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Part 19

The sound of an agonizing scream drew Ann's attention as she approached the nurses' station. Looking around, she saw a resident struggling against a patient that refused to let the doctor touch his badly broken leg.

“ Davis , what's going on?”

The resident turned to see the chief of the ER looking directly at him. “Dr. Thomas, I…I...” he stammered out defensively before turning his attention back toward his patient. “This patient has a severe fracture of his tibia.”

Ann glanced down at the patient's leg. “Yeah, I can see that.” Ann addressed the wound with shard bone ends sticking through it. “Don't you think he needs something for the pain?” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“He won't even take an aspirin,” Davis explained defensively. “He says it interferes with the spiritual evolution.”

“In my country pain is seen as a way to elevate the spirit,” the patient offered with a strong Indian accent all the while his face was contorted in pain.

“That's very enlightening Mr.—” Ann peaked on the file Davis was holding. “Mr. Rajiv, but you need surgery.” Ann then eyed the resident sternly. “If you haven't already, call for an orthopedic consult. Let them deal with it in the operating room.”

The patient dipped his head. “Thank you, ma'am.”

“It's the least we can do given your strong beliefs.” Ann smiled graciously then turned and walked away. She didn't get very far before a waving hand caught her attention.

“What's up, Danni?”

“CT results are back.” Danni pointed at the computer next to her.

“Good, let me take a look.” Ann took a seat and analyzed the information on the computer screen.

“Where's Sam?” Danni teased.

Ann bit the inside of her cheek pretending to focus on the results. “Got it all figured out, have you?”

“It wasn't very hard after the exchanging of smug looks and that big dose of TLC.” Danni narrowed her gaze waiting for Ann to look at her. When her friend refused eye contact she jabbed. “Why haven't you told me that Sam was a woman?”

“Haven't I?” Ann faked innocence.

“Don't be a smart ass!” Danni slapped Ann's arm playfully. “You have a lot to tell.”

Ann finally turned to meet Danni's gaze. “Are you going to judge me?”

Danni's eyes widened in shock and she grasped Ann's arm pulling her up and into a private corner. “Why would I judge you?”

Ann averted her gaze. “Some people will. They'll freak when they hear that I'm dating a woman.”

“First of all, you're calling me ‘some people'?” Danni faked receiving a blow on the stomach. “Ouch! Second, if I have to judge something, I'll use the evidence that I see, and what I see is a gleam in your eyes. A gleam that, in twenty years of friendship, I've never seen before. What I see is a silly grin that refuses to leave your lips and a glow that envelopes you every time you speak her name. Not to mention that your skin is, like Oscar would put it…” She stretched her palms in front of her face theatrically. “Flawless.”

They shared a chuckle.

“I would never freak to see my best friend falling in love,” Danni said seriously.

“This is love, isn't it?” Ann wrinkled her nose.

Danni nodded. “I think it is and it looks good on you.”

“Thanks,” Ann tried hard not to blush.

“When did you know?”

“I think I've fallen for Sam since the first time I saw her. I didn't recognize it for what it was but after last night,” Ann paused dramatically releasing a subtle sigh, “I haven't got a single question in my mind.”

“Good. So tonight you grab a six pack of beer and come by my place. We have something to discuss.”

“What?” Ann's brow furrowed. “I've just spilled my guts out to you in a nut shell.”

“Not about you or Sam. I want to talk about her brother.”


“Yeah,” Danni's eyes gleamed. “That's the one.”

“Oh boy,” Ann sighed staring at images of Leo's brain on the monitor screen. Random thoughts filtered through her brain until one slapped her right between the eyes.

“But hey, tonight I have…” Ann looked up only to find that Danni was already gone. “Plans and they don't involve three.”


"For the hundredth time Mark, I'm not saying anything.” Sam narrowed her eyes at her partner. “I don't want to jinx it. So let it alone."

“Come on Sam, I've been following this love story since the beginning. Should I remind you that I was the one to find out that Dr. Thomas was ‘Dr Angel'?” He lifted his eyebrow defiantly.


"Oh please, we're more than partners, Sam.  We're —"

"Friends,” Sam deadpanned. “And friends should know when to drop the matter.  End of discussion." She looked at her watch before releasing an impatient breath.  "And if this bozo doesn't come around soon, it's going to be the end of this stake-out.  I'm going batty from setting in this car and starring at Miller's front door for over two hours now. Besides, I've got to be somewhere in a little while."

"Where is it tonight, your place or hers?" Mark teased. “Then again I've heard there is always an element of excitement to doing it in a hospital on-call room where someone might walk in on you.”

Before Sam could bark a smartass comeback, she spied a car pulling into the curb.

“Mark,” Sam cautioned, her eyes never leaving the man inside the car. “I think we just got lucky.”

“Speak for yourself.” Mark reached inside his pocket and retrieved a candy bar. “Tonight's Allison's night out with the girls.”

“Now who's the idiot here?” Sam spat out.

“Yeah, but I'm the one that's been happily married for—“

“Look!” She backhanded his arm and pointed in the newly arrived car's direction.

“What?” He focused more intently on the car as the man behind the wheel turned to gaze into his side mirror before opening up the car door. “Oh, shit!”

Mark chucked the candy into the back seat with one hand and reached for the door handle with the other. Slowly they ventured from their post, treading lightly so as not to startle their prey. Finally when they were little more than two car lengths away, Mark made his move.

“Martin Miller,” Mark raised his voice as he flashed his badge. “NYPD, please step away from the car.”

Miller didn't comply. His cold, calculated stare was meant to send a chill right through them. Time seemed to warp to a stand still and that's when Miller jumped at his chance. He dove back inside the vehicle and hastily sped away.

“Damn it.” Mark's frustration was evident as he ran back to their car and slid into the driver seat. Sam wasn't more than a step behind him heading for the passenger door where she quickly jumped in and attached the portable red light to the car's roof top. Screeching tires signaled the start of the hot pursuit while the sound of the siren wailed a warning for everyone to get out of the way.

Sam grabbed the microphone for the radio as Mark accelerated to keep up with Miller's car.

“Dispatch, this is Five Henry Twelve, we have a 10- 88.”

“Five Henry Twelve go ahead,” the radio answered back.

“Miller, Martin, African American male, six foot, wanted for murder, driving silver Dodge Intrepid, Alpha - Echo - Sierra - 4 - 9 – 2– 5 .”

“Copy that. Five Henry Twelve please confirm your location.”

“Suspect is moving Northeast on Amsterdam Avenue .”

“Copy that.”

The pursuit was picking up speed as Sam watched Miller suddenly turn left across oncoming traffic, earning a cacophony of angry horns from drivers moving in both directions.

Miller's tires squealed through traffic curving ‘Ss' on the road until he forced an older model, flatbed truck to spin away, hit the curb, and crash through a fence into the front yard of a house. Mark had to swerve around the rear end of the truck and speed up to stay with Miller.

“He's taking the West Side Highway.” Sam blurted out over the squeal of tires and the blaring of horns.

Miller raced down a side street that ran parallel to the highway and headed up to the ramp, but at the very last second he yanked his car onto a paved slope and maneuvered right onto West 16 th street . His car bounced from side to side as it hit the road and teetered for a moment. Somehow, Miller managed to get all four wheels back onto the ground and accelerated once more.

Mark hit the brakes hard and the car spun through half a turn. He wrenched the steering wheel and the car turned around the rest of the way. Once again, they followed the Intrepid down onto the street and across 5 th Avenue . One after the other they turned right around the perimeter of the Union Square . That's where Mark closed the gap between them as he stepped on the gas and white knuckled the wheel.

“Let's put an end to this chase before somebody gets killed.”

Sam drew her weapon and took aim out the passenger side window. She fired off two consecutive rounds in hasty form just as Miller swerved to the right and then back to the left.

Ping ! Ping ! The sound of bullets striking metal sliced through the air.

“Fuck! Hold it steady, Mark.”

“This is as good as it gets.” He braced his arms against the wheel and thought of something to egg his partner on with. “Where's that sharp shooting medal when you need it?”

More determined than ever, Sam took aim and squeezed the trigger as though she had all the time in the world.

BANG! The driver's side front tire erupted; sending fragments of rubber tread flying. Unable to be steered, Miller's car veered toward the side of the road, metal on asphalt trailing sprays of sparks and a sound similar to nails being raked down a blackboard. It wasn't long before an unsuspecting fire hydrant took the brunt of the crash. A fountain of water spewed into the air as the hydrant was ripped from its mooring.

“There,” Sam gloated. “That's how I got my medal.”

With a proud smile, Mark sent the car into a controlled skid, pulling the vehicle to a halt.

Mark surveyed the scene. “Well, that sure stopped him. Let's get the son of a bitch.”

The two cops exited their vehicle but stopped dead on their track as the door of Miller's car flung open.

“Jesus H. Christ!” Mark's eyes widened at the sight of a gun barrel pointing in their direction. “Doesn't this guy ever stop? He's like the fucking Terminator.”

“Mark, get back.” Sam warned when a blast of semi-automatic gunfire split the air as Miller rolled out of his damaged vehicle.

Sam dove for a telephone pole while Mark tucked down and ran behind the nearest vehicle. That was all the time Miller needed to make his exit from the wreckage.

“Damn it.” Mark stuck his finger through the ragged hole in his pants leg as he sat huddled in a ball with his back against the wheel. “Allison warned me not to wear my best suit today.”

“Mark, are you hurt?” Sam yelled crouching behind the telephone pole.

“Not until I get home,” he muttered.

Sam stood and carefully edged out to return fire but Miller was already on a dead run from the wreckage.

“Shit! He's getting away.”

Sam started the foot pursuit with Mark following close behind. Side by side, the two made a mad dash as they shoved their way through the crowd. Intermittent shrieks accompanied by shocked expressions signaled the individual's horror at seeing guns waving in their faces.

“Lie down!”

“Get out of the way.”

“Lie down I said. What are you people, deaf?” Sam swung her gun back and forth trying to get a clear shot at the fleeing felon.

Without slowing his pace, Miller turned and fired twice. The bullets lashed the pavement next to Sam and ricocheted off of a newsstand sending splintered pieces of wood flying everywhere. In an effort to stave off injury from the flying debris an old lady stumbled in front of Sam who instinctively outstretched her hand and caught the woman to soften her fall. Sam attributed the sharp pain in her upper arm to her off balanced catch and eased the woman to the ground.

Side stepping his partner, Mark picked up his pace and caught up with Miller at a jammed crossroad. A quick step onto a bumper and off the fender of a stopped vehicle gave Mark the edge as he launched himself in Miller's direction. Agile hands intercepted the weapon as it was brought to bear down on him. The impact of one body against another shoved Miller against the hood of a car sending his gun flying. Miller, though stunned initially, fought back hitting Mark hard in the face. The force of the blow caused Mark to stagger backwards. That was all Miller needed to break free. In a flash he was off and running only to be blindsided by another flying tackle.


Two bodies struck the ground with a thud but only one stirred a few seconds later. Slowly Sam pushed herself up.

“Martin Miller,” Sam used her knee to keep him in place. “You are under arrest for the murder of Glory Wilson.” She tugged his hands together and handcuffed him. “You have the right to remain silent.” She stood up and pulled him to his feet. “Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to —”

“Fuck you!” Miller barked.

“No, you don't have that right.” Sam jerked him aside as she acknowledged Mark's presence. “But you'd better find a good lawyer because you made my partner run and he hates running.”

Mark snorted rubbing his bruised face as he secured the discarded automatic weapon. “Not to mention assault, fleeing the scene of an accident, and endangering the public with intent to kill.” He closed in on his partner. His mouth dropped open when the red stain on Sam's arm came into his view.

“You're bleeding.” He said rather alarmed.

“Am I? Where?” Sam cast a passing gaze over her torso.

“There,” Mark pointed to her upper sleeve.

“Oh, that. It's nothing.” She shrugged nonchalantly.

“But how did you? Were you shot?” He asked taking Miller from her grasp.

Sam thought for a moment. “I must have gotten it when I caught the old bro…lady,” she corrected herself. “It's more like a scratch maybe.”

“A scratch my ass.”

She looked down at the upper arm of her coat sleeve with blood soaking through the torn material. “Well, maybe nicked…a little.”

“Either way it ruined that jacket and the rest of your day not to mention my suit and shift. Now I'm going to have to do all the paperwork to process this piece of shit and you know how much I love doing paperwork.” Mark glared at Miller then pushed him forward, signaling Sam to follow him. “Come on. I'll drop you back at the ER on the way to the station.”

“I'm okay, I don't need to go to the—” A naughty smile broke on her face. “On second thought, maybe I do need to go see a doctor.”

“And I bet I know just the one you want to see.” Mark shook his head and chuckled. “Hey, you get shot then you go to the hospital.” He turned and looked at her. “Isn't that how this whole thing started?”

Sam beamed with pride as she exchanged a knowing smile with Mark.

Mark jerked back Miller's arm when he got in the way. “Hey! What are you looking at?” He followed Miller's gaze to Sam's chest. “Don't answer that. I already know. Now get into the car. We're going to take a nice ride back to the station. We've got some old friends of yours dying to see you again.”



To be concluded…


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