The Wraith
Part 7

And so it was that I truly became liege
And all who had looked to my brother
Now looked to me
My brother's squire, and the others with him
Had gone to the city before returning home
In order to inform the prince of my brother's death
And it was from them that I learned the truth of things
The prince had been taken with a mysterious illness
And his worthless brother now sat on the throne
T'was only a temporary arrangement
As soon as the prince recovered
He would once again assume the throne
But no one had been able to see the prince
Or speak to him
Since he'd fallen ill
And his brother was taking the entire kingdom to ruin
T'was rumored, though none could verify
That the princ'e illness was from causes not natural
Thus, I determined I must find out for myself
And since I was well known to the courtiers
Though it was rare indeed that I attended court
A disguise was called for, and a plan
And so was born The Wraith

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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