Time Line

2033 — Joint international colonization of Mars begins. Permanent lunar bases are established.

2039 — Mining of the asteroids begins.

2042 — First interstellar probes launched from Earth towards suspected habitable planets. The group Red Dawn utilizes a biological weapon, releasing a mutant form of the Ebola virus in over two dozen major cities across the globe. The death toll approaches twenty million before the outbreak is contained. The UN aids in rebuilding of several collapsed economies.

2065 — The first Nova Drive is assembled in Earth Orbit, on board the international ship Freedom. The twelve man crew due to attempt a test flight to the edge of the solar system and return. Upon initiation of the Nova drive the crew instantly dies of the more than 30 g acceleration, the ship disintegrates. The Freedom’s black boxes are not found until eighteen months later.

2091 — The first wave of generation ships is launched towards the neighboring systems. Earth’s overcrowding has reached dangerous levels, and the remaining ecosystems can no longer support the still growing population.

3040 — The theorization of an inertial dampening system allows the practical use of the Nova Drive. Mass colonization of the stars begins.

3048 — The United Nations finally becomes a true world power with the enactment of the famous "Humanity Bill". Contributions by private individuals and mega corporations allow the UN to build the largest standing army on earth itself.

3052 — The Princess Royal luxury ship is destroyed in a terrorist attack. Five thousand die in the worst space disaster to date. A splinter group of Red Dawn takes responsibility.

3053 — Relations in Earth space deteriorate between the by then European conglomerate, Western Hemisphere nations led by the US, and the now combined Chinese/Japanese power. As each side accuses the other of aiding Red Dawn and fueled by the fear of another biological weapon release.

3054 — War breaks out in near Earth Space between the European conglomerate and the Chinese/Japanese powers. The UN immediately declares the Earth itself Neutral territory out of the fear of orbital nuclear strikes on nations. Earth’s ecosystem is still on the border of complete collapse.

3056 — A by then desperate European force bombards the capitals of China and Japan. UN response is immediate, and the countries of the former European conglomerate are occupied, their governments disbanded and the entire populous placed under direct UN control.

3061 — The war ends without a clear winner between the two surviving factions involved.

3070’s — A trend begins in which governments claim worlds beyond Sol as there own, and begin to relocate their base of power out from under the possibility of UN control. The UN renames itself the World Federal Government and quickly claims all systems within 10 days Nova Drive travel. Even minor governments begin to relocate there power base, in the end over two dozen governments relocate. Of which only a handful have any real power.

3082 — Under threat of war the World Federal Governments signs treaties with the eighteen remaining Powers, declaring itself and Earth a neutral entity in all conflicts. Sol and the systems of the WFG have the largest military force of any of the Powers, allowing the WFG to remain neutral in all future conflicts with little worry.

3091 — A dispute over the ore rich world, Talon V arises. By the end of the decade the dispute will have spread to all worlds in the Talon sector, the last internationally settled sector.

3133 — The USNS Reliant engages what it calls a "pirate vessel" on the edge of the Talon sector. The ship turns out to be a spy ship from the then Socialist Republic of Russia. It is all that is needed, and war breaks out in the Talon sector, quickly spreading. By the end the first interstellar war will have divided the eighteen Powers into two camps. The Coalition and the Republic.

3135 — The Battle of Terril. Then Coalition Captain Manfried van Reiss destroys the orbiting forts of one of the core worlds of the Republic. Van Reiss’s ship, the carrier Vigilant, along with her squadron, destroy the famed Republic ship yards and technology centers at Terril. The blow to Republic ship making capabilities cripples them throughout the war.

3148 — The Coalition forces the Republic to sue for peace. Post war terms are supposed to insure no future wars like this will ever occur, as more than a million people have died throughout the course of the war. The impositions on Republic military and civilian life are harsh.

3201 — Anger within the Republic at the impositions made by the Coalition boil over. The Republic loses the first few battles, but is able to inflict enough damage on Coalition forces to slow them down. During the next twelve years the Coalition will go from a seemingly invincible force to losing the war.

3213 — The Coalition sues for peace.

3214 — Republic and Coaltion forces meet on Old Earth to sign the treaty of 3214, officially ending the second interstellar war. Far less harsh impositions are placed upon the Coalition by the Republic, allowing the Coalition to rapidly rebuild.

3397 — The Coaltion ship Pegasus responds to a distress signal from on the demilitarized border with the Republic.

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