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Part 10

Ann stood at the beach admiring its beauty. There was something familiar about this scenery. The feeling of the sand against her bare feet was warm and comforting, as it was the smell of the ocean carried by the soft breeze that blew gently against her loose white dress and blonde hair.

“I know this place.”

“We’ve been here before.”

Ann recognized the voice whispering in her ear. One fast spin and she was face to face with bright blue eyes.

 “Why are you haunting me?”

Ann’s tunnel vision lessened and more features came into her view as a charming, yet lopsided grin broke on the figure’s face.

 “Am I?”

Confused by the emergence of more than a pair of haunting eyes, Ann couldn’t tear her gaze from the easily identified woman standing before her. It was Sam.  By the time Ann regained her senses Sam started to walk away.

“Wait,” Ann called out.

Sam turned and her blue eyes beckoned Ann.  An outstretched hand cemented the invitation. “Come,” Sam requested walking through a door that appeared in the middle of the beach.

Ann’s interest was peaked and she couldn’t fight the urge to follow.  She jogged toward the open door and crossed the threshold only to have it slam shut once she was through it. 

By the time the reverberating noise echoed in her ears Ann had been transported into an all too familiar setting of a trauma room where she was reliving her first glimpse of life slipping away in a pair of blue eyes.

 “No! Not again,” Ann cried out and rushed forward using her bare hands to stop the blood flowing out of Sam’s chest. “Come on, you can’t leave me. I saved you before, I’ll save you again.”

As she’d done the first time, Ann scrambled onto the stretcher and straddled Sam’s hips. Ann’s movement was followed by an intense erotic feeling as she felt her clothes been stripped away from her body. Dazed by the desire that started in her inner center, Ann felt cold air hit her already hardening nipples. Feeling the anticipation of passion building up set Ann ablaze as the chill was soon replaced by the warmth of Sam’s naked body pressed beneath her own.  Sam sat up and Ann embraced her tightly against her chest digging her nails into her blue-eyed goddess shoulders as a wave of arousal washed over her.

“What’s happening to me?” Ann whispered breathlessly against Sam’s ear.

“Don’t you know?”

Blue eyes pierced through Ann’s soul warming her from the inside out.

“I—” A ringing sound coming from afar interrupted Ann’s line of thoughts. She chose to ignore it and kissed Sam full on the lips.

But the ringing wouldn’t stop and Sam pulled away from their kiss.

“Aren’t you gonna get that?”

“I don’t want to.” Ann could feel the softness of Sam’s lips against her skin as a bout of butterfly’s kisses was planted on her throat.

“It might be important.”

“I don’t wanna leave you.” Ann whispered struggling against heavy eyelids.

“Wherever you go, I’m at your side.”

The louder the ringing grew in Ann’s ears, the more Sam’s image began to fade until it was all but a lingering essence in her mind.

Ann mumbled incoherently as she stretched to reach her cell phone.

“H…hello” she greeted the caller hoarsely.

“Hey, baby. Did I wake you?” 

Ann cleared her throat while registering the voice on the line “Joe?”

“Yeah, it’s me. Did I wake you?”

“No it’s okay. I should be getting up anyway.” She explained failing to stifle a yawn.

“Busy shift yesterday?”

“More like last night.”

“Are you taking the night shifts?”

“No. I was just covering for a colleague.” Ann fought hard to keep her eyes open.

“Good, then I assume that you’re free tonight.”

“Yeah, I guess so. Why?”

“Cause I just landed in New York and I’m dying to take my girl out for a romantic date. What do you say?”

Ann hesitated for a few seconds wondering if this would be such a good idea. Part of her tired mind wanted to be put at rest while the other part was hoping she could go back to her interrupted dream and make some sense out of it. But she realized she had no plausible reason to refuse his invitation, and honestly, she couldn’t argue about anything at that moment, so she resigned.


Ann’s lazy answer didn’t affect Joe’s excitement.

“Great. I’ll pick you up at eight. You choose the place.”

“Fine…” Ann agreed as another yawn prevented her from saying more.

“Alright baby go back to sleep. I’ll see you tonight.”

After he hung up and Ann tossed the telephone across the bed sinking back against her pillows.

“This is so not right.”

She stared at the ceiling wondering how to handle the emotional mess she was getting herself into.


“Alright Sam, remind me why I’m here.”  Leo followed his sister as they were led through the elegant restaurant.

“Cause my date happens to have an unmarried, straight sister and I,” Sam turned and smiled cynically, “have you.”


“Yes.”  Sam slid into her designated seat as her brother followed suit.

“Well, I just want to point out how ridiculous this is...” Leo hesitated as the waiter set their drinks down.  “Thanks,” he said with a pleasant smile. When the waiter’s back was turned, he pointed his rueful gaze toward the woman opposite him.  “Jesus, Sam.  You let an eight year old boy set you up on a blind date.”

“Weren’t you the one egging me on to accept it?” Sam lifted a challenging eyebrow.

“Well yes, but—”

“If it's good enough for your sister, it's good enough for you too, bro.”

He snorted then took in the restaurant opulent atmosphere. “At least this place is nice. Who chose it?”

“I did.” Sam sipped her beverage. “I like it here. It’s perfect for a date.”

“Let’s hope our ladies are worth it.” Leo rolled his eyes apprehensively making Sam chuckle.

“How long has it been since you've been on a blind date, Leo?”

“I don't need blind dates to get women, sis. I have...” he cleared his throat, “or can get all the women I want. You, on the other hand, haven't had a date ever since—”

“I was shot,” Sam deadpanned.

“Well, there is that.” Leo paused. “In this case a blind date is a good way for you to get your feet wet again among other things.” Leo winked knowingly. “Now, for me—”

“Have some faith, brother. We might have a good time tonight.”

“Fine, what are their names?”  He sipped his beer.

“The Johnson sisters,” Sam sneered when he nearly choked through his swallow.

 “I have a bad feeling about this.”

“Relax, Leo. Mark said Miss Johnson is, and I quote him here, ‘so cute that she makes me want to go back to second grade’.”

 “Well, at least Mark has a good taste in women.”

“He does,” Sam agreed with a chuckle. “Did you know he thinks I’m hot?”

“Of course.” Leo shrugged nonchalantly before biting a carrot stick.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Everybody knows Mark has a crush on you.” He threw her a curious look.

“No, he doesn’t,” she shot indignantly.

“Sure he does. He’s had a crush on you since high school. Toby and I used to tease him about it all the time.”

Sam looked at her brother long and hard.  “You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope,” Leo gloated.  “He kept finding lame excuses to go by the house. Things like studying with Toby.” He snorted loudly.  “Please! Don’t tell me you didn’t at least get an inkling of it?”

“Never!  I must have a bad reception antenna for straight flirtation,” Sam smirked.  “But I should have known something was up considering our big brother was never a fan of the books.”

“Exactly” Leo winked knowingly at her.

Sam let her brother’s words sink in. “Do you think Allison knows?”

“Hell yeah!”  Leo starred at his sister incredulously.  “You really didn’t know about his crush?”

“Of course not,” Sam shot defensively. “I hope Allison doesn’t think anything bad out of it.”

“Don’t worry, she’s okay with it.”

Sam’s look turned to one of horror.  “How do you know?”

“I overheard her talking to mother the other day. She said something about ‘platonic adoration’ or something. I wasn’t paying attention.” He waved a dismissive hand at her. “What I do know is that Allison is a great woman and she knows that you’re as gay as Ellen is funny.”

“She’d better.” Sam shifted her gaze away.  “Besides, Mark’s as much of a brother to me as you and Toby.”

“Relax, sis. Allison is a very wise woman and her kids are going to get nice Christmas presents if those are the Johnson sisters.” He nodded toward two beautiful women approaching their table.

“Huh?”  Sam followed her brother’s gaze.  “Oh yeah!  Nice, big presents,” her voice trailed off as the women came closer.


“That’s me.” Sam smiled as she stood up.

“Hi, I’m Phoebe and this is my sister Hope.”

Sam took the short-haired woman’s hand firmly in hers noticing a couple of small exoteric tattoos on the busty woman’s arm. The look in her eye suggested that Phoebe’s wildness ran deeper than her skin.

Leo immediately rose and took the other woman’s hand in his. Hope wasn’t as feisty as her sister. On the contrary, there was a certain sweetness about her that gave her an air of naivety.

“Hi, I’m Leo.” He smiled charmingly at the cute brunette. “I sure ‘Hope’ you’re my date!”  He winked flirtingly.

Hope threw a shy glance in her sister’s direction and both women chuckled at the puzzled look shared by the siblings.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m the gay sister.” Hope offered tenderly before slipping her hand from Leo’s and extending it toward Sam.

Phoebe moved to Leo’s side with a mischievous look on her face. “Look’s like you’re stuck with me.”

A wild grin broke on his features as he took an appreciatively look at the sexy woman.

“Couldn’t ask for more.”

Sam and Leo each moved toward their respective dates’ seat and held their chairs for them. 

“Please, have a seat,” Sam said politely.

The sisters shared satisfied grins at the offered courtesies.

“Thank you,” came their reply in unison.

“Would you like to order a drink?” Sam offered.

“What are you having?” Hope asked politely.

“Beer!” Sam and Leo answered spontaneously.

“Beer is fine for me.” Hope offered a coy smile before looking at Phoebe who studied the menu intently.

“I’ll have a dry martini, please.” Phoebe flashed a confident smirk at the man sitting across the table.

“Nice choice.” Leo sent her a seductive grin of his own and signaled to the waiter.  “Let’s get this evening started.”


Joe handed his car keys to the valet parking attendant and moved around to the passenger side extending a hand to his fiancée. With a gentle tug he helped Ann out of the car and arm in arm the stunning couple entered the restaurant where the maitre’d greeted them.

“Table for two?”

Joe nodded with an air of aristocratic dignity.

 A raised eyebrow from the maitre’d signaled them to follow.  With a sharp turn the tuxedo dressed man led them straight to the dining room.  He wove in and around a few tables before coming to a stop.

“Will this do?” The maitre’d pointed to an empty table with pristine place settings near the center of the room.

“Yes, thank you.”  Joe looked at the fashionable accommodations.  “This is a nice place, sweetie. It was a good choice.” 

A waiter emerged behind Joe and pulled out a chair for him as the maitre’d did the same for Ann.

“Thank you.” Ann took in her surrounds. “I like it here. It has a wonderful energy.”

The restaurant had a distinct décor with intimate lightening. Soft music played in the background providing a relaxing atmosphere. The far wall had a reddish tint that contrasted with the candle lit tables creating a romantic backdrop. Ann glanced over the room until her eyes set on a corner table and she turned pale. Ann felt her heart stopped pumping as she saw the woman responsible for her recent emotional turmoil sitting right across the room.

It can’t be her.

But it was.  Instantly, pieces of Ann’s earlier dream popped into her mind. Unconsciously, Ann’s body started to react.  Her heart quickened and a warmth settled deep in her core.  The sensation made Ann lick her lips, willing that she could get lost in sky-blue eyes without another thought to time or place. If the truth could be told, Ann wanted to undress Sam and gently press their naked bodies together in a slow, sexy dance.  The mere thought of Sam’s hands moving up and down soothing her bare back as she allowed her fingertips to explore every inch of Sam’s sexy body nearly drove her insane with arousal.

A light touch on her arm brought Ann out of her musing. Sensing the wetness in her panties she turned bright red. No person had ever aroused her like that, not even Joe.

“Are you feeling okay, Ann? You look all flushed.”

“Am I?” Ann used the back of her hands to feel her reddish cheeks. “I am a little hot.  Perhaps it’s a little stuffy in here.”

“Ann, I’m dressed in more clothing than you are and I’m perfectly fine.  I’m not feeling stuffy at all.  Are you sure you’re not coming down with something?”

“No, I’m fine.” Ann felt a twinge of guilt, and averted her eyes. “Listen, why don’t you choose a nice bottle of wine while I go freshen up a bit?”

“Are you sure you’re okay?”  Concern was written all over Joe’s face.

“Yeah, I’m alright.” Ann stood up hastily. “I won’t be long.” She quickly moved away from the table and disappeared before he could reply.

Suddenly her strategic retreat didn’t seem such a nice idea once the owner of a very familiar pair of eyes obscured her path.

Oh God, please don’t let her see me.

Her prayers were answered by a simple act of chivalry.  Sam swooped down to retrieve something that the wavy-haired brunette had dropped.  Those few seconds were just enough for Ann to get past them undetected.

Once safely in the alcove leading to the restrooms, Ann rested with her back up against the wall. 

“Good God, that was close.”  She leaned into the door and opened it, her heart still pounding in her ears.

That’s when Ann’s inner voice came to life. 

You’re such a school girl.

“Quit it!” she muttered louder than she intended causing a few set of eyes to turn to her. Embarrassed once again, she felt a blush covering her cheeks as she ran a nervous hand through her hair.

Shit, I'm going insane.


Leo’s cheerful nature could liven up any party. The man had the ability to crack jokes about almost everything and he wouldn’t waste an opportunity when the ‘Looney Tunes’ ringtone started coming from inside Hope’s purse.

“Hey, Bugs Bunny’s calling!”  Leo injected without a second thought to the visibly blushing woman who hastily dug inside her purse to retrieve her phone but her nervous fingers let it slip and fall.

Sam’s quick reactions allowed her agile fingers to scoop it up before it even touched the floor.

“Here you are.” Sam swooped up from her deep bow and returned the phone with a captivating smile.

“Thank you, Sam.” Sam’s nimbleness had a hypnotic effect over the shy woman. “You’re very sweet.”

“Oh, yeah that’s my sister,” Leo teased. “She’s practically a pot of honey.”

Sam snorted and the girls chuckled at Leo’s boyish humor.

“If you excuse me ladies, I need to hit the little boys’ room.” He stood up and bowed at the ladies before shooting an impatient look at Sam.

“What?” Sam played dumb.

“Come on sis, the beer has worked its way down to my bladder.”

“Leo, you do realize that you and I don’t pee in the same room, don’t you?”

“I know.” He narrowed his eyes at her.

“What’s the matter, Leo?” Sam smirked provocatively. “Afraid you won’t find your way back without a guide?”

“Come on, Sam I really have to go.”

“Oh all right.  I’ll take your hand and walk you to the men’s room.” Taking pity on him, Sam rose.  “If you’ll be kind enough to excuse us, ladies,”

“No problem.  I’m not going anywhere.” Phoebe blew a kiss in Leo’s direction receiving a sexy grin as an answer. Phoebe seemed to be enjoying his humorous flirtation as much as Hope seemed to be overtaken by Sam’s effortless charm. 

“Don’t be too long, Sam.”  Hope chimed in as the siblings made their way toward the restrooms.

“So what do you think?”  Leo whispered.

“Think about what?”

“The girls,” his voice became more intense.  “What else is there to think about?”

Sam shrugged.  “They’re okay.”

“Okay? Come on, they’re hot and they are so into us.”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

The lack of enthusiasm on Sam’s voice caused Leo to shake his head exasperatedly. “Great, you have your ‘one-night-stand’ look on your face.”

“What, were you expecting that I would fall in love at first sight?”

“No, but I thought you might be ready for something a little deeper.”

“You’re sounding like Mark.” Sam crossed her arms impatiently. “What’s the matter? Have you two ganged up to find me a girlfriend?”

“Maybe we’re just worried about you, pig head.”

“I’m fine and I don’t need any cupids to straighten out my love life.” She shooed him. “Now go pee before you wet your pants.”

When he disappeared inside the men’s room, she threaded her fingers through her dark locks.

“Brothers!”  Sam left out an exasperated sigh but inwardly she knew her brother was right. It’s like the whole ‘doctor angel’ episode had awakened a long dormant desire for romance. Unfortunately, the woman that had, literally, set her heart going again was beyond her reach.

Pathetic! That’s what you are.

“Oh, shut up! Just wash your face and get back into a dating mood.” Sam mumbled and reached for the ladies’ room door just as an elderly woman stepped out. Politely, she stepped aside allowing the woman to walk by then entered the apparently empty room and made a beeline directly to the sink. The sound of a stall door opening made Sam look into the mirror. Her movements stilled the moment she saw a blonde angel staring right back at her reflection in the mirror.

“This can’t be happening.” Ann’s voice was little above a whisper.

Sam stood dumbfounded. She could swear she heard something being said, but no coherent thought entered her mind as a mix of emotion swirled like magic around her. After a few seconds, Sam had to coach herself to breath again.

“Hi, doc…I mean, hi Ann.” She amended turning around to face Ann. “I didn’t see you outside.”

Ann stared deeply into azure eyes.  Within seconds she could feel the gravitational force pulling her closer to Sam.

“I saw you.” Ann confessed taking another step forward. “It seems like I always see you…around that is.”

Unconsciously, Sam took a step forward as well.  “What does it mean?”

“I don’t know,” Ann whispered when they were so close that she could smell the soothing combined scents of sandalwood and jasmine emanating from Sam.  Both women had their gaze firmly fixed on one another. Somewhat hesitantly, Ann raised her hand and caressed Sam’s face.  Without realizing it, Sam leaned into the contact as if it was the most natural thing to do.

This feels like…home.

A wave of warmth washed over Sam.

“It feels so real,” Ann whispered.

The phrase was said with such intensity that it caused a low burn to ignite deep in Sam’s belly and she found herself returning Ann’s gaze and enjoying the moment they were caught in.

A knock at the door broke their concentration causing Ann to yank her hand away as if Sam’s face was on fire.

The absence of Ann’s touch left Sam feeling abandoned and homesick.

“Hey Sam, you’re okay in there?” Leo’s muffled voice snapped Sam back to reality.

“Yeah, I’m fine.  Everything’s fine.” She closed her eyes to compose herself and avoid Ann’s gaze.  “I’ll be out in a sec.”

“Hurry it up, we don’t want to keep our ladies waiting.”

Leo’s words were like a bucket of icy water thrown right over their heads. They not only killed the mood but also left both women feeling vulnerable and anxious.

“You’re on a date,” Ann deadpanned.

Sam felt sick in her stomach.   “And you’re…” 

“With my boyfriend,” Ann stated then quickly corrected her slip. “Fiancé…He’s my fiancé!”

“Too complicated…” Sam stated.

An apologetic smile edged onto Ann's face.

Sam closed her eyes feeling the sickness turning into a piercing pain on the pit of her stomach. She shoved it down and looked into Ann’s tumultuous green eyes.  

“We’re hopeless,” Ann whispered and closed her eyes.

Sam felt like her heart was going to burst from inside her chest.

Kiss her.

Sam’s heart and mind were at war as her inner thoughts screamed out opposite instructions.

Don’t waste your time, leave.

Undecided as to what direction to go, Sam chose a hasty retreat.  When she was just about ready to make her move Sam leaned in and brushed her lips against the corner of Ann’s mouth.

“Bye, Ann.”

Ann opened her eyes, but Sam was already gone. She reached to her cheek on the spot Sam had touched her and felt the skin tingling. Ann started toward the door but decided against it after hearing muffled voices coming through the half opened door.

“Finally!  What took you so long?”

“Shut up, Leo”

“Are you okay, Sam?”

The door slammed shut preventing Ann from hearing Sam’s answer. Ann stared at the mirror and watched her blonde brows furrowed as the reality of the situation slowly set in.

“Are you okay?” Ann repeated to herself, feeling her stomach flutter. The short interaction had sent her through several loops in this emotional roller coaster she was on. She let her head hang and scrubbed her face with slightly shaking hands.

“Well, I for one definitely am not.”

To be continued.

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