she lowered the gun and extracted it from the tall woman’s hand. "It’s okay honey, it’s all over with," Jay said as she held the shaking woman.

"They were in here waiting for me. They tried to….to.." Jordan collapsed to the ground crying.

"Ohh, sweetheart. I’m so sorry," Jay whispered to Jordan.

Luke walked up to the two women and patted Jay on the back. "Lets get you two out of here." He helped Jay lift and guide Jordan out of the barn and to the house.

"Oh my god, I’m calling an ambulance." Marge said as the three stepped into the house.

"That’s a good idea. I want to get Jordan to see a doctor." Jay agreed as she settled Jordan in a chair.

"No, I’m fine," Jordan mumbled softly.

Jay knelt down in front of Jordan and grasped the shaking hands in hers and looked up into lost blue. "I want to make sure that you weren’t hurt. Will you please do this for me?"

Jordan looked down into scared green eyes and noticed all the bruising and blood that still trickled down from a cut on Jay’s forehead. She reached up and ran her finger across Jay’s eyebrows and down to her split lip. "Only if you do it for me."

Jay smiled up at Jordan, "you ask and I’ll do anything."

Marge went to the phone and called while Luke went back to the barn to see how the three men were.


Marge and Luke waited in the waiting room. They both were exhausted and wanted nothing more than to crawl in bed and go to sleep.

"Well, big guy. It looks like this might finally be the last we hear from the Blacksmiths." Marge patted Luke on the leg as she sipped her lukewarm coffee.

"I know for sure that Ritchie and Travis will be going away for a long time. Doug will more than likely get a slap on the wrist. He did help Jordan out and try to stop them from beating up Jay." Luke stretched his legs out to try and get the muscles awake. "Look here comes Jordan."

Jordan walked over and sat next to Marge. She rested her head on the older woman’s shoulder. "Dr. Sheridan is wrapping Jay’s ribs up. They aren’t broken just bruised badly."

"That’s good to hear," Marge wrapped her arm across Jordan’s shoulders. "What about yourself?"

Jordan closed her eyes and took a deep breath in, "I’m okay. Just tired."

Marge kissed the top of her head; "You two sure have been through a hell of a lot."

Jordan nodded, "tell me about it." She shifted her head and looked into to Marge’s brown eyes. "Will it ever be quiet?"

"Ohh baby, I sure hope so." Marge smiled. "But as long as you two have each other nothing will be hard to handle."

"I hope you’re right." Jordan sighed as she closed her eyes again and enjoyed the comfort Marge was giving her.


"I would like to keep you over night," Dr. Sheridan said as she placed a white bandage over the cut on Jay’s forehead.

"Not gonna happen doc," Jay shook her head. "I hate hospitals and you know that. Plus I need to make sure Jordan’s okay."

"She’s fine," The doctor stated softly as she helped Jay get her shirt on.

"She might be physically, but I’m not sure about mentally." Jay dropped her hands to her side and looked at the doctor. "She was almost raped tonight."

Dr. Sheridan walked up to Jay and placed a hand on each of Jay’s shoulders. "I gave her a number to call and the name of a good doctor. She said she’d make an appointment and go and talk to her."

Tears stated to run down Jay’s cheek. "She should have stayed away. She was safer away from all this crap that I pull her into."

"Don’t start thinking like that. All it will do is ruin your relationship with her. Put the blame where it belongs." Dr. Sheridan reached into her coat pocket and gave Jay a tissue. Now wipe your nose and go home. Just make sure that you come in if anything doesn’t feel right."

"Okay," Jay wiped her face. "Thanks Dr. Sheridan."

"No problem," the doctor said as she headed out of the room. "Oh and Jay?"

"Yes," Jay looked up as she continued to button up her shirt.

"Take it slow. She might not realize exactly how she’s feeling." Dr. Sheridan stated softly.


Jay opened the car door for Jordan to slide in. "You hungry?"

"No," Jordan responded as she sat down.

"Okay, we’ll head home then," Jay smiled softly before she closed the door and walked to the other side.

"Do you want to get your pain medicine now or wait until the morning?" Marge asked as she held up Jay’s prescription.

"Might as well go now," Jay sighed. She knew that in about four or five hours her whole body was going to be killing her.

"I’ll go and get it." Marge said as she walked back towards the hospital.

Jay nodded and opened her door. She sat down and looked over at Jordan who had her head resting against the back of the seat. "We’ll be going in a second. Marge is getting my prescription filled."

"Okay, are you in much pain?" Jordan mumbled softly as she turned to look at Jay who tried to get comfortable. "I wish I had stayed in the house then she wouldn’t be in this much pain and I wouldn’t have put myself in that predicament. Damn, why does this stuff keep happening?" She thought as she turned to look out the window.

"No, but I will be in several hours." Jay closed her door and stared out at Luke who was waiting for Marge. She glanced sideways at Jordan noticing the way that Jordan kept wiping her hands across her pant legs. Slowly she inched closer and took the cold sweaty hand into her own and just held on to them.

Jordan looked down at the entwined hands and grasped on to Jay like her life depended on it.

"Thank you," Jordan whispered.

Jay squeezed the hands and looked up into lost blue, "no need to thank me for loving you. Do you want to talk about it?"

"Not right now, maybe tomorrow." Jordan answered casually as she looked into the caring green eyes of her lover.

"I’m here for you. Just let me know when and where," Jay assured Jordan.


Two days later and Jay started to worry about Jordan. Every time she tried to get Jordan to talk about what happened she’d say not now. Not wanting to push Jay backed off, but after being woken up by Jordan hitting her in the side she knew Jordan either had to talk to her or talk to someone else.

Jay walked up to Jordan who was swinging on the porch swing. "Hey, honey can I talk to you?"

Jordan looked over at Jay, "sure." She watched as the small blonde slowly made her way closer. "It’s all my fault that she’s in so much pain. I should have done more to stop them from beating and kicking her."

"I don’t want you to get mad at me, but I would really like you to talk to someone." Jay said as she tried to take ahold of one of Jordan’s hands.

"What do you mean?" Jordan asked as she shot Jay a look.

Jay winced at the cold eyes. "You need to talk to someone about what happened the other night. I know you weren’t raped, but still you came close and it’s eating at you. I got that card Dr. Sheridan gave you and made you an appointment for tomorrow morning"

Jordan stood up and faced Jay who stood up right with her.

"What gives you the right to do that? If I wanted to talk to someone I would do it on my own. I don’t need you to take control away from me like that." Jordan shoved Jay.

Jay tried not to groan out in pain, "Jordan stop." She brought her hands up to protect her bruised body.

Jordan didn’t hear her through her anger and kept shoving, "control is what everybody tries to take from me. I want that control over my life you can’t have it. I’ll fight you tooth and nail for it." With one last big shove she pushed Jay to the ground.

Jay couldn’t stop the tears. She knew that Jordan wasn’t mad at her, but it still didn’t stop the pain as she landed on the porch. The hurt lost look in the blue eyes she loved so much broke her heart. "I wish it was me that they had done this to so you wouldn’t hurt any more." Jay cried.

Jordan stopped and the anger receded to the back of her mind. All she saw now was Jay lying on the ground crying and in pain. "Ohh God baby. I’m so sorry." She knelt down and cradled Jay in her arms and they both cried.

"I’m sorry for not getting there sooner so I could protect you." Jay mumbled from Jordan’s arms.

Jordan took a deep breath, "I don’t want to hear you say that again. It’s not your fault what happened. You saved me from a horrible nightmare that could have been much, much worse."

Jay grabbed her side as she tried to sit up; "they were after you to get to me. So this is sort of my fault."

Jordan cupped Jay’s face, "put the blame where is goes. Ritchie and Travis are the ones to blame. No one else put them up to it. They did it all themselves."

Jay smirked and nodded, "now the only person who needs to understand that is you."

Jordan closed her eyes and lowered her head to rest against Jay’s arm. "You are so bad."

"You better believe it," Jay laughed and then groaned as the pain in her side increased. "You would be my best friend if you got me a couple of pain pills."

"Only your best friend?" Jordan raised her head and looked at Jay.

Jay shook her head, "no, not just my best friend. You’ll be the best thing that ever happened to me."

"Good answer," Jordan carefully helped Jay to stand. "Let’s get you some medication."


"How’s Jordan been?" Jimmy asked Jay as she straightened her shirt.

"Okay, she had a doctors appointment yesterday and Dr. Peterson said she’s doing great. In fact she doesn’t want to see Jordan until after we get back from our honeymoon." Jay smiled as she looked at herself.

"That’s awesome," Jimmy walked up to Jay and patted her on the back. "I’m so happy for you."

Jay turned and smiled at her friend, "thanks buddy. That means a lot to me."

"So are you ready?" Jimmy asked as he started for the door. "We have to be there in about ten minutes."

"Hold on let me double check everything," Jay replied as she turned back and looked at herself.

Jimmy rolled his eyes, "come on. You look hotter than shit and you know it." He grabbed her arm and tugged her out of the room and down the stairs to the jeep. "I get to drive."

"Shit, make sure we get there in one piece will ya," Jay teased the happy man.

"You are so funny," Jimmy laughed as he turned the key to start the engine.


"Honey you look beautiful," Cindi cried as she looked at her daughter.

"Thanks Mom," Jordan responded as she looked down at the dress she had on. "I’m so nervous."

Cindi stepped up to Jordan and gave her a hug; "I was exactly the same way when I married your father."

"You about ready?" Marge asked as she and Mary stepped into the room.

"Yes," Jordan smiled at Marge. "Is Jay ready?"

"I think so. I just saw her and Jimmy take off in the jeep," Mary walked all the way in the room.

Jordan nodded as she took one last look at herself before she decided that nothing else could be done. "Let’s go get me married."

Marge, Mary and Cindi followed Jordan out of the house and towards the carriage Jay had fixed up for Jordan. "This is just like I described to her."

Marge grasped Jordan’s hand; "she worked on this for over a week to get it just like you told her it looked like it your dream."

"You are one lucky woman," Cindi acknowledged happily.

"Yes, I am." Jordan took a deep breath and stepped over to the white and blue colored carriage. "Hello, Sam."

"Hello, Miss Jordan," Sam took his top hat off and put it under his arm. "It would be my pleasure to drive you and these three lovely ladies to this special occasion."

"Thank you kind sir," Jordan took his hand and stepped up and sat down. She watched as Sam helped her mom and Marge in before he took a seat in the drivers’ spot.

"We will be there shortly," Sam said as he put his hat back on.


"I feel like I’m about to pass out," Jay said as she tried to calm her heart down.

"If you fall on your face we’ll laugh," Lance stated before he and Garrett laughed.

"You two are so not nice," Jay replied as she put her hands on her hips.

"I’ll help you if you fall on your face." Jimmy patted Jay on the back.

Jay hugged Jimmy, "thanks." She stuck her tongue out at the two men who stuck their own tongues out at her.

"Would you three knock it off," Joe scolded the three. "Here comes your bride." He pointed at the slow moving carriage.

Jay tried to see what Jordan looked like. They hadn’t slept in the same room the night before because Jordan’s mom had said it was tradition. Jay tried to sneak down the stairs and out of the house to see Jordan, but Marge had caught her and made her go back to bed.

"Can you see what she looks like?" Jay asked as she jumped up and down.

The four men laughed as Jay continued to jump like a rabbit.

"Stop already," Joe put a hand on each of Jay’s shoulders. "They’re almost here. Let me go and bring my daughter to you."

"Thank you," Jay smiled up at the man.

Joe patted Jay on the cheek, "why are you thanking me?"

Jay stood up on her tiptoes and kissed Joe, "because you brought the most amazing person into this world."

"Why did you have a say something like that?" Joe used the back of his hand to off the tears that fell.

"Because it’s true and I promise that I will do my best to make her the happiest person in the world." Jay stated with conviction.

"I know you will." Joe wrapped his arms around Jay and hugged her. "Welcome to the family and you better stop calling me Joe, its Dad."

Jay squeezed Joe for all she was worth, "Okay, Dad."

"I better get up there," Joe pointed up the small hill. "Your bride awaits." He let Jay go and walked up to meet the carriage.


"I think Jay is a little bit excited. I just saw her head bouncing up and down." Mary pointed towards the small gathering of people.

"That’s cute," Cindi laughed as she stood up a little bit to watch the blonde head disappear and then reappear several times.

"She tried to sneak out last night," Marge stated with a shake of her head.

"Did she now?" Mary stared at Jordan with a raised eyebrow.

Marge saw the look Mary gave Jordan, "you had a problem too?" She asked Mary as she turned to look at Jordan.

"I caught her trying to sneak out the window when she thought everybody was asleep." Mary crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her foot.

"What?" Jordan looked from one face to another. "Okay fine I was supposed to meet her in the barn." She lowered her head and pretended to be ashamed of herself.

"I knew it," Marge held her hand out and waited.

Cindi and Mary both reached into their pockets and withdrew five dollars each and slapped them into Marge’s hand.

"You three took a bet on whether Jay and I would sneak out?" Jordan looked from one face to another and watched as they all nodded in agreement. "You guys are so bad." She laughed.

"That we are," Mary agreed with a smile.

The carriage stopped and Sam jumped down from his spot, "ladies if you please." He swung open the small door and helped Mary and Marge down.

Cindi stood up but before she exited she bent over and gave Jordan a kiss and hug, "I love you and I’m so happy for you."

"Thanks, Mom," Jordan mumbled as she tried not to cry.

"You ready?" Joe asked as he stepped up to the carriage.

"Yes," Jordan nodded at her Dad.

"Give me a second before you head down. I want to get as many pictures as I can" Cindi reached for Joe’s hand as he helped her down. "Sam, would you do me the honor of walking me to my spot?"

Sam flipped his hat off and put it under his arm, "it would be my pleasure." He waited until Cindi grasped his elbow before he guided her down the hill and to the waiting group of people.

"Well sweetheart your future awaits you," Joe kissed Jordan hand as she stepped to the ground.

"Thanks Dad," Jordan hugged him.

"I think we better get going before Jay passes out from nerves." Joe laughed softly as he wrapped an arm around Jordan’s waist. "You look fabulous."

"Is she that nervous?" Jordan questioned her dad as they started to walk.

Joe gestured with is chin, "look for yourself."

Jordan glanced up and she almost started to laugh. Jay was rocking from one foot to the other as she wiped her hands on the back of her black slacks. Her eyes were closed and she looked like she was talking to herself.

"That’s cute," Jordan whispered as they reached the small gathering.

Everyone stood in a small group. Luke and Marge held hands and were whispering to each other as they pointed at Jay. Betsy and her husband Brent both smiled at her. She had gotten a chance to meet them a couple of months ago and really liked them both. Her mom stood next to Sam as she held up her camera and snapped photographs. Mary was next to her husband Bob; they each had a slight smile on their face. "I think Mary finally got a chance to test out the barn."


"You might want to open your eyes," Jimmy poked Jay in her side.

Jay jumped, "what?"

"You don’t want to miss this," Garrett said as he began to walk over to where everybody else was standing.

"She looks unbelievable," Lance stated as he followed his brother.

"Oh my God," Jay’s mouth dropped open as she watched Jordan glide down the hill on her dad’s arm. "She’s the most beautiful thing that ever walked."

Jay’s eyes caressed the wonderful sight before her. Her eyes followed the curvy outline of the light blue dress that fit perfectly on Jordan’s body. A white lace jacket covered bare shoulders. Long black silky hair flowed in the wind. Jay noticed that a slight curl made the hair seem more bouncy.

"Wow," Jimmy mumbled as he patted Jay on the back.

"You said it," Jay began to take a step closer to Jordan.

Jimmy grabbed her arm, "you’re supposed to stay here."

"Huh?" Jay looked at Jimmy. "You’re right, thanks."

"It’s my job," Jimmy responded proudly.

Jay laughed, "your job?’

"Yes, Jordan asked me to make sure you didn’t run away." Jimmy said.

"Run away?" Jay raised an eyebrow at Jimmy.

"Yes, but I told her that was not going to happen." Jimmy stated casually. "Because you love her too much."

"Good," Jay laughed. She knew that Jordan just wanted to make sure Jimmy had an important role in them getting married since it was his actions that helped them get back together. "I never did thank you for not listening to me about that box of stuff." Jay reached up and cupped Jimmy’s face and placed a soft kiss on his cheek. "Thank you."

Jimmy’s face turned every shade of red imaginable. "You took me in when you should have not even bothered with me. You gave me a home and more importantly a family that I can be proud of. For that I would do anything for you." Jimmy said as tears ran down his face. "Jordan is here."

Jay turned around, "hi." She held out a hand for Jordan to take.

"Hi," Jordan kissed her Dad then entwined her fingers with Jays.

The two walked over to an area where a priest stood with his bible.

"Good morning ladies," He said with a soft voice.

"Good morning," the two women said together.

"Are you ready?" The priest asked.

"You bet," Jay replied loudly.

The priest laughed, "good to hear. Please everyone gather around." He raised his hands up and motioned for everyone to move closer. When everyone was a few feet closer he smiled at the couple. "Lets get started."

"Yes, lets" Jordan took a deep breath and tried not to cry. She looked into misty green eyes that held her heart.

"This is a time to be happy. The two people before me stand before you and God to let all know that they love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. They have informed me that they wrote their own vows." He motioned for Jordan to begin.

Jordan brought Jay’s hand up and placed it next to her heart. "This is my heart and it beats for you and you alone. The love I have for you is stronger than anything in this world. It gives me strength to be who I am and that is to be your fried your wife and lover. I promise that together we will be forever and ever."

The priest smiled and then motioned to Jay.

Jay brushed a tear away that ran down her cheek. "First I want to say that you are the most amazing looking woman I have ever seen." She kissed Jordan’s palm. "I’m shocked that you chose me to spend the rest of your life with. I never thought that I would be this happy, but the day you came into my life everything changed. My life was complete. I promise that together we will be forever and ever."

"It is my greatest pleasure to announce you married," the priest said. "May God bless you for the rest of your lives."

Jay stepped closer to Jordan and wrapped her arms around her waist. "Hello, wife of mine."

Jordan rested her hands on Jay’s shoulders, "not yet." She leaned over and kissed Jay with all the passion she held within her. Then she took a step back and smiled. "Now we are married."

"Yes, we are," Jay moaned as she tried to kiss Jordan again, but was stopped by her friends and family rushing in to congratulate the couple.


Jordan walked up to Jay who was talking to Lance and Garrett. She bent over so she could whisper in her ear, "are you ready for the wedding night?"

Jay shivered, "you have no idea how ready I am." She turned around and kissed Jordan.

When the kiss ended both women were breathless.

"Damn you sure can kiss," Jordan moaned as Jay ran a finger across her collarbone.

"Let’s go," Jay whispered as she trailed kisses after her finger.

Jordan grabbed Jay’s hand and guided her out the door towards the small house in the back that they would be using until they had to leave in the morning for a week’s honeymoon in Hawaii.

As they entered the house the sight that greeted them made them smile. Someone had come in and placed candles and flowers everywhere around the house.

"I wonder who did this?" Jordan asked as she went to smell one of the vases filled with flowers.

Jay shook her head; "I have no idea."

"Well, we shouldn’t let all this go to waste now should we," Jordan slowly lowered the lacy jacket and let it fall to the floor.

"No, no wasting it at all," Jay walked over and cupped Jordan’s face. "Why don’t we go to the bedroom." She said and kissed Jordan.

Jordan nodded her head; "I want you so bad."

Jay grabbed one of the roses and handed it to Jordan. She grabbed her hand and gave her a gentle tug in the direction of the bedroom. "You read my mind."

The bedroom looked like the rest of the house except the bed was turned down and rose petals scattered across the top of silk sheets.

Jay walked Jordan over to the bed and had her sit down. She knelt in front of her and slipped both shoes off Jordan’s feet. "I wanted to get you something special for tonight, but I couldn’t think of anything that that was special enough to give you." Jay ran her hands up under the dress hem and caressed the soft skin underneath. "So I made up a poem for you."

"Ohh, Jay you don’t have to give me a thing. Just having you here next to me is all I’ll ever need." Jordan bent over and placed a whisper of a kiss on Jay’s mouth.

"I know that, but I wanted to," Jay moved up closer to the bed. She felt Jordan hook her feet behind her back. "My world is in your eyes. My life is in your every heartbeat. Your laugh makes me smile as it caresses my soul. Your kisses cause nothing to exist but you and me. I’ll love you until the day I die and beyond."

"Honey that was beautiful," Jordan cried. "I have something for you too."

"I have you that’s all I need," Jay proclaimed as she kissed Jordan.

"Actually this has always been yours it just was taken away from you," Jordan helped Jay up from the floor and had her sit on the bed. "Wait here a second." She left the room quickly. When she came back in she had an envelope in her hand. "Here."

Jay accepted the envelope and looked up at Jordan, "what is this?"

"It’s an envelope," Jordan winked as she sat down next to Jay. "You have given me so much. I just wanted to do something special for you. So open it."

"Okay," Jay opened the envelope and unfolded the papers. As she began to read tears started to fall down her cheeks. "You did this?"

"Well, Mary helped me," Jordan replied as she wiped the tears off of Jay’s face.

"I’ll only accept this if you become co-owner of the ranch?" Jay said as she turned to look at Jordan.

"I’d be honored," Jordan hugged Jay. "So it looks like you have all your.." Jay’s placed a finger on Jordan’s lips.

"Our land. Yours and mine and what it says here is a lot more then I sold to Blacksmith." Jay raised her eyebrow as she waved the papers at Jordan.

"I know," Jordan nodded. "I figured you deserved the land more than anyone."

"You’re the best," Jay proclaimed before she kissed Jordan.

Jordan unhooked the black belt that wrapped around Jay’s waist. She tugged it through the black belt loops of Jay’s black slacks. "Have I told you yet that I love you in these pants with this shirt?"

"You looked like an angel today when you walked up to me," Jay nibbled down Jordan’s long neck as she reached for the zipper in the back.

"I love you," Jordan said as she guided Jay to lay on her back. With slow sure fingers she unbuttoned the white silk shirt Jay had on. "So soft," she whispered as she ran her hands over the skin that was exposed.

Jay gently pulled the dress down to Jordan’s waist and kissed along the tops of Jordan’s bare breast "heaven on earth."

Jay flipped her over so that she was on top. Then she began to kiss her way down to the now erect nipple of Jordan’s left breast.

"I love it when you do that," Jordan moaned as her body shivered when Jay nipped on the sensitive nipple.

"Mmm," Jay hummed then let go of her treat and kissed her way up to a waiting mouth. "We have to get out of these clothes."

Jordan lifted Jay’s shirt off her shoulders and pushed it down her back. Caressing soft muscular skin as she went. With one swift movement she unsnapped Jay’s pants and reached in and squeezed Jay’s butt.

"Stand up," Jordan groaned into Jay’s ear. "I want to watch you finish getting undressed."

Jay stood up and finished undoing her pants and slowly slid them down her legs. Without breaking eye contact Jay bent over and removed her boots and slipped her feet free of her pants.

"Now it’s your turn, but I’m going to help you." Jay stepped closer and stopped when her thighs touched the side of the bed.

Jay leaned over and began to kiss the delicate skin between Jordan’s breast. Trailing kisses down a tan stomach until she reached Jordan’s navel and the dress. Jordan lifted herself up to help Jay’s hands slide the dress down until it fell on the floor.

The sight before her took Jay’s breath away and tears started to form, "I thank everyone who brought you into my life."

Jordan brought a hand up and waited until Jay grasped it and then she tugged Jay to her. "I do the same thing," Jordan then cupped Jay’s breast and pinched the nipples. Then she wrapped her long legs around Jay’s body and hugged her close then flipped them so that she was sitting on top of Jay. She put a hand on each side of Jay’s head and let her hair fall forward tickling Jay’s face.

Jay reached up and gathered the dark hair into her hands and held it out of the way so she could kiss Jordan’s cheeks and up to her ear.

Jordan started to move in a small circle on Jay’s stomach muscles. Jay let the hair go and moved her hands down to Jordan’s hips. She slid her hand into Jordan’s underwear and cupped her butt causing Jordan to groan.

"Need to take them of. I want you to touch me," Jordan raised her hips up so Jay could slide the garment down her legs. Then she lifted one leg up at a time so she could take them off. Jay tossed them on the floor next to the bed. "Much better," Jordan moaned as she sat back down.

"Much," Jay agreed as she ran her hands up the inside of Jordan’s thighs. "You’re so wet,"

Jordan nudged her knee in between Jay’s leg so that she could rest her body fully on top of Jay. She kissed and sucked on Jay’s neck leaving little red marks, "You get me so excited. All you have to do is look at me and I’m wet."

Jay was lost in the sensation of Jordan’s lips and hands that squeezed her breast. Slowly Jordan traced Jay’s collarbone with her tongue until she moved lower and sucked on a nipple.

Jay’s fingers wrapped themselves in dark hair as her back arched up. Her body hoping for more contact from the warm wet mouth.

With a pop Jordan let go of the nipple and started to kiss her way down the small body under her. She positioned herself so that she could kneel on the floor and reach her target. She ran her tongue through wet curly hairs licking up the moisture that collected there.

"I need you," Jay moaned as she grasped the sheet above her head.

Jordan placed two fingers at Jay’s opening circling it until she entered her slowly causing Jay to tremble.

With strong even strokes Jordan moved within Jay as she used her other hand to unveil the enlarged pulsating nub. With a tender touch she ran her tongue over the top of Jay’s clit before she sucked it into her mouth.

"Ohh God," Jay twitched as a fire of sensation grew in the center of her body and flew out to every cell in her body.

Not stopping her movement Jordan continued to pump into Jay. Gradually she moved up Jay’s body sucking and nipping. "You look so damn good when you come." Jordan whispered.

Jay growled as her body once again fell over the edge.

Jordan waited until she felt Jay’s body loosen up so she could remove her fingers. She brought them up to her mouth and cleaned the sweet juice of her wife off each finger.

"Finger licking good." Jordan smiled

Jay laid there unable to move, "what you do to me is unbelievable."

Jordan rested her head on Jay’s shoulder and watched as Jay took several deep breaths. "This is how we will always be."

"How’s that honey?" Jay asked as she ran a finger across Jordan’s back.

"In each others arms. Knowing that no matter what we love each other." Jordan kissed the shoulder under her head.

Jay nodded her head; "you know what time it is?"

Jordan thought for a moment then shook her head, "no, what time is it?"

Jay pounced on top of Jordan causing her to laugh, "it’s my turn to show you how much I love you."

"You do that every time you look at me," Jordan stated before Jay kissed her and cupped a hand around each breast.

Jay rested her body in between Jordan’s spread legs. She could feel the moisture against her skin; "I can feel how excited you are against my skin." She mumbled softly through the kiss.

"It’s what you do to me," Jordan moaned as Jay ran her tongue down her neck to her left nipple. "Ohh, yes," Jordan moaned when her breast was engulfed into a warm mouth and a couple of fingers slipped up inside her.

Jay let the breast go and watched the beautiful face below her. "Open your eyes," she whispered before she placed kisses along Jordan’s neck and up to her ear. "Please baby. I want to see the universe in your eyes when you come."

Jordan opened her eyes and saw the unbelievable thing called absolute true love held in the green eyes above her. Tears started to fall as her body burst with incredible sensations of love. She tried to keep her eyes open for as long as she could, but the feelings coursing through her body was too much for her to handle.

"I love you," Jay whispered so softy Jordan wasn’t sure she heard it.

"Now and forever," Jordan kissed Jay’s cheek.





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