The Wraith
Part 1

I stand here with the wood piled around me
My hands tied behind my back
I had refused the blindfold
I would stare so deeply into that devil's eyes
The the look would be burned into his black soul
The fire was lit, and I could feel it licking at my 
Soon it would devour my flesh
But I would not cry out
I would never give them the satisfaction of that
Just then, there was a disturbance at the city gates
And my men burst through
Though their number had greatly multiplied
And leading them was the prince, himself
The fighting was intense
But the soldiers loyal to the devil spawn soon 
The others had laid down their swords as soon as they
recognized the prince
The fire that was to consume me was quickly doused
And the would-be prince was taken prisoner
And when the people saw the true prince, alive and well
A huge cheer rang through the city

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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