The Wraith
Part 6

I sent word for my brother to return immediately
But even with my fastest courier
It would be weeks before he arrived
I gathered all of my people in as close to the manor as
I could
I enlisted as many men as possible in a call to arms
And scheduled sentries around the clock
And so we held our own awaiting my brother's return
I received reports from scouts
All of my holdings on the outer boundaries were taken
Buildings burned, crops destroyed, livestock killed
And yet, what could I do?
I was but one person, and a woman at that
I prayed for my brother's speedy homecoming
And finally, my prayers were answered
Or so I thought
In the distance I saw my courier and my brother's squire
As well as a few others approaching
My heart was filled with joy
To at last be able to place this in his capable hands
But as they neared, my heart filled with dread
My brother was not among them
And the message they bore was clearly written on their
Oh Sweet Heaven, my brother was dead

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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