The Wraith
Part 1

And that is how I came to be here
Awaiting the judgment of the magistrate
There was great consternation to discover the Wraith was
a woman
The word witch began to circulate immediately
Even though I had been held in the highest esteem 
I had been held in the dungeons for two weeks
I think, in the hopes my men would attempt a rescue
Resulting in their capture as well
But there was no attempt
And so, the mockery of a trial was held
With the would-be prince as judge
I was, of course, found guilty of treason
Though he gave the task of sentencing to the magistrate
I was sure my sentence would be burning at the stake
They had tried to "persuade" me to divulge the
whereabouts of my men
But I told them nothing
Nor would I

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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