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Stories From The City Series:

Piper’s Serenade

By weebod

Kimberly took one last look in the full-length mirror that adorned one corner of her bedroom. With a critical eye she removed a piece of lint and made an adjustment to her hat. After a final nod of approval to her reflection, Kimberly picked up her Bagpipe case and left for the sunny streets of the capital. The bright sunshine was a pleasant change from the last few days of rain and Kimberly left her dress jacket draped over her arm as she made the twenty-minute walk into town and the spot she had occupied everyday for the last month.

The midday sun was hot as it beat down on her Glengarry. She could feel the itch of her scalp beneath the hat as her hair pined to be let loose in the slight breeze. Her feet, fully enclosed in woollen socks and spats, already throbbed, but she knew that tourists loved to have their picture taken with a piper in full highland dress and that way she would make more money.

Taking her usual spot midway down Castle Street, the famous Edinburgh Castle in the background towering above her, Kimberly laid her pipes case on the pavement throwing in a few coins to encourage passers by to do the same. Inflating her pipes, she played the opening strains of her favourite medley.

At 1pm, Kimberley took a break and a long drink of water. She was half way through her two hour stint and a quick look towards her case told her it was a good day’s piping, the better weather bringing more visitors into the city centre. She had posed for photographs, taken requests and even allowed someone to try on her hat and hold her pipes, all for a donation, she reminded them as she delicately tapped her case with her foot.

Ms uptight came striding towards her at 1.45pm. She knew the time without looking as you could set your watch by this woman, her beauty only marred by the permanent scowl she always wore. Kimberly always watched for her passing each day and would follow her movements until she disappeared into a nondescript building on Rose Street; it had become her guilty pleasure. Today was a little different from the norm, when the woman dropped something into Kimberly’s case as she passed. It looked like a note. It wasn’t that unusual for someone to drop a note to her. Occasionally it would be a telephone number, a guy asking for a date, sometimes a thank you for her playing. She wondered what it said and was tempted to cut short her stint, but managed to keep playing through until 2pm, despite her desperation to know what was in the note. Did she dare hope it could be an invitation of some sort? She knew she wanted it to be, but the woman barely ever glanced at her, never breaking stride or cracking a smile.

Eventually 2pm came and Kimberly finished the last refrains of Green Hill’s. She tucked the note into her sporran while she removed her earnings from her case and put them into a leather pouch, before carefully packing her pipes away. Opening the note, Kimberly read the words written boldly on the paper. Could you please move somewhere else!Well that was disappointing, she thought. Short and to the point, the woman hated the pipes. Kimberly balled the note up in her fist before depositing it into the nearest bin. I will stop, she thought to herself, but not for two more months!


“Please, Kimberly? I know it’s last minute, but Roger can’t make it. I don’t want to go on my own.”

Kimberly closed her eyes and sighed, she was tired and really didn’t want to go out, but she couldn’t leave Kate to go out on her own.

“Are you sure you have asked everyone else?”

“Kimberly! I don’t want to go with just anyone, I wanted to go with Roger, but since he can’t, believe it or not, you are my next choice!”

Okay, now she had upset her friend, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’ll go. Who is it again?”

“O.M.D.” Kate said the letters slowly as though talking to a child. “I know you have little interest in popular music, especially from the eighties, but I promise Kim, you will enjoy it. They are on at the Lyceum, you can walk down in ten minutes, I’ll meet you outside with the tickets, near the clock.”

“What time?”


“I’ll see you at the clock.”

Kim checked her watch, it was a little after six.

Once inside the venue, the two friends ordered drinks and were soon chatting animatedly on a familiar topic ever since Kate’s recent engagement to Roger.

“I’m serious, you are my bridesmaid, you can’t be the piper as well.”

“But I really want to play you in to the reception.”

“It’s my wedding, I want you as my bridesmaid!”

“I know and I really want to be your bridesmaid, I will be your bridesmaid, but I so want to do this for you, it’s my gift.”

Kate instantly melted, she knew piping was Kimberly’s passion; it had been since she was a toddler and she was extremely gifted. While all the other kids had dreams of being a Princess or a footballer, Kimberly had dreams of being the lone piper on the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle at the end of the tattoo. She had already taken part in the tattoo, so she may realise her dream yet. She shook her head, “We’ll work something out.”

Kimberly lit up at those words and took Kate’s hand. “You won’t regret it Kate, I’m going to write a piece especially for you and Roger.”

Kate’s eyes began to well up, “You are?”

“Of course, I want it to be so special, Kate, unique. I’m already working on it. I will do both and do them well.”

“I know you will, thank you.”

“Oh God, please not her.”

“Who?” Kate was looking in the direction her wide-eyed friend was staring in.

“The woman coming towards us,” Kimberly guided Kate towards the wall in an attempt to hide from her nemesis. “She absolutely hates me playing near her office each day.”

Kimberly inhaled waiting for the verbal onslaught as the woman drew nearer, then exhaled in shock as the woman squeezed past them with a polite apology. Kimberly blinked then turned in astonishment to Kate. “She didn’t recognise me!”

“I’m not surprised. She’s only ever seen you dressed head to toe in tartan with a bonnet on your head and your cheeks permanently puffed out as you blow into your bag of cats.”

“You’re right. She has no idea who I am with my hair down and out of my highland dress.” Kimberly watched as the woman ordered drinks at the bar.

“You like her?”

“Well, I did, I do, but she certainly doesn’t like me. Her last note said, and I quote ‘For the love of God, I am begging you to please stop!’ There have been several others, all basically asking me to move on.”

“When do you go back to Uni?”

“Next week.”

Kate shrugged, “Then she will soon get her wish.”

“Here she comes.”

“Relax, she has no idea who you are.”

Kimberly was already moving out of the woman’s way as she approached the two friends, this time she smiled and held eye contact with Kimberly, but it was broken as suddenly as it began and the woman mumbled something as she passed.

“I think she recognised me!”

Kate’s eyes narrowed in thought. “You know, I may not be the smartest when it comes to these things, but I think she likes you.”

“She hates me!”

“She may well hate your bagpipes, but she likes the look of you.”

“No, no way. And even if she did, she would instantly dislike me when she found out who I am.”

Kate smiled as the lights dimmed which meant the band were coming on, “Relax, she doesn’t know who you are, enjoy the show.”

Kimberly nodded, perhaps Kate was right and what she had seen was a spark of interest, not recognition. If it was she had stumbled on quite a conundrum. The object of her desire had finally noticed her, but had no idea who she really was.

As the gig progressed, Kim couldn’t help but search the crowd for the woman and after almost an hour, she finally spotted her and for once, the woman wasn’t wearing a scowl, she was singing along to the band. Kim was quite enjoying the music too; it wasn’t at all bad. As the band played their encore, Kim was captivated by the opening refrains of the final song. She turned to Kate, “What song is this?”

“What?” Kate asked loudly, unable to hear over the loud music.

“This song, what’s it called!” She shouted loudly.

“Maid Of Orleans!”

It was just like the pipes and drums, so beautiful, she instantly fell in love with it. As Kimberly continued to listen, she watched the other woman who unerringly turned her head sideways and their eyes locked, a smile passing between them. “Beautiful,” Kim whispered.


Monday found Kim in her usual spot, wearing her Inverness cape over her highland dress to keep the rain off. It was mid September and the temperature had dropped a good few degrees. Kim heard the one o’clock gun thunder out from the castle, signalling the halfway point of her stint and time for a little refreshment. As Kimberly continued to play the weather became more miserable, out of habit she glanced down Rose Street and saw the familiar form coming towards her, even under the black umbrella Kimberly knew exactly who it was. As the woman drew nearer, Kim saw the flash of paper in her hand and knew another note was about to be despatched. She drew out the final note of ‘Rowan tree’, holding it as she puffed her cheeks out inflating the bag Kimberly then counted of the beats of the big drum using her feet, then began the opening melody of the tune she had been practicing all weekend. With her kilt swaying in time to the music, she watched as the note landed in her bagpipes case, the woman continued on for four more paces before stopping abruptly and spinning on her heel. A frown marred her beautiful face as she stared intently at Kim for the first time. As her eyes narrowed, Kim winked as she continued to play and move her feet. Kim saw the moment that spark of recognition registered in those sharp green eyes, then with a shake of her blonde bobbed hair, she was gone, crossing the road and shaking the rain from her umbrella before disappearing through the back doorway. Kimberly silently chuckled as she continued with the tune, unaware of the brooding figure observing her from a dark stair window across the street.

Tuesday brought the sun with it and another note. After yesterday’s, ‘How much longer is this going to go on? My ears are bleeding.’ Todays ‘I still hate the bagpipes,’ had been positively cheery, as it was delivered without a scowl and what seemed like a grumpy acceptance. This was progress, so Kim decided to take the plunge the following day and write a note of her own. As the woman passed at her usual time, Kimberly, still playing took a step forward and motioned towards the note sitting on the top lid of her case addressed to ‘The Maid Of Orleans’. It seemed appropriate since she had no idea what the woman’s name was. Frowning, the smartly dressed blonde bent down and plucked the envelope from the case and walked off without a backwards glance. She was a little disappointed that the note hadn’t been opened in her presence, but again she was unaware of the figure watching her from the stairwell, a smile on her full red lips, as she observed the plucky little red head. Jane stood there for a full minute before tucking the note she had just read into her pocket, ‘Coffee?’ the one word written on it.

Thursday brought Kimberley the much anticipated reply she had been almost dreading. The half smile that accompanied the dropping of the note into her case told her she had a date. At 2pm she stopped playing and read the note. Her date was tomorrow at 1pm. She certainly didn’t mind finishing her stint early if it meant she could spend time with the mysterious woman. Even if she was nervous, she was looking forward to it.

Jane entered her office and sat at her desk, the residue of a smile still playing on her lips. Her secretary had given her a second glance as she entered the outer office, taken aback by the pleasant look on the normally austere woman’s face. Jane had simply raised an eyebrow and her secretary had turned back to her monitor without a word. She couldn’t get the image of those playful hazel eyes from her mind. The telephone rang snapping her back to the task at hand. ‘Jane Matthews.’ As Jane listened to the information being relayed to her from head office in London, she realised she wouldn’t be around tomorrow for her date. As soon as the call ended she made her way back down onto the street, hoping that the piper would still be there, but she could no longer hear her. The spot was deserted.

As Jane sat on the early morning flight from Edinburgh to London, her mind kept drifting back to yesterday. If only the call from head office had come before lunch everything would have been fine. She had debated all afternoon, even written the note, but had in the end decided against asking her secretary to take the note over to the piper. She cherished her privacy too greatly to ask the favour, even in that moment she was still entertaining the possibility of calling her secretary when she landed, but she knew she wouldn’t. Instead she would have to wait until Monday, explain what had happened and hope the piper understood that she never intended to stand her up. Damn, she wished she had asked her name or even offered her own, it would have somehow made the situation a little more palatable, but she was about to stand up a woman whose name she didn’t even know.

Kimberly had been suffering from butterflies for most of the day and now as she stood piping in her usual spot she knew the hour was drawing closer. At the sound of the one o’clock gun she almost jumped in surprise, despite hearing it everyday. Her eyes darted around as she stopped playing and took a drink from her water bottle. Kim busied herself with gathering up her money and packing her pipes away into the case, but as the minutes ticked by she had a feeling that her coffee date was not going to put in an appearance. Debating what to do, Kimberly decided it would be better to continue playing than to stand around waiting for the other woman. As she played on and 2pm finally came around she knew it wasn’t going to happen. Perhaps it had been a cruel joke played on her. The other woman getting her back for the weeks of misery she had put her through. She did after all hate her playing the bagpipes near her office. Kim packed up for the final time taking one last look around at the spot she had occupied for almost three months. She had enjoyed being able to play there and make some money. Since her neighbours weren’t too happy with her practicing a lot of hours, it had made sense to busk all summer. Now she would be able to practice as much as she liked at university and no one would become irritated, she was looking forward to that more now than she had been this morning. With a distinctly sour note replacing her earlier cheerful optimism, she started her walk home.

Jane stretched as she sat up straight, she had been busy since she arrived at work early that morning. After the emergency meeting in London she had a lot of work to get through in the next few days. Glancing at the time on her monitor she frowned instantly sensing something was different. Tilting her head to the side she listened intently. It wasn’t there, the wailing sound that had plagued her all summer was gone. Ordinarily she would have been pleased even ecstatic, but now, after the events of last week she was concerned enough to grab her jacket and head down to the street. Usually she left the building through the front door, but instead she headed straight for the back stairs, she didn’t want to glance out the window as she passed it, because she already knew the piper wasn’t there. She stood on the street looking across at the spot where the lovely young woman had been playing all summer. The street seemed lifeless without her, despite the amount of people walking past. Maybe she would be back tomorrow…


Jane’s head shot up as she heard the opening strains of the bagpipes. Without a second thought she immediately headed to the staircase, taking the first flight two at a time and stopping on the landing. Absently rubbing her arms to ward off the chill she peered out trying to get a look at the piper playing at the bottom of the street. Her excitement was short lived as she took in the six foot plus frame of the broad figure. It was Hogmanay and Jane had dared to hope that her piper would return at this time of year. The streets below were buzzing with activity, it was prime time for a piper to make money, if a bit cold as the end of the year brought the predictable wintry weather with it. She leaned her forehead against the cold glass lamenting yet again the unfortunate turn of events that led to her missing her chance. Rationally Jane knew that she didn’t even know the woman who was never far from her thoughts, but somehow she had taken hold and Jane couldn’t shake loose the feelings of what if, and the sense of a missed opportunity.

On the other side of the Castle the woman of her dreams piped her heart out. Kimberly had considered going back to the spot she had occupied all summer, but the thought of seeing the other woman again and finding out that it was all a cruel prank had put her off. Instead she had chosen a spot on the Royal Mile so she could concentrate on playing without constantly looking out for the other woman. She often wondered what had gone wrong that Friday lunchtime. Why the businesswoman had not turned up. Many scenarios had gone through her mind. Had she been sick? Called away somewhere? Ultimately the scenario that won out was that the other woman had simply led her on as retribution for making her ears bleed all summer. It seemed the most likely and therefore the one Kimberly had chosen to go with. She would be meeting up later with Kate and Roger to bring in the New Year with a group of friends, it always seemed a more lonely time to be single.


“Why are you insisting on giving me a lift?” Kim asked her friend who stood in her doorway.

“Because it’s freezing outside.”

“I can get the bus. I’m sure you must have better things to do than drive me around on a Friday night.”

“Not really, Roger isn’t home until later tonight, so I thought I would spend some time with you. I hadn’t realised you had a gig.” Kate walked past Kim into the warm flat, not waiting on an invite.

Kimberly shook her head and followed Kate inside. “Angus got a second booking for tonight, so he passed one on to me.”

“How much will you make?”

“Two hundred pounds.”

“What! For piping in a haggis?”

“There’s a bit more to it than that. I will be playing as the guests arrive and are seated. Then I wait around and pipe in the haggis.”

“I suppose it is one of the more expensive Burns’ suppers in Edinburgh tonight.” Kate conceded.

“After dinner there is a ceilidh, but I can leave after the haggis has been addressed.”

“I’ll come get you.”

Kim shook her head, “No, you don’t have to do that.”

“Kimberly, Prestonfield House is isolated, I’m not having you wandering out of there in the dark.”

“I’ll get a cab.” Kim said reasonably.

“Please call me when you finish. Besides, I want to catch up, I haven’t really seen you since Hogmanay.”

Kimberly relented, she could never refuse Kate when she pouted. “Alright, I’ll call you when I’ve finished. We can come back here and have a cuppa.”

Kimberly stood in full highland dress at the entrance of Prestonfield House playing her pipes as the guests arrived in a blaze of tartan for the black tie affair. It was a cold evening and few lingered, preferring to head for the warmth inside.

Jane wrapped the tartan shawl around her shoulders to make the short trip from the car into the hotel. Her clients were expecting a full Scottish experience and despite her own reservations, she would deliver exactly that. Jane could hear the strain of the pipes as they walked to the entrance, but kept her focus on the three gentlemen with her.

“Oh, a lady piper.”

Jane’s head swung towards the dark figure off to the side and froze.

“She’s very good isn’t she?”

Jane was staring straight at the woman who had taken up her thoughts on many a lonely evening, but the piper was focussed on a spot in the distance.

“I see you agree.” Her guest joked, bringing Jane back to the present.

“Yes, very gifted. Shall we?” Jane smiled as she motioned with her arm towards the entrance. Her heart was pounding due to the sudden turn of events, but her professionalism kicked in covering her momentary loss of composure.

At 7.15pm a member of staff signalled to Kimberly that she could stop playing as all the guests had arrived. After a brief discussion about the timing of the address to the haggis, Kimberly was left on her own. She just wanted to find a quiet spot and hide until her next stint, then get out of the place as quickly as possible. Kimberly had recognised the businesswoman as soon as she exited the car. Watched as she had spoken with her friends, smiling and holding onto the arm of a tuxedoed gentleman. She looked so elegant in her black evening dress with a tartan shawl closed by a Celtic brooch. Kimberly had moved her eyes to stare straight ahead the moment she saw one of the men refer to her. She couldn’t hear what was being said, but she knew the woman had recognised her, could feel her stare at her then disappear into the hotel.

Jane was seated at her table making polite conversation, but she was desperate to get away. She may never have this opportunity again and after a few minutes excused herself from the table, heading back towards the entrance, but the piper was nowhere to be seen.

“Alright, Kimberly, we will be ready to go in five minutes.”

Kim nodded to the head chef, who she would be leading into the main dining room. She had called Kate just a few minutes before and she must have sounded a little frantic as Kate had asked what was wrong. Kim told her nothing to worry about, she just didn’t want to be here any longer than she needed to be.

Jane heard the pipes in the distance, getting louder, signalling the arrival of the haggis, but she was only interested in the person playing them. Everyone in the room stood and began clapping in time with the music as the piper led the chef carrying the haggis around the room. Jane really looked at the woman playing for the first time. She had always dismissed the instrument, but now she could appreciate the craft involved. Since the summer the bagpipes had caught her ear and she had started listening properly to them for the first time and she knew that she was listening to a highly skilled piper. The note changes were smooth and steady, being held for the right length of time. The way her fingers moved over the chanter so effortlessly spoke of years of practice. She watched as the piping finished and the address to the haggis began, the piper playing her part with all the tradition required, including throwing back a single whisky to finish and then she was gone and dinner was being served.Jane left the table again and followed the piper out of the dining room.

When she entered the lobby, she saw the piper with the hotel manager, presumably being paid, judging by the envelope he handed her. When the manager left, Jane approached.

“Excuse me?”

The younger woman looked at her with surprise and became a little flustered. “I’m sorry, but I’m in a bit of a rush.” She continued packing her bagpipes away.

“Please, I need to explain.”

Kimberly stopped for a moment and turned to face the other woman, she knew she was blushing furiously.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t make it for coffee. The last day I saw you, when I returned to the office, I was told to be in London the following morning. As soon as the call finished I immediately came back down to find you, but it was too late. I know it’s shabby, but I thought I would see you on the Monday and be able to explain.”

“That Friday was my last day. I returned to University on the Monday.”

Jane smiled, hoping she still had a chance. “Can we start again?”

Kimberly nodded. “What’s your name?”

“Jane, Jane Matthews.” She held out her hand and Kim shook it.

“Kimberly Baxter, nice to meet you Jane.”

“Kimberly, I’m entertaining clients tonight and I’m afraid I really have to get back to my dinner table. Can I have your number?” She implored.

Kimberly nodded and gave her number to Jane, who put it into her phone, before handing Kimberly a business card. “I’ll call you tomorrow?”

“Yes, I…”


Kim looked up to see Kate rushing towards her.

“Is everything okay? You sounded off when you called.”

Smiling at Kate, Kim then looked at Jane. “Everything is just fine.”


“So you don’t like the sound of the bagpipes?”

Jane looked up from her phone to see her date standing opposite, the smile playing on her lips bringing forth a generous smile of her own. She took a moment to really study Kimberly. Seeing her for the first time without her bagpipes and full highland dress, she suddenly recognised her as the same woman who had caught her eye in a crowded venue back at the end of the summer. The red hair, hazel eyes and a dusting of freckles finished off with pretty bow shaped lips. She was beautiful.

“Please have a seat.” Jane waited until Kimberly was settled. “Thanks for meeting me. I feared I had missed my chance when you never returned to Castle Street.”

“I must admit that when you didn’t turn up that Friday I assumed it was you getting your own back after enduring my playing all summer. I never anticipated seeing you again and certainly not meeting up with you like this.”

Jane’s smile dropped for the first time since Kimberly had arrived in the coffee shop. “I must apologise again. Unforeseen circumstances and bad timing…” she trailed off. “And I must confess, I had nicknamed your bagpipes, nagpipes.” She coloured a little with embarrassment, an unusual occurrence for her.

“So you really don’t like them?” Kimberly enquired.

Jane sensed her reply was important to Kimberly, but she knew the truth was the only answer she could give. “I admit I had never really listened to them before. When I hear them during my working day I find them to be an annoyance. Most people are passing by on the street, but I was hearing every minute of your playing for two hours.”

“I’m sorry, I suppose that must have been an intrusion.”

Jane shook her head. “No, don’t apologise. The truth is, after you were gone, when I realised you weren’t coming back, every time I heard the pipes I hoped it would be you. I seem to have developed an ear for them. I began to realise that I knew it wasn’t you playing before I even looked out the window. I’m not musical, but I recognised your playing had a flow to it. I wish I could explain it better.” Jane shook her head with frustration. “When I saw you again on Friday night I understood that when you play it’s like a form of poetry. The way your fingers flow over the chanter, the seamless note changes, the gracefulness with which you move.” Jane’s eyes dropped to her coffee cup before looking back at Kimberly, wondering if she had said too much, she had gotten a little carried away.

“You get it.” Kimberly whispered astonished that the woman before her who started out hating the bagpipes now understood the beauty that could be found in the instrument.

Jane shrugged, “I suppose I am a convert, but I must point out, that doesn’t go for all bagpipe playing, some of it is truly awful, but I could watch and listen to you play all day.”

Without thought, Kimberly automatically reached for Jane’s hand. “Thank you.”

Jane, normally uncomfortable with public displays of affection found herself craving the contact being offered so naturally. Jane was drawn to Kimberly’s warmth in a way she had never experienced before. She sensed this was a kind woman whose heart would always be in the right place. A woman who could hold the key to unlocking her own well guarded one. It made her unaccountably nervous. She was used to taking the lead in her romantic liaisons, but this time she was unsure of herself. She squeezed Kimberly’s hand and smiled, happy to allow their hands to remain linked.

“I wonder if you might like to talk a stroll through Princes Street gardens?”

Kimberly glanced out at the sunny winter’s afternoon. “I would love to.”

Jane pulled on her long camel coat and watched as Kimberly zipped up her practical North Face down jacket. As they left the coffee shop she took Kimberly’s gloved hand in her own.

“I know where you work, but I have no idea what you do, Jane.”

Jane smiled fondly at her companion. “I don’t suppose you do, the building is unmarked. It’s not that exciting really. I’m a Fund Manager. Basically I invest assets for people and companies to produce a favourable return.”

“You make money for them?”

“That’s the goal.”

Kimberly nodded, satisfied that she knew all she needed to.

“What about you, Kimberly, what do you plan to do when you finish at university?”

“My degree is in piping, so I will continue to play and teach when I qualify.”

“Piping is your life.”


“You write music?”

Kimberly nodded enthusiastically. “I do, I’m composing a piece at the moment for my friend’s wedding.”

“I’d love to hear it sometime.”

Jane’s sincerity moved her. “I’d love to play it for you.”

As they continued to chat, without either of them really noticing they had come to the end of that particular section of the gardens. Kimberly turned to face Jane and the kiss came naturally, it was only a little more than chaste. They broke apart smiling, their breath clouds mingling in the cold winter air. Jane held Kimberly closer, her cheek grazing the rich red hair. They reluctantly parted and walked to the gates, neither woman ready to say goodbye just yet, but both sensing that their time together had come to an end.

“Would you like to go out for dinner this week?” Courting was the word that Jane thought of, that’s what she was doing. Taking things slowly felt right. Things would happen and progress between them naturally, she wouldn’t rush this.

Kimberly was charmed. Had Jane asked her to go home with her she would have found it difficult to say no, despite the fact that she had never done that with anyone. “I would love to have dinner with you.”



“Great, I’ll call you with the arrangements.”

Kimberly smiled and nodded. They were silent for the first time that afternoon, reluctant to say goodbye, but both knowing it was time. “Well, I’d better be heading off.”

“Yes.” Jane hesitated, “I really enjoyed today.”

“Oh, me too.”

Jane smiled again, she wasn’t sure when she last smiled so much. “I’ll see you on Wednesday.”

Jane kissed her on the cheek and then was gone. Kimberly watched her long strides eat up the pavement until she was out of view. She shrugged against the cold, only really noticing it now that her companion was gone. She turned away from the park gates and began her walk home at a brisk pace, thoughts of Jane accompanying her all the way.


“How are the wedding preparations coming along?” Kate had popped in for a cup of tea, complaining that she was seeing less of Kimberly since she had begun dating Jane, so she was hunting her down.

“Fairly well, although my Mum is driving me up the wall at times. That reminds me, we have a fitting in a couple of weeks.”

Kimberly loved the bridesmaid dresses Jane had chosen. A deep navy with a flower of Scotland tartan silk sash selected especially with Kimberly in mind. The dresses were beautiful and the tartan provided a lovely contrast. Kimberly had been stunned when she first saw them.

“You have a date tonight?”

Kimberly sighed, her frustration peeking through ever so slightly as she chatted with Kate about her upcoming weekend. She nodded as she took a sip of her tea.

“How many dates does that make?”

“This will be the tenth.”

Kate frowned, something in Kimberly’s tone suggested all was not well with her friend’s fledgling relationship. “You are enjoying yourself?”

“Yes, she’s…perfect.” Kimberly’s hands conveyed her frustration.

“Then what’s wrong?”

Kimberly slumped back into the sofa. “I think she is too perfect.”

“Huh? I thought she was romancing the pants off you?”

“I wish!”

“Oh, I see…” Kate smiled knowingly.

“Kate, Jane has been attentive, romantic, charming. I could go on.”


“I am fed up with romance, I want to be ravished!”

Kate bit her bottom lip to stop herself laughing.

“It’s not funny, Kate, she is driving me insane!”

‘Okay, relax. You look like you are about to explode,”

Kimberly saw the grin in her friend’s eyes, “Don’t you dare.” she warned, but it was too late, Kate burst out laughing and Kim joined her. After a few moments Kimberly became serious again. “What am I going to do?”

“You could always tell her.”

Kim shook her head, “Oh no, I couldn’t do that.”

“What if she is waiting on a sign from you? You did say she is behaving impeccably.”

“It’s not in my nature, Kate, I’m not comfortable with that.”

Kate threw her hands in the air. “Well good luck to the pair of you. At the rate you are going we will be having the same conversation this time next year.”

“Drink your tea, Kate.”

“You know I’m right. Someone has to make the first move.” Kate crossed her legs primly and took a sip of her tea while her friend glared at her.


Kimberly was doing her best to concentrate on what Jane was saying. She had wanted to try this restaurant for months, but after her conversation with Kate that afternoon her mind was on other things.

“This is nice.”

Kim looked up from her plate. She had been playing with her food, her lack of appetite and interest in her surroundings evident to her dinner companion. “Huh?”

“Is there something wrong with your food, Kimberly?”

Kim stared at Jane and blurted out the first thing that came into her mind. “Would you take me home?”

Jane was instantly alerted to something being wrong with her date and sprung into action. Signalling a waiter she asked for the bill. He glanced at the mostly untouched food. “Is there something wrong with the meal, Madam?”

“No, we simply need to leave.”

He nodded and left. Kim wanted to say something more to Jane, but she was in full business mode now and seemed anxious to hurry proceedings along.

To Jane, Kim’s words clearly meant things were heading for disaster, so she wanted to be out of the restaurant and the evening to be finished. “I’ll be right back.” Jane took her bag and followed the waiter, wanting to settle the bill as quickly as possible.

Once outside the restaurant Jane was focussed on hailing a taxi for Kimberly, planning to drop her off and then head home herself. She would have time to think about what had gone wrong when she was alone. How wrong she had been, clearly they had different ideas as to where the relationship had been heading.

“Jane. Jane, please wait.”

Jane turned to look at Kimberly properly for the first time since she had asked to be taken home.

“I don’t want to go my home, I want you to take me home…with you.”

Kimberly’s eyes were pleading with Jane to understand as she stared open mouthed, processing this new piece of information, until realisation finally dawned on her. “Oh? Oh, I see.”

Taking Kimberly’s hand she renewed her quest to find a cab with added vigour.

The short journey by taxi was taken in silence, both women sharing nervous, anticipatory glances. Jane held Kimberly’s hand, rubbing her thumb over the back of it, keeping them connected.

As the taxi drew up outside her house, Jane handed the driver £20 and didn’t wait for her change. She had her key ready, but when she opened her front door she quickly realised she wasn’t the only one in a hurry. Kimberly was on her the instant her front door closed. She didn’t even have time to reach for the light switch before the red head was passionately kissing her and pushing the coat from her shoulders.

They stumbled blindly along the hall, Jane attempting to steer them in the direction of her bedroom, while Kimberly didn’t seem to mind where they disrobed. Jane gave up on her quest when she felt her legs hit the sofa, falling backwards onto the soft leather quickly followed by Kimberly landing on top of her. Their hands were engaged in a flurry of activity, each woman intent on undressing the other as quickly as possible. Jane vaguely registered the ripping sound of material, thinking it was her own, then realising she had a fistful of Kimberly’s top in her hand. All thoughts pushed aside as she felt her trousers being pulled down her thighs and a warm sure hand slipping inside her underwear.

As Kimberly entered Jane, she felt a strong thigh push up into her; she had never felt so out of control, so wild. She had to put one foot on the floor to keep from falling off the sofa as she stroked Jane towards orgasm while rubbing herself on Jane’s thigh, feeling her own pleasure coursing through her. Panting with need and exertion Kimberly was spurred on by Jane’s cries of pleasure as she came, her body stilling as she went rigid, Kimberly cresting just behind her. Both women lay panting, taking a moment to catch their breath, but Kimberly didn’t have long before Jane dislodged herself from beneath her and finally led them to the bedroom. Kimberly found herself swiftly planted on her back as Jane removed the remainder of both their clothing. She could see the determination and lust in Jane’s face and it thrilled. Jane captured her mouth in a passionate kiss, it was deep and intimate and hungry. Kimberly knew she was about to get her wish and be thoroughly ravished by Jane. Jane was solely focussed on the redhead lying under her. Moving from her mouth to her breasts, Jane devoured each in turn, the small rosy nipples reacting instantly to her ministrations. She was spurred on by the sighs of pleasure coming from Kimberly, who cried out in shocked delight as Jane left her breasts and buried her tongue between Kim’s legs. She rhythmically squeezed Kimberly buttocks as she used her tongue to bring her to orgasm. Kimberly pushing Jane’s head to her as she came hard, her hips twitching with pleasure.

Hours later both women lay naked in bed, spent and somewhat shocked at what had transpired over the course of the evening. Jane turned to look at Kimberly who was staring wide-eyed up at the ceiling. “I had no idea you would be such a little tomcat.”

Kimberly turned to look at her blinking with surprise. “Neither did I.”

The bed began to move and Jane realised that Kimberly was shaking with laughter and she found herself joining in. “I’m guessing from this evening that my plans to take things slowly weren’t the best.”

“I was impressed initially, but after six dates and you still hadn’t made a move I was beginning to think you weren’t interested in me that way. When it got to ten I thought you definitely were not interested in me that way!”

“And I was afraid of scaring you off if I moved too quickly.”

Kimberly turned towards Jane and put an arm over her waist. “I’ll say one thing though, it was definitely worth the wait.”

“I can’t disagree with that.”

“I’ll be right back.”

Jane watched as Kimberly walked naked into her bathroom, she had a feeling life was about to get very interesting in more ways than she could imagine.

The End

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