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Part 16

Fluttering eyelids heralded Ann's way into consciousness. She slowly stretched and welcomed a new day filled with hopes and promises. Ann shifted under the covers thoroughly enjoying the coolness of satin sheets as she turned to hug her pillow. The all too familiar scent of sandalwood-jasmine stimulated her senses and caused an ever increasing grin to come to her face. A sultry purr rumbled deep in her throat as a familiar image came to her mind.


Flashbacks from the previous night aroused her libido. She released a heavy sigh of contentment as she squirmed under the memory of Sam's lusty blue eyes devouring her unceremoniously. Over and over again Ann replayed the sensation of Sam's body pressed hard against hers while those lips paid tribute to every inch of her burning skin.

The new degrees of pleasure and satisfaction that Ann had experienced awoken something inside of her and there was only one person to be blamed for it: Sam.

Ann felt like a new person. Their tryst hadn't been about sex or arousal. It was something deeper and stronger. It was something so amazing that she couldn't find any words to describe it. In a way, it had felt like coming home after a very long trip. Sam was where she was meant to be and the Fates had proven themselves right.

Ann stretched and yawned like a Siamese cat in its most contented manner as she groped sideways to find the missing piece of her puzzle. However, the contented purr that started deep in her chest fell silent about the time she found an empty bed beside her.

“No, it wasn't a dream.” Ann closed her eyes and lingered in the overwhelming memories. “It couldn't have been just a dream. I can still feel her inside…”

Fighting off a wave of disappointment, Ann peered about the room, but there was no sign of Sam. Relief washed over her when she recognized the furniture placed around the room.

Déjà Vu all over again! She smiled as her mind replayed the first time she'd been in this same room experiencing a mighty hangover after their Tequila fest.

Ann remembered how scared she got that day after realizing she was falling for Sam and chuckled. Climbing out of bed, Ann donned the first thing she found, an oversized Knicks shirt, and tiptoed into the living room where she first caught sight of Sam standing behind the kitchen counter.

Struck with awe at the extremely fit body veiled under the thin material of a sleeveless white T-shirt, Ann leaned against the wall as she continued to admire her most recent lover.

Damn, she looks even better in the morning light.

Ann felt her excitement building with memories of Sam kissing a trail down her stomach and making her tremble with arousal. Sam had been in total control of her body fulfilling every need that Ann had or ever dreamed of. In fact, the woman she'd been fantasizing about for so long had proved to be much better than any dream Ann had ever had.

Unable to quell the urge of her rising libido, Ann pushed off the wall, deciding to make her presence known as she closed the gap between her and Sam.

“That looks delicious.” Ann's carnal thought was out before she knew it in a rather sexy, hoarse voice. “And the food looks good, too.”

Sam's head snapped up in surprise. “Oh, no you don't. You're not going to spoil my surprise.” Sam pointed in the direction of the bedroom. “So, go back to bed.”

“Wow, breakfast in bed…” Ann wasn't even a little intimidated by Sam's threatening look. She leaned against the kitchen counter and stole a grape from the plate, making a show of biting it. “I wonder if you do that for every woman you sleep with.”

Sam's eyebrow arched. “Nope, I never stay that long.”

Ann furrowed her brows. “Don't you mean ‘they never stay'?”

“Nope, it's me that never stays.” Sam stated as Ann continued to look at her curiously. “I rarely bring anybody here.”

Realizing the meaning of Sam's words, Ann circled the counter and stood face to face with Sam. “Does that mean that I'm…” She slid her hand under Sam's shirt evoking a sexy groan, “Special?”

“Do you have to ask?” Sam leaned and capture Ann's earlobe lightly between her teeth.

Ann squirmed under Sam's ministrations. “So, to be special…”

“Very special,” Sam whispered into her ear.

“Hmm…” Ann purred with delight. “Very special, I must have done something right, huh?”

“Well, for starters…” Sam pulled back and looked at Ann trying to keep a straight face. “You made me agree with you a lot last night.”

Ann pondered the statement with a puzzled look on her face.

“Oh, come on. Tell me you don't remember.” Sam stopped short and threw her head back as a lusty, erotic panting began to reverberate throughout the room. After a few seconds it was punctuated by a somewhat raw but very sexy voice. “Yes….yes…that's it…yes!”

“Oh God!” Ann blushed and pressed her head against Sam's chest feeling it shake with laugh.

“No, no…you don't get to be embarrassed miss ‘knocking boldly at my door in the middle of the night'.” Sam teased mercilessly. “You came here with one thing on your mind and that was to seduce me.”

Ann's head snapped up indignantly. “I did not.”

“You did so. But who's complaining?” Sam captured Ann's lips and let her kiss further her statement all in the while backing Ann up onto the nearest wall. “I'm surely not.” Sam then slipped her hand under the shirt Ann was wearing and found a breast ripe for the taking.

Driven by the passion of Sam's intimate touch, Ann wrapped her right leg around Sam's waist and melded their bodies together. The moan that slipped through Sam's lips sent a thrill of urgency down Ann's spine as she felt a trail of kisses descending her neck until Sam's mouth ravished her pulse point.

“You taste so good.” Sam added before sucking in the soft flesh of Ann's neck.

Ann parted her lips and enjoyed the attention. The involuntary rocking of Sam's hips against Ann's pelvis grew with each passing moment intensifying Ann's need for Sam to claim her. Instead, Ann felt Sam allowing the suction to diminish as she laved southward.

The direct assault to Ann's senses was overpowering. She could feel her legs quiver and sensed the need to either lie down or fall down. In a rapid motion, Ann stripped her shirt off and tossed it over Sam's shoulder right before she moved her lover toward the couch where they landed in an entwined heap still clinging to the ever escalating mood. That was, until the familiar sound of beeping from Ann's pager split the air and cried out for her attention.

“That's…that's my pager.” Ann managed breathlessly.

“I thought you were off today.”

Ann giggled with relief. “I am.”

“Then ignore it and pay more attention to me.”

“Oh, yeah.” Ann pulled her lover in for another kiss.

“Now, that's better.” Sam said as she continued along with her loving ministrations until an insistent sound coveted their attention.

“And that's my cell phone.” Sam mumbled around a fleshy bite of skin.

Sam tore her mouth away from Ann's collarbone and locked their gaze. The moment Ann looked into penetrating blue eyes she saw all her lust mirrored there. Unable to restrain herself, Ann captured Sam's mouth hungrily but the passion didn't last long with the addition of a third noise maker going off.

Ann backed away in an attempt to clear her mind. “That's your telephone, Sam. What else is going to go off next?”

A throaty laugh rumbled from deep within Sam's chest. “At the rate we're heating things up I'd say it will be the fire alarm.” Sam took the element of surprise and used it to her best advantage. She latched onto a pert nipple and lavished her tongue over it.

“Bring it on ‘cause I'm wet already,” Ann murmured, enjoying the attention.

“Your wish is my command.”

Sam slid one hand down Ann's midsection and over her hips where she was welcomed by skin softer than silk. Languishing in the tactile pleasure of the moment, Ann allowed Sam to linger there until the sound of Sam's department pager added to the earsplitting ruckus of the other telecommunication devices that were going off.

“Shit, shit, shit!” Sam released Ann and rolled off her before scrubbing her face angrily.

“Do you think somebody's trying to interrupt us?”

“All I can say is that it better be damn important,” Sam growled as she reached out and retrieved her phone.

Ann rose and located her purse under a pile of discarded clothes on the end of the couch. She hastily withdrew her pager and reviewed the messages, ten to be exact and all with the designated hospital code of 911 and the ER number following it. Ann retrieved her cell phone and saw Danni's name flashing on the display. She connected the call and brought the phone up to her ear.


“Ann, where are you?” Danni's voice sounded more than just agitated as she screamed over the commotion in the background sound. “We've been trying to reach you all morning.”

“I do have a life, you know. I'm not on call today—”

“Haven't you seen the news?”


“Well then I suggest you turn the damn TV on.”

Spinning around Ann saw Sam standing motionlessly in front of the TV set holding the remote control with a shaky hand, the telephone firmly pressed on her left ear with the other. Ann focused on the startling images displayed across the TV screen.

The first thing to call her attention was the somberness on the anchor's features. She then focused on the images displayed at his right side. There she could see several cars engulfed in roiling flames. Paying closer attention as one scene changed into another, Ann noticed convoys of vehicles from all the emergency services off in the distance. Next flashed across the screen helicopters flying overhead with lights cutting through the vast palls of smoke billowing up from piles of what appeared to be concrete, metal, and glass.

Her mouth dropped open as the words of the breaking news anchor added his commentary.

“If you are just joining us, we want to advise you that we are providing you with live coverage of the aftermath of a huge explosion in downtown New York City this morning. Police have yet to release the official number of people injured, but so far we have no reports of any fatalities. City hospitals confirm that the flood of casualties has caused a strain on their systems and they are sending out a desperate plea for all off-duty medical staff to report in. Sources at the Fire Department are speculating that a gas leak may have been the source of the explosion but with the magnitude of the blast and destruction of nearly an entire city block, the FBI has been called in to rule out any terrorist involvement. We'll keep you posted with more of our live coverage right after this break.”


“Jesus Christ,” Ann whispered astonished.

“It's more like hell running loose over here.” Danni pressed urgently, “So when can we expect you?”

The sound of a deep intake of breath diverted Ann's attention from the TV set to her ashen-looking lover.

“Sam, what's wrong?”

“Sam???” Danni's voice squealed across the line. “Now I know why you haven't been answering your pager.”

“Listen Danni,” Ann's gaze never wavered from Sam. “I'll be there as soon as I can.” She hung up hurriedly and stepped closer to Sam waiting for her conversation to end.

“No mother, don't come here…Yes I'll find him. You stay put and I'll find Leo, I promise…Don't worry. I'll call you as soon as I know something…Of course not, mom. Leo knows better than to go dying in some stupid explosion. I'll call you.” Sam ended the call abruptly then quickly set her fingers in motion punching in the next set of numbers. “Come on, answer it.”

Ann edged closer watching a very impatient Sam.

“Damn it! It's on voice mail.”

“Are you okay?”

Sam tossed the phone on the couch before acknowledging Ann's presence. “My brother owns an art gallery in that area. We can't get a hold of him.”

Sensing that Sam was struggling not to break down, Ann reached for her trying to offer some comfort. Instantaneously, Sam accepted the invitation and melted into Ann's arms.

“I have to find him.” She whispered against Ann's shoulders. “Ann, I'm sorry. I didn't want the morning to end like this but I have to go down there.”

“I know, love. I only wish I could go with you but I have to go to the hospital—”

Sam jerked back startling Ann. “You don't think. Oh god! What if he's—”

“Sam, take it easy.” Ann forced eye contact. “Listen to me. You need to calm down, ok?” Her soothing tone seemed to have an effect on Sam. “You go to the blast scene and let me go to the hospital. If your brother is there I'll let you know. His name is Leo, right?”

“Yes.” Sam exhaled a long calming breath. “Leo Matthews. I must have a picture of him somewhere.” Sam started to get fretful but Ann held her firmly.

“Sam…” Ann locked their gazes again. “Describe him to me.” She asked softly and sensed Sam relaxing.

“Late thirties, about six feet tall, dark hair, blue eyes—”

“So in other words, he's a male version of you?” Ann furrowed her brows.

Sam nodded. “You could say that.”

“He'll be hard to miss.” Ann pulled Sam into a comforting hug.

“I'm sorry about breakfast.” Sam nodded toward the kitchen counter. “I promise I'll make it up to you.”

“I rate a second date, huh?” Ann asked tentatively.

Sam pulled back and looked into Ann's eyes. “Well, technically we haven't had a first date yet.” Sam kissed Ann full on the lips. “We will have to work on that too but right now we've got others to worry about.” Sam caressed Ann's face.

Ann slid her hand up the back of Sam's neck and pulled her down for a final kiss.

They pull back and Sam managed a smile. “We're definitely going to have to work on that dating thing.” She placed a light kiss on Ann's nose. “Soon, very soon.”

Ann mirrored Sam's smile before taking her hand. “Come on, let's get dressed.”


To be continued…


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