Badges and Needles


Warrior Angel

Beta work by KDarblyne

Violence Disclaimer: This story contains scenes of violence.

Love/Sex Disclaimer: This story contains a love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women.

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Author Note:

I had the first version of this story removed because I got an offer from a very generous person who has been more than a beta to me. She has listened to my muses and helped me to understand their ways as any great teacher would. 

Thank you KD.

The main characters traveled from the original to this beta version and those of you who started reading the first version will recognize them. For those who didn’t, this is an opportunity you can’t miss.

Lot’s of action and emotional struggle working as the perfect backdrop for a love story.

I hope you like it!

Remember, feedback is always welcomed.


Warrior Angel

Part 1

Tall, dark, and deadly beautiful, detective Samantha Mathews looked more like a model than the brilliant police officer she was. Three months ago she and her partner Lieutenant Mark Stevens were recruited by the NYC narcotics division to work on a joint operation with the homicide department; an operation that Sam was sure to be the one that would define the notorious Big Ed’s future. For the last two months, Samantha and Mark had worked undercover learning everything about the organization and the drug selling process.  Their hard work had finally paid off when a buy was set up in order to catch the dealer.  That’s the reason why they’ve been squatting behind a stack of boxes for what seemed like an eternity. Samantha looked over to her partner just as a muscle spasm caused her to grimace.

“So, it’s not just me,” Mark whispered as he shifted uncomfortably.  “God, I think my ass fell asleep.”

“Really?” Sam kept her voice low.  “By the smell I could swear it was dead already.”

It wasn’t until Mark opened his mouth to reply that their earpiecescame to life.

“Bird flew in.” informed one of the agents spread all over the building where the transaction was taking place.

Sam squared her shoulders and her eyes locked with Mark’s as they both entered into alert mode.

“Lewis, what have we got out back?” The captain barked over the radio from the safety of his surveillance van.

 “All clear, sir.”

“Matthews, what do you get?”

Sam honed in on the group assembling around a small table. “We've got a briefcase,” she whispered into the hidden microphone in her sleeve, “but no drugs yet.”

“Stevens, can you see anything?  We’re waiting for visual confirmation.”

As if on cue, Mark watched Big Ed’s bodyguard open the suitcase in his hands.

“Suitcase is opening. We got white powder.”

“Heroin,” the Captain seethed.  “Move in!”

On his command a group of twelve police officers burst into the room.

“Get down! Keep your hands where I can see them!” A chorus of disjointed agents filled the room.

Surprised by the action, the pusher and his gang did as they were told. That is, all but one. In a daring move, Big Ed’s bodyguard shoved an agent abruptly and took his gun causing all hell to break loose.

When the bullets started flying, Sam found herself trapped in the middle of a war zone with people running for cover.

“This is going nowhere,” Sam whispered. “We need backup.” She stood up and fired twice over the pile of shipping crates that acted as her shield.

“It’s on the way,” Mark replied, blasting a few rounds to give Sam time to reload her gun.

“Damn it!” Sam smacked a new clip in the chamber of her semi-auto pistol. “I can’t let that bastard get away, not after all this work.” She took a deep breath, stood up, and fired again. That’s when Sam caught a glimpse of Big Ed Thomas, a.k.a the Candy Man, trying to sneak out of the building. Oh no, you don’t.

 “Big Ed is moving,” Sam informed her partner. “I’m going after the bastard.  No matter what, he is going down today.”

“I got your back.” Mark sprang up and fired providing cover as she started after Big Ed. “Be careful, Sam.” He whispered more to himself than to the retreating brunette.

Scrambling for freedom, Big Ed took the fire escape then jumped over a six foot wall to avoid the police officers guarding the back exit. Sam came right behind him and saw that Ed was so focused in getting away that he didn’t notice her on his tale.

Skipping the last few rungs of the fire escape, Samantha dropped to the ground running and caught up with him

“Freeze, Ed, the game is over for you.” Sam held him at gunpoint.

“I should have known you were a cop,” Big Ed hissed. His gaze was more like daggers pointed directly at her. “You’re too damn smart to be a bimbo. Bitch!” Ed searched for a way out. Noticing the smirk breaking across Big Ed’s face, Sam followed his gaze.  A chill ran down her spine when she spied a young cop trying to surprise the Candy Man.

Sam’s eyes bulged when she saw Big Ed spin and aim his gun in the over zealot recruit’s direction. The sight of the young cop's blur and the sound of the trigger clicking sent a bolt of electricity through Samantha’s body. In an impulsive reaction, she launched herself in the rookie's direction.


The sound of the shot split the air and Sam saw Jake bracing for the impact. The last thing she felt was her body slamming the rookie into the ground when she landed on top of him.

From the top of the wall, Mark aimed his gun and pulled the trigger several times in rapid succession. He watched blankly as Big Ed’s body wavered backward with each hit and fell to the ground.

The lieutenant stood frozen, his weapon still aimed at his target until no further movement was noted, he slowly lowered his gun in triumphant victory.

“We did it, Sam. We got the bastard!”

Mark’s declaration was met only by the sound of a few muffled shots coming from the battle going on inside the warehouse.

“Didn’t you hear me, Sam?  We got him. Ed’s not such a big man now.”  Mark holstered his weapon and looked to the mound of intertwined officers. “Sam, cut the crap.  I know you’re just trying to freak me out.” His words trailed off and he pushed forward toward the heap of cops on the floor. Seeing no motion, he fought back his worst fears and hedged slowly forward. His eyes were drawn to the color red. 

“Oh, Jesus.  No!”  A wave of desperation ran through the lieutenant as he gazed at his partner and the rookie lying motionless in a growing pool of blood.

Mark grabbed the radio attached to his belt and hastily keyed it. “Officer down! I repeat, officer down! Get an ambulance here right away.”

To be continued…

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